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Chapter 5: Chris and Lady

After Prince Michael's birthday party, Chris of Count Hosa’s family and Viscount Cruel's daughter, began to visit the mansion frequently.

Chris and his family apologized for having been distant and began to hold tea parties and other events to bring me closer to the nobles under our faction. Thanks to their efforts, I think we have grown a little closer.

I didn't mind because of my skill, but I wanted to be close enough not to be betrayed, so I let them spoil me.

Now Chris, Cruel-san, and I are having a cup of tea after our magic training.

“That was quintessential, Absolute-sama! You can use the four attributes of fire, water, earth, and wind, as well as recovery magic and dark magic! I was so impressed! I admire your ministry!”

Cruel-san is a good girl who is quite a joy to be around. She likes me because I'm a cool villain, so I'll go through with it.

“Hmph. It's not much, just that there is a lot of magic you can use. Unique magic is important when nobles fight. I hope to inherit it soon."

Inherent magic is magic that has been handed down from generation to generation in the nobility, which can only be used by those of a certain bloodline.


Inheritance is only allowed at the age of 15, and until then, no matter how talented you are, you can't use it.

The Ark family's unique magic is "Ark Summon," a magic that allows them to summon a spirit and make a contract with it.

In the original story, the power of this spirit is so powerful that it can destroy 40% of the subjugation army. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t betray you. I can't wait to see it.

(If it continues like this, I will surpass the original Absolute. If the brave  almost lost to the original Absolute, I would never lose to him now.)

I naturally relaxed my cheeks and smiled ferociously.

My pressure leaks out and Chris gulps.

Cruel-san is like…

“Hah! Lovely..."

Her head was pink.

I calmed down and returned my expression to my usual Buddhist expression.

(Oh, yes...)

"Chris, I want to prepare a maid for when I enter the academy. For that purpose, I would like to choose one from among the slaves and give her an education. Can you talk to Count Hosa?”

“Yes, I understand. But wouldn't it be quicker to find one from the Ark family?”

“I don't like people in this house.” 


The two looked sad.

(No, don't get any funny ideas. In the original story, everyone leaves, so I want someone who will never betray me. A slave would never betray their master...which is perfect. And I don't want to give the hero a chance!)

By the way, the old woman in a maid's outfit who was there when I was born died three years ago. Now her daughter, 48 years old, is taking care of me. If I don't have young girls in my workplace, the Ark family's mansion will be a MILF maid café.

How disgusting!

“I understand. I will prepare the best slaves for you. Do you have any requests?”

“I don't care what race they are. But I prefer those who can defend themselves.”


“I see. How about me?”

Cruel-san appeals to me.

“I don't need it.”

I rejected her.

The lady collapses in a heap.

Chris gracefully went through with it.

“I understand. I'll do that. I'll contact you when it's ready.”

After that, we had a chat and disbanded.

From Chris' point of view

“The Ark family's maid was certainly afraid of Absolute-sama, and this must not be a good feeling at the academy.”

Chris reflected vehemently that he hadn’t given enough consideration to Absolute.

"Haa. Poor Absolute-sama, I wish I could heal him.”

He looked at the lady with a blank expression on his face.

“What was that from a while ago? You're not that kind of person, are you?”

The lady Cruel was supposed to be a strict and calculating girl.

At least, she wasn't such a light-hearted girl.

"Oh? Because Absolute-sama is just as stubborn as you are. I thought that this kind of character would be better if you want to close the distance. Besides, he looked troublesome, but he didn't refuse, right?"

I let out a sigh with a huff. I was about to become suspicious of women, wondering if they could create so many characters within them.

“So you mean to say that you were just pretending to be in love with him earlier?"

I thought she was playing with Absolute-sama's mind and lightly glared at her, but she shrugged her shoulders and said back.

“No. It's pure love. It is pure love. I, like you, misunderstood Absolute-sama and left him alone. And then he saved me at that party. When he told me about his skills after that, my heart was almost bursting. I thought to myself, If he ever felt like he’s going to be alone again, I want to be there for him this time. I also thought that if I treated him comically, it would convey to those around him that he’s a big man who doesn’t need to be reserved..."

I take back what I said before... I honestly respected that Cruel-san had thought that much about playing the clown.

“And isn't he handsome, a high ranking nobleman with a promising future? We have to keep him in check so that other girls don't make a move on him! We'll be busy closing the outer moat from now on!"

(I'm beginning to think the latter reason is more honest...Well, there's nothing better than having many allies on Absolute-sama's side. For now, let's consult with my father about the slaves.)

Chris thought so and left the Ark house.

Absolute Ark

Age 10


Charisma v6 ... Corrects charm

King's Highway v6 ... Increases own status

  • Reduces the status of enemies  

Absolute Evil v10 ... Status increases easily.

  • Impression of the opponent becomes bad.  

Special correction for those who are holy


Level : 49

Physical ability : 75

Magic Power :600

Brain :70

Magic learned

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Recovery, Darkness


Swordsmanship, Torture, Gross Resistance

Lady Cruel

10 years old


Ice Magic V4...Use wind and water magic to perform ice magic.

  • Ice magic by using wind and water magic.


Level : 12

Physical Ability : 10

Magic power : 78

Brain :68

Magic learned

Water, Wind


Strong love

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