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Chapter 2: Ten Years After Reincarnation

Ten years have passed since I was born as Absolute Ark.

Since my birth, I have trained myself diligently, and with my previous life's reserves of knowledge, I have learned everything I could from my teachers, and have been praised as a genius.

I joined the Ark family's knighthood and raised my level by training, going on expeditions, and interacting with my subjects.

At first, ,my skill, "absolute evil," gave me the worst impression even though I had done nothing wrong, but as I crossed swords with the knights, they began to look at me differently. I don't mean to say that they are good friends, but I think they respect me now.

I was making good progress with my policy of training myself and increasing the number of my friends until the story began.

That is when I was called by my father.

Incidentally, my father is the head of the kingdom's dark organization, but I had a good relationship with him. At first I thought he was a scary man, but he was kind to his family.

(He was merciless to his enemies, though.)


While I'm thinking about this, I arrive at my father's study and knock on the door.


"This is Absolute. May I come in?”  

"Sure, Come in.”

I enter the study and face my father. He is a tough-looking man, but I’m so used to him by now that I even think he’s a little cool. He looks at me as if he is glaring at me, but I don't mind because he always does that. I look him straight in the eye and stare back at him. There are only three people in the room: my father, the butler, and me. My father urges me to sit in the chair across from him.

“I've heard reports about your studies and training. You are the next head of the Ark family. Don't forget to continue your studies.”

(I feel like it's been a while since I've been praised. It makes me a little happy.)

“Thank you very much. I will devote myself to it.”

"Hmmm. Well, enough preamble, let's get down to business. Next month, there will be a party to commemorate Prince Michael's 10th birthday. It is a party hosted by the royal family, and this time many people your age will be there. Absolute, you must attend.” 

(Prince Michael, huh? I remember he was on the hero's side in the original story. The protagonist is not involved at the moment since he is enrolled in the school with the backing of the Marquis family, but let's see what kind of person he was.)

"I acknowledge.”

"Hmm. I hate to say this, but you are easily misunderstood because of your skills. You should keep it quiet at the party.”

(Well, it is true that I am the worst impressionable person because of my skills, and even the children of the nobles within our faction are so scared to approach me. If I went to a party like this, they'd be aghast, wouldn't they? It's depressing, but at least at the party I have to bridge the gap with the children of the nobles within our faction. I don't know what the reason was for their betrayal in the original story, but I have to make the relationship stronger and draw them over to my side.)

“I understand. Is that all? Then I will return to my training, if you will excuse me.”

I left the room and returned to my training, thinking about the measures to take regarding the party.

**Father's side**

“I didn't expect him to stare back at me without paying any attention to my intimidation.”

Villain Ark, the current head of the Ark family, smiles pleasantly.

“I have been informed that his level is over 40 at this stage, but it seems a little doubtful. I think it may still be higher.”

Suhai, the butler and intelligence officer, replies

“He’s a very good boy. Not only did he endure the training of the knighthood at a young age, but he also watched my torture without changing color the last time he saw me. I have no complaints about his mentality."


“I don't think that's something a 10 year old should be exposed to. And as for the servants of the Ark family and the Knights in residence, Absolute's impression is slowly improving, but the rest of the situation is not so good.”

"Will it take much time for him to lead the forces of the Dark Organization in the future? Well, by the time Absolute takes over, he will probably be one of the strongest in the kingdom, so at worst, he can just use force to subdue them and make them follow. That's what happened with me."

"Thanks to that, I follow you, but you’re not popular at all.”

"Huh? I’m not popular?”

“Anyway, in order to win the hearts and minds of the nobles under his control, Absolute-sama, must improve his impression. Otherwise, the company may collapse from within in the future.”

This is the reason for the defeat in the original story, and whether or not this can be improved will make a big difference in the future.

This party was to be a turning point.

Absolute Ark

10 years old


Charisma v5 ... Charm is corrected.

King's Highway v5 ... Increases own status

  • Reduces the status of enemies  

Absolute Evil v10 ... Status increases easily.

  • Impression of the opponent will become bad.  
  • Special correction for those who are holy


Level : 47


Physical ability : 50

Magic Power :500

Brain :70

Magic learned

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Recovery, Darkness


Swordsmanship, Torture, Gross Resistance

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