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Chapter 8: What is the ARC family?

It has been a while since I bought Maria and Ur. I think we have a pretty good relationship

(Maria even had a "bath event" that was supposed to happen with the main character. Of course, I didn't touch her, right? I’m only 10 years old, so I don't have much of a sex drive. That's my only regret.)

"Master, I'm going to wash your back. Fufu! I'll wash your front too, so please turn around...I understand now, so please quit intimidating me. If it’s you, master, I don't mind if you do it a little bit...then let's get in the bathtub together, shall we? Fufu! I'll wash your back every day from now on.”

(I'm worried that she's going to get into it by accident... But in the novel, she was pretty strict with the main character and then spoilt him as a reward, but she's so lenient with me. I wonder why?)

In the original novel, Maria used both candy and a whip to inspire the protagonist, who had a gut that was in a slump, but Absolute only knew the whip, and Maria decided that what he needed was candy, so she was lenient with Absolute. 

As for Ur, he once healed her with recovery magic when she was injured from breaking a vase. Since then, their relationship has improved considerably. When she was not working as a maid, she started to follow Absolute around.

When I was spending such days, I was called by my father for the first time in a while. I know that when my father calls me, it‘s not a good thing. I didn't want to go, but I had no choice but to go. I went to my father's room.

My father was waiting for me, looking as tough as ever.


“Welcome, Absolute. You have grown strong again. As the head of the Ark family, I am proud of you.”

I felt like I was being told the same thing every time I came to his room. Is there nothing else to say?

“Yes, I work out every day. May I ask what you want?”

My father proceeded to talk quickly.

“I have told you many times that the Ark family is a necessary evil for the nation of Rainana. We manage the country's ills, and behind the scenes, we deal with the disaffected elements of the royal family, as well as the dark organizations that come from other countries.”

(Yes...in the original story, the Ark family is portrayed as just evil, but in reality, they are a shadowy force behind the scenes that is responsible for national defense. Considering that they were ultimately destroyed by the heroes, it’s possible that they will be cut off from the country in the future. Given this, it would be dangerous to continue to serve the royal family. We must think of a way to deal with this...)

“Yes, I understand. I have done the job many times...so what is the mission this time?”

“Ah, it seems that the color gangs that don’t belong to the Ark family are planning to form a huge organization in King's Landing by joining forces with other color gangs. Go kill them, every last one of them.”

Absolute nodded silently. Then he asked for more details.

“I understand. Then, I'll be on my way.”

With that, he left his father's room.

“Eh! Are you going to work now?”

I will inform Maria before I leave. 

(If she went to look for me, it would be troublesome.)

“Shall I go with you?”

Maria looked at me with a worried face.

“I don't need it. And I might not be able to come home today. You don't have to wait, you can go back to bed.”

“Understood. Please be careful.”

With Maria bowing deeply, I left the mansion.

Underground bar in the capital of the Kingdom of Rainana

A total of 108 members of the Red Papillon and Green Ant, a color gang that doesn’t belong to the Ark family, were present.


Soon an alliance ceremony was about to take place and the two organizations were about to become one.

“You guys, from now on, we’ll call ourselves the purple moth. This is no longer the era of the Ark family. It's our time! Let's turn this country upside down!”


The birth of a new giant organization in the Land of Rainana, or so it seems... but then, a mysterious pressure hits the Color Gangs.

“Whose family's days are numbered?"

They look at the owner of the voice. He was just a kid.

"Dark Hall."

The mysterious child chants, darkness spreads on the ground, and black hands sprout from the darkness in great numbers, dragging the gang members with them.

“Wha-what the hell is this?”

“Calm down! It's dark magic. Anyone who escapes the magic, attack that kid!”

Those lucky enough to escape the magic try to fight back. But the kid was nowhere to be found.

"Where the hell did he go? Find--”


The head of the leader of the group, who had been giving orders, fell off.

“Heh! Leader! What the hell is going on?”


Bo-, ...bo-, bo-, bo-, bo-, bo-, bo-, bo-, bo-, bo-, bo-, bo-, 

They noticed that all the heads of the colored gang members who were standing there were falling off.

“Now, is that all of them...what a bunch of nonsense. What a convenient handymen. We can't be under the royal family after all. Power... power is needed. Strength to resist the violence of numbers!”


Absolute looks toward the sound. It seems there are still survivors.

“Who the hell are you? Why are you...?"

The man looked at Absolute as if he were looking at a monster. Absolute mocked and then answered him.

“I am evil...just like you."  

With that, he put a stop to the survivors.

He then used his magic again to deal with the scene.

“Dark Hall."

He cleaned up the remaining bodies and left the place. 

Late at night, when everyone had gone to bed, Absolute returned to the house.

“Welcome home, Master."

He was surprised to hear a voice he thought was already asleep.

“Maria...I told you to go to bed, didn't I?”

He sighed in amazement.

“I wanted to be the first to welcome you home, since you are serving this country."

Maria smiles, but Absolute is surprised by her words.

“You, where did you get that?“

Absolute glares at Maria.

“It's Ur. She was worried about you, master and told me about you. Actually, Ur was waiting for you, but she was too sleepy. I was still surprised. I didn't know the Ark family had such a role..."

Maria looked at Absolute with a sad face.

“Ur’s skill is scouting. I'll scold her later on not to tell anyone... hey, what---?”

Maria hugged Absolute gently.

“Master has been fighting for this country for a long time... even though he is still so little..."

Maria's embrace strengthened. 

“I hate myself. I hate the country... the adults who make master, who is still a child, fight! This is not right!”

Maria's emotions explode. She is angry even to the extent of Absolute, who does not usually show emotion.

“Maria...I'm fine. As you can see, I'm fine.”

“No, you are hurt! Your heart is aching.”

Absolute chuckled.

“I don't deny it, but it's late today, so let's go to bed early."

“I still have something to say, but it is out of line to say it to you, master. I understand... then let's sleep together today."

“I don't want...I'll sleep alone, don't come in."

With that said, Absolute went back to his room and went to bed.

The next day, when he woke up, he felt a soft touch. What is this?

"Master ♡ You’ve been busy since morning ♪ It’s alright! Your sister will take care of you!」

Maria was in the bed.

Get out of here! 

Absolute Arc

10 yrs old

Charisma V7... quite a correction in charm.

King's supremacy V7...Increases his own status.

Reduces the status of enemies

Absolute Evil V10...Increases status easily.

Impression to the opponent becomes worse 

Special Corrections for the Holy One 


Level : 55

Physical ability : 78

Magic Power :600

Brain :72

Magic learned

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Recovery, Darkness


Swordsmanship, Torture, Gross Resistance

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  1. Aqua Megumin Darkness

    Hm not bad, Maria. She’s probably the most loyal so far. But this moron keeps trying to push her aside… like isn’t her the kind of allies he wants? Why then?

      1. That and he’s 10 (in that body) so he probably won’t act until he’s a bit older maybe.

  2. So the reason they were allowed to hang around in the kingdom (before the dumbass hero destroyed everything) was at its base the same concept of, “Controlled violence is better than uncontrolled, random violence” (the same idea that makes places run directly by the mafia safer than most new york alleys, also partially the reason why the mafia is allowed to do it’s thing) (also, Jason Todd)

    1. If the hero is about the MC’s age, one can absolutely think that the change in the kingdom towards the Arc family is the kingdom knowing about the hero’s existence.

      Instead of doing things in the shadows, having the hero act in the open under “justice” makes whatever the kingdom do more acceptable.

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