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Chapter 6: Buying a Slave

I made an appointment with Count Hosa’s family and today I came to the long-awaited slave trader.

Count Hosa and his son Chris greeted me in front of the slaver's house.

“Welcome Absolute-sama, we are pleased to have you with us today. As you requested, please select a number of slaves who are capable of self-defense. Chris will be your guide, so please let him know if you need anything. As for the escorts... excuse me. I don't think that's necessary. We have restricted the activities of the slaves just in case. Please take care of yourself.”

“I understand. I thank you. I will let my father know that I’ve been taken care of.”

I thanked Count Hosa, and Chris led me into the slaver's house and into the largest guest room.

“Now I will bring the slaves here one by one. I have bound their behavior with the skills of the contract, so there’s no need to worry about them acting out. If you find a slave you like, please tell me."

(I see... the individual interview system. It's going to be the purchase of a lifetime, so I have to choose carefully. It's just like a house. Chris came back.)

“Thank you for waiting. I'll let them in one at a time. First one in.”


A petite beast woman wearing a thin slave suit entered the room. She looked at me and twitched.

“My name is Ur of the Wolf Tribe. I am 8 years old. Please buy me..."

(Wow, She looks like she's about to cry. It's always hurtful when I’m hated so much. Chris looks like he's about to lose his temper.)

“Chris, Ur is still young, but can she fight properly?”

“Yes. The wolf tribe is a fighting tribe, so even at this age, they are stronger than a lowly nobleman. Her current level is 18 and her skills are searching for enemies and beastification. If you include the room for growth, I would recommend Ur as the best.” 

(Oh... Searching for enemies....it's good for preventing surprise attacks. And it's good that she's still young. She's scared now, but if I treat her gently, she'll get used to it.)

“I see... that's a possibility.”

“⁈Uwaa, Higuuu.... Guwaaa!”

She started crying. I think I'll stop after all. Chris is about to lose his temper again.

“I understand for now. Call the next one.”

I forced him to keep Ur aside and called the next guy.

The next person called was a 40 year old muscular woman. No way.

“I’m Elizabeth. I'm 43 years old. If you buy me, I'll take good care of you. You’re a handsome little boy."

(Oh, no. But isn't she stronger than me? If I buy her, she'll definitely attack me. And she's old.)

“Elizabeth used to be a mercenary, but she was captured in the war and sold into slavery. Her level is 40, which is quite high for a commoner. Her skill is monstrous. In terms of current fighting power, Elizabeth is number one."

(Really? I mean, she's looking at me like I'm hot... isn't my skill working? She's breathing really hard and excited. I get it...she's a shotacon! You can't give power to a shortacon. The shortas will be exterminated. No...we can't let that pervert go free. Elizabeth should stay in this mansion for the rest of her life.)

"Alright. Call the next one."

Elizabeth felt a sense of satisfaction and looked at me with expectant eyes until the end.

The next slave entered. She had the dignified air of a knightess. 

“Maria Stella. I am 15 years old.”

Maria said nothing more and fell silent. She didn't like me, but she didn't show it in her expression. I thought it was a mature response.


(I thought she was being mature. Maria Stella...I think I've heard that name somewhere.)

“Maria used to be a noble, but lost in the succession struggle and became a slave. She has skills as a knight. She didn’t inherit her inherent magic because she was sold before she turned 15."

...Chris's story reminded me of her.

Maria Stella is an older sister heroine in "The Tale of Rainana Country”. At first, she is a bit brusque, but as the hero buys her and treats her, he gradually spoils her and reminds of her brother who has passed away.

“Hey. You're already exhausted, huh? Here, let me lend you a knee. When you wake up, you'll have to continue your training. You have a cute sleeping face, cute.”

“Move the towel! You can't wash me properly! What is it that makes me feel so big? It’s always like that for men. So don't be shy, I’ll wash you properly.”

(The protagonist is such an outrageous guy, but if I keep Maria in my camp while I still can, I can take away the main character's strength. And if I finish Maria's upcoming events, she will be able to use her own magic, so she will have a lot of room to grow. It's decided.)

“Chris. It's decided.”

“Are you taking Elizabeth?" 

Hey, don't try to sell me perverts.

“I'm buying Ur and Maria. Make a contract."

Chris started to get ready, looking somewhat disappointed.

(I’m sorry, Chris. I know you recommended Elizabeth.!)

It was decided, so he called Count Hosa and the contract with Ur and Maria was completed. 

I turn to the two slaves.


“I’m Absolute Ark, your master. From now on, you will serve as my attendants."

Hearing my name, they turned pale.

“Heh? The Ark family is said to be the worst in the country. Huh!”

(Urgh...I won't deny it, but we're just running amok within the law....)

"Kuh! You're from the Ark family...no wonder you're so vile. What are you going to do to us? If you're going to kill us, then kill us quickly!"

(Even though I’m from the Ark family, this is a terrible thing to be told...)

“I don't intend to kill you. You are to work as maidservants. But from now on you are my slaves. It seems that you don’t know your manners of speaking.” 

I invoked his skill King's Dominance to intimidate the two.

The pressure was as if a strong wind was blowing against them.

The air felt thinner and they could no longer breathe properly.

The two women’s faces turned pale and they were trembling.

(I think that’s enough)

The pressure was lifted. 

“From now on, you watch how you talk... got it?”

I saw the two of them nodding cockily, and I guts-punched  in my mind.

I had made two women understand.

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