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Chapter 3: At the Anniversary Party

Prince Michael's commemorative party was held at the royal castle in the capital city in the center of the country of Rainana, away from the Ark territory.  

I, Absolute, along with my father, Villain, paid tribute to the king and Prince Michael, and dealt with the nobles who came to greet us. Although there are black rumors, the Duke Ark is a high ranking person, so the lower nobles have to come even if they don't want to.

Some of the nobles came with their sons to greet us, but the sons were afraid of me because of my "absolute evil" skill and the impression I gave them.

After most of the greetings were over, my father told me that the rest of the seats were for adults, and I was led to the floor where the children were gathered, separated from the adults.

Inside, many sons and daughters had already gathered, and all eyes were on me as I arrived late.

I was met with stares of avoidance and contempt, but I didn't feel comfortable, so I stared back at them and they all looked away at the same time.


I snickered a little. Looking around a little, I noticed that several sons and daughters were entangled. If you look closely, they are people under the faction of Duke Ark.


“You’re connected to your family’s dark organization! How dare you show your face at the celebration? Leave now!”

That's right! The Ark family members were surrounded and people shouted abuse on us.

Many of them were from the lower nobility, some gritted their teeth and endured, while others cried out. Some of them resisted, but were beaten to a pulp.

Absolute stared at the scene with cold eyes.

(It's unpleasant. A small fry who is just drunk on the violence of numbers is getting carried away.)

Absolute unconsciously overlaps his own last scene in the original story with the current scene. The figure of Absolute, defeated by overwhelming numbers, and the current figure of those under his faction.

When I came to my senses, I was in a position to stop them.

“What are you doing?”

I invoked the Highway of the King's skill Overpower and entered the midst of the nobles who had surrounded me and intervened to protect those under my faction.

“I will say it again. What are you doing to the members of the Ark family? Some of them have been violated, so let me ask you what you want.”

I said this with anger and the nobles surrounding me were intimidated by the “King’s tyrannical coercion” and the impression of "absolute evil," and some of them became incontinent or even fainted.

When no one responded, I turned to the son of the marquis, who had the highest title, and said to him, 

"The members of the Ark family are all under the same roof.

You have meddled with the people under the Ark family, which means that you have messes with the ark family. I’ve memorized your faces. You’ll have to wait and see.”


The nobles, their fear reaching its limit, ran away at once.

Absolute turned to his subordinates. As soon as he turned his face to them, they changed color and some of them stood back in fear. He realized that he had forgotten to release his intimidation.

(I forgot to release their intimidation.)

 "Thank you very much for your help, Absolute-sama and I am sorry for bringing disgrace to the name of the Ark faction..."

The son of the Earl family who had been violated apologized on his knees on behalf of the others. Seeing him, the people around him rushed to break their knees, but I stopped them with my hand.

I placed my hand on the shoulder of the Earl’s son who had broken his knee and used recovery magic. Him and those around him were surprised by my recovery magic.


Absolute called out to him.

“You are Chris of Hosa family, right? You are in terrible shape.”

He worried in a roundabout way.

"Ha! I apologize for showing you something so unsightly. The other party had many high ranking nobles, so I couldn't rebel, and as a result, things escalated. I take full responsibility for this. Please forgive me and not punish others..." 

Hearing this, one of the daughters interrupted.

"Excuse me for interrupting. My name is Lady Cruel of the Viscount Cruel. Chris-sama was injured while defending us. We are responsible for it. Please forgive us and don’t punish Chris-sama!"

The others hung their heads in unison and begged for forgiveness.

(Chris is more popular than I am. I don't envy you!)

But why did this happen this time? Unless that is improved, punishing one person will not solve the problem. As the next head of the family, Absolute will try to solve this problem.

“I understand what you are saying. But this time it’s the fault of all of you, not just Chris and you all. Do you know why? On behalf of the others, Chris, answer me.”

“Is it because we were looked down on by the other party because we are lower nobility?”

“That's one thing, but you knew beforehand that our reputation was bad.  You knew that you alone, without the upper nobility, would be targeted.”

Chris said with a look of anguish on his face.

“Then what are you going to do about it?”

I looked Chris in the eye. His face showed his grief. Absolute tells Chris.


“Why didn't you wait for me?"

Everyone looked up with an expression of "What?”

“As Chris said earlier, this incident happened because you are the lower ranks and they are the higher ranks. If I had been there, I would not have let them do what they wanted.”

(Everyone is listening to me. This time, the other party is overwhelmingly at fault, but even though I haven’t finished greeting the other nobles yet, they were afraid and quickly left. Therefore, I will punish them.)

“Now, as I told you, you are also responsible for this incident. Therefore, you will be punished.”

Everyone shook their shoulders. Some of them were ready to cry.

“Whenever you enter an event like this or the school, try to stay within my line of sight. That will be your punishment.”

The unexpected ending left everyone with a look of astonishment.

(I know they don't like being with a guy like me, but it can't be helped, so they’ll just have to put up with it. It’s possible that someone I couldn’t protect will betray me)

“Don't get me wrong. I'm doing this for the Ark family, not to protect you guys. It looks like they're coming for you. You guys go back to your parents now. Next time, don't leave on your own."

And with that, Absolute left and the party came to an end.

Absolute Ark

10 years old


Charisma v6...Enhances charm

King's Highway v6... Increases own status.

  • Reduces the status of enemies  

Absolute Evil v10... Increases status.

  • Impression of the opponent will become bad.  

Special correction for those who are holy


Level : 49

Physical ability : 60

Magic power : 550

Brain :70

Magic learned

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Recovery, Darkness


Swordsmanship, torture, gross resistance.

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  1. Aqua Megumin Darkness

    I just wonder… even though even the children know the Ark family is behind the evil organizations, how come the king didn’t send the army to seize them already? This is weird.

    1. It kinda depends on the reason for it. In any setup, you may have people who do “dirty” work.

      I know in the assassin that was reincarnated series, the assassin family is needed for corrupt/greedy nobles that might affect the royal family or country so the assassination family is used for that.

      This one, we don’t know much about and considering it had successors means that the group is needed. The turning point may be the “hero” that shows up and that’s why they’re destroyed finally.

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