Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Protagonist

 Life cannot be redone.

 Even if it’s a life full of regrets.

 So, if there is a next time….

 This time, I will live without regrets.

 It may be sudden, but I am a reincarnated person.

There was a very popular game called “Bright Fantasy. I saw my friend playing it and thought it looked fun, so I bought it.

 And I was reincarnated into such a world. …Probably.

 The reason why I say “probably” is…I bought “Bright Fantasy” but didn’t even open the package.

 In other words, I piled it up.

  What I know about this game is that it’s a command-based RPG, that there are multiple heroines, that the protagonist’s actions change the heroines that are connected, and that the name of this world is “Bright,” a world of swords and magic.

 That’s all.

 Oh, and the hero’s default name is Iska.

 As I explained earlier, there is magic in this world… or rather, I can use it, and if anything, I’m good at it.

 There are many types of magic, including attack, recovery, strengthening, and weakening, and I can also use a sword.

 I think I’m a B-level adventurer who is not ashamed to show it anywhere.

 In case you are wondering, the adventurer rank starts at E when you register and goes up to D, C, B, A, and S.

 Each rank has a – and a +. If you move up from E to D, you start at D-, then D, then D+, then C-.

 There is a kind of test to move up in rank, and the test to move up to rank B was to accomplish three consecutive quests of rank C. There are also other various detailed rules, but I’ll spare you the details.

 As promised in reincarnation stories, it is basic to be reincarnated as someone other than the main character. My name is “Gray,” and I have a bad eye, so I am often mistaken for an adventurer-like thug.

 I’m probably a common villain or a mob reincarnation because I’m like this, I don’t know.

 In front of me, a skinny, ragged-looking black-haired boy and a red-haired blond girl are kneeling down in front of me.

 Why is this…

 …………Oh, that’s right.

 This boy asked a man walking in front of me to buy flowers, and the man kicked him and said, “I don’t want your dirty flowers!”

 I kicked the man away and cast a healing spell on the injured boy.

 I felt sorry for the startled boy and the girl next to him, so I decided to buy all the flowers for sale that were scattered on the ground.

“I know it’s rude and I know I’m being shameless…but I’m still begging you. Please, can you heal my sick family with the magic you just used…?”

“I beg you, too!”

 And suddenly he got down on his knees.

 I looked like a thug who was making children get down on their knees.

 I could hear people around me talking about how “pitiful” and “such a poor child”.

 Wait, misunderstanding, I’m innocent…

 I ask questions while keeping a little distance from them.

 But family ……?

“Parents or siblings?”

“No…we…we…we don’t have parents or real siblings, it’s the friends we live with that got sick…”

 Well, the healing spell, heal I just used can’t cure diseases. That only works on external wounds.

 The people who can use magic to heal illnesses are basically priests of the church, and they are of high rank. There are some exceptions.

 There are some illnesses that can be cured with a cure potion, and I have a bottle of it, so I hope it will help.

“I understand, but I can’t guarantee that I can heal them. If you want, take me to your family and I’ll do what I can.”

“Re, really? How can we ever repay you?”

“No, well I live in the same town as you, so if you can pay me back someday, you will. And like I said before, there’s no guarantee that I can cure them, so don’t hold a grudge if I can’t.”

 As I said this, the boy and the girl began to cry, tears streaming down their faces.

 It looked like I did something terrible to make them cry again (or so it seemed).

 Again, people around me said, ” damn thug! and “let’s call the police…” Even I was hurt…

When I asked the two of them who had calmed down why they cried, they told me, “I was treated kindly by an adult,” and “Since everyone I live with was a child, I was worried all the time when my friends got sick.”

 I feel like I have to fix it no matter what.

“Ah, by the way, I never introduced myself. My name is Gray. As you can see, I’m an adventurer.”

“I’m Iska, and this is…”

“I’m Fio. Nice to meet you.”

 I told them my name, and they told me theirs too.

 Iska and Fio. Good names. ……



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