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Chapter 11: A Call from the Prince

A few days after the martial arts tournament, I received a letter from Prince Michael asking me to come to the royal castle with Ur.

Prince Michael, whom I have talked with several times at parties and other occasions, seems to be a brat at his age.

In the original story, it was probably Michael who was on the side of the hero, who had the strength to destroy Absolute.

(It's probably not a good idea, but we can't afford to antagonize him just yet...I can't help it...let's go)

“Ur, you and I are going to the royal castle from now on. Prince Michael has something to do with you.”

“What have I done? Am I going to be killed?”

Ur is understandably upset. She was summoned to the royal castle out of the blue, so it's no wonder.

“If you haven’t done anything wrong, they won't kill you. They probably liked you at the last tournament and want to reward you, or something like that.”


Ur looked up at Absolute, almost in tears.

“Master, are you going to discard me? Do you hate me?"

(It's... it's very touching. I knew it. A woman's tears are the strongest.)

“Don't worry, I won't let go of you. If Prince Michael asks you to come, if you don't like it, refuse. If you do, I will do my best to protect you. You belong to me.”

“Ur belongs to master.”

Ur was relieved and hugged Absolute.

(She was still young, so I'll forgive her this much.)

Absolute let Ur do as she pleased for a while.

[Castle of the King of Rainana]

“Welcome to the castle. Absolute Ark, and Ur the slave. Please have a seat.”

We arrived at the castle and were shown into the guest room and seated. But the reception wasn’t a pleasant one.

“What is the meaning of this large number of Kingsguard, Prince Michael? Aren't there too many of them to be escorts?”

The Kingsguard were standing by to surround us as we sat in the guest room.

(...Too blatant to be a threat. Prince Michael is quite dangerous.)

Absolute raises one alert level against Michael in his mind.

"Is that so? I am the next king. My bodyguards are very worried that something might happen to me. Well, it's going to be a bit of a pain, but bear with it."

Prince Michael shrugged his shoulders blandly.

Ur is standing on her tail in alarm. I pat Ur lightly on the back to calm her down.

“I understand. Now, may I ask what today's requirements are?”

I decided to proceed quickly because I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

“What, it won't take long. If you agree to it quickly. Give me your slave. Then I'll let you return safely.”


(I thought he was going to say this, but I never thought he would act so high-handedly. Is this guy crazy? I’m the next head of the Ark family, which is responsible for the defense of the Rainana nation behind the scenes. If you turn your back on me, this country will end in your generation! Well, now it's clear. I'm not going to work behind the scenes for a guy like him while being slandered. From now on, I'll think twice about associating with him.)

“I decline. Is that all you want? Then we will leave now.”

I was about to get up from my seat, when I felt the tip of a sword against my neck.

“What are you trying to do? Why are the Kingsguard drawing their swords? I'm warning you, let this not happen again. Put your swords away.”

I warn them, but they show no sign of putting their swords away.

"Kuh! I never thought a member of the infamous House of Ark could be this stupid! What can a little boy like you do against this many Kingsguard? It seems a fool like you needs to be shown what pain is! How about it, slave, come to me and I'll spare you at least?"

Michael asked Ur, but Ur's answer had already been decided. Ur hugs Absolute's arm.

“Ur belongs to master! Master will never be defeated by people like you!”

Michael has a blue streak on his forehead.

"Well... it seems that you both want to die. You drew your swords at me and were killed by the Kingsguard. That's how it's going to go. Kill them!”

「「「「 Ha! 」」」」

As if on cue, the guards unsheathed their swords.... But they gave Absolute too much time.

“What’s this? I can't move, there’s a black hand wrapped around my body!”

*Dark hall*

This is Absolute's magic. He had extended the dark magic from his feet and spread it throughout the room.


Now he can grow his magical arms from anywhere in this room.

“What the hell is this? What the hell is going on?”

Michael couldn’t understand the situation and panicked.

After confirming that everyone was immobilized, Absolute instructed Ur.

“Ur... go out of this room and call someone. Prince Michael has gone so crazy that he has ordered the Kingsguard to kill the son of the Ark family."

“Yes, Master!"

Ur left as soon as possible.

(It's only a matter of time.)

Absolute takes the sword from the Kingsguard and cuts off the Kingsguard's arm.


Only a roar echoes in the room as Dark Hall's arm covers the Kingsguard's mouth so he can't scream.

“You guys have that look on your faces like why are you doing this, I told you it wouldn't happen a second time..."

Once the Kingsguard's arms were cut off, the punishment for the Kingsguard would be completed by collecting the arms and blood that fell in the dark halls.

Absolute turns to Michael.

“You... what did you want in the end? You wouldn't try to kill the heir to the high nobility for the sake of one slave, would you?

“I don't like it.”

Michael says something, but I can't hear it.

“What? I can't hear you.”

“I don't like it! Those eyes of yours! I don't like your attitude, , your presence, it’s an eyesore!”

(He seem to really hate me. Is this because of my "absolute evil" skill?)

"......... I see. But you tried to kill me. You know what happens now?”

Absolute invoked the "King's coercion" skill. He intimidated everyone in the room.

The Kingsguard and Michael's faces turned blue from so much pressure, and they could only be frightened. It was hard to tell which of them was the royalty.

Then the door opened vigorously and people came inside.

“That's enough, drop the sword.”

The person who entered the room was the king.

"Your Majesty, how are you?"

Absolute, who was in a bad mood, said sarcastically.

“The worst---“

The king looked at Absolute with resentment when he saw the devastation of the Kingsguard who had lost their arms and Michael's figure.

As soon as the king arrived, the skill was released and the Kingsguard and Michael fainted with relief.

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    1. Would you trust a blabbermouth friend that you won the lottery or that you got an inheritance from a deceased relative?
      Prince Michael is 10 years old his tutors taught him about good and evil families.
      Could say to your only son that he hires assassins from the necessarily evil Ark family to defend the border and to keep the kingdom safe?
      Or trust a son to keep his mouth shut about family secrets and not blab it out to impress his friends and to gain new ones?
      King most likely thought his son was a security risk and deliberately did not tell his son about the MC skills.

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