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Interlude Ifa, at the official residence of the Governor of Proto Asta (4)

It’s like a dream.

Ifa thought when he appeared on a giant dragon.

Could there be such timing?

But at the same time, I was sure that —- he would come to my rescue.

“Well, to make a long story short, I befriended the …… dragon.”

Hearing this, Ifa almost laughed.

It’s absurd.

But when I think about it, he was always crazy.

He does things that seem impossible to do.

He destroys what you thought was a wall.

Then, he will show you a new view.


A voice calling my name.

Ifa stepped toward the outstretched hand.

I was happy to be sought after. I was just an insignificant slave.

Even at the time when it was decided that I would go to the school.

And even now.

“Don’t go!!”

At that moment, Rize’s voice echoed at my back.

Ifa stops in her tracks.

There was a sound of concern in her voice, as if she were worried for my own safety.

She’s the one who told me she was a relative. I’m sure she is really worried.

But —-,.

“I’m sorry …… I can’t stay here after all.”

Ifa replies with her back turned.

I finally knew what I should have answered to Rize and the Prince.

What was the trigger?

Was it being teased by the maids and fellow slaves, when he decided to go with me to the academy?

Was it the fact that he always helped me when I was being scolded in the mansion?

Or ―――― No matter what I say, he can do anything by himself … but sometimes I can’t help but think he seems lonely.

I’m sure … all of that was so.

“I’m going with Seika-kun.”

Ifa turns around and tells Rize.

“Because I like him!”

Ifa turned her back on Rize and started to run.

Towards Seika.

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