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Chapter 12: The Most Powerful Onmyouji Master Kidnaps the Slave Girl

Ifa seemed to be talking to the forest elf about something.

However, due to the magic of the air pressure, the wind is too noisy to hear well.

I wondered what they were saying, and then Ifa came running toward us.

Facing the dragon, who is putting his head on the second floor terrace, she leaps up as high as she can and reaches out her hand.



I grabbed her hand.

Pull her up as hard as I can and set her down.

“I’m sorry I’m in the middle of something. I’m in a bit of a hurry. Hold on tight.”


“Ifa put her thin arm around my belly.”

After confirming this, I tell the dragon to go, and the light Shikigami flies in front of me.

The dragon looked doubtful that he was going to his home, but eventually raised his head and spread his wings.

The magic output is increased.

Barometric winds begin to blow strongly.

I smile and tell the prince and the forest elf.

“I’ll be waiting for you all at the summit. Oh, and please bring food and other supplies with you.”

The dragon beats down its wings.

The huge body rises, gripping the dense air.

Eventually enough altitude is gained, and now the momentum gradually builds forward.

It tilted its left wing and made a wide turn. Turning to face its destination, the dragon began its leisurely flight toward the mountain where it lived.

“Wow, I’m flying!”

In the sky, Ifa on his back makes an excited sound.

In a good mood, I talk to Ifa.

“How do you like it, Ifa, how does it feel to fly?”

“I’m a little bit scared. But …… It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen a view like this before.”

Ifa mutters while looking down.

That’s right.

“But it’s amazing. Seika-kun.”


“I can’t believe I’m riding a dragon. You said we couldn’t before. ……”

“That’s right!”

“Huh !? What …?”

“I didn’t think it was possible until just a few minutes ago. But then I made an amazing discovery!”

I explain with excitement.

“It’s basically impossible to fly on a winged creature. When it flaps it’s wings, your core will move up and down due to the reaction. You can’t usually ride on it’s back. It’s not possible. “

“Oh, that’s right …”

“But in fact, there was a place that did not move up and down even if it was flapping its wings.Do you know where it is?”

“What……? oh, by any chance, the head?”

“Yes! Whether it’s a bird or a dragon, only the head is fixed so that it does not move as much as possible. It has to keep its vision, and we can’t think properly if our brains are shaking.”

“Uh, Um…”

“If it were a normal dragon, I might not be able to do it, but if it were as big as the Greater Dragon, I could ride on its head! Only this dragon can be ridden! Maybe this is how the dragon knights of fairy tales flew.”

Then Ifa was slightly silent.

Suddenly, she started laughing loudly.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha! No way! A dragon knight riding on a dragon’s head is not cool.”

“Is it not cool?”

Is that so?

I mean, I used to ride on Mizuchi’s head even in my previous life … Maybe I was seen as strange by people around me?

“’Ha ha …… and if it’s such a big dragon, it won’t make any difference whether it’s got a human on it or not.”

“Wel certainly…… No, but sometimes you need a person to control the base……”

As I say this, I am beginning to feel that it’s becoming more and more outrageous.

“ Fu Fu, but I’ve never seen Seika talk so enthusiastically before.”

“Well, it’s fine, I don’t mind sounding like an otaku.”

“Yeah … I want to hear more. How did you get along with the dragon?”


I’ll reach the top of the mountain before I talk about everything.

And by the way, they’re also approaching.

“It’s going to be a long story. I’ll tell you when we’ve calmed down.”

“Okay, …… and thanks for earlier, Seika-kun.”

“ Eh!, what?”

I asked back at the small mumbled words, but Ifa did not answer anything.

Hmm? Oh well.

“Even though It doesn’t move it’s head, it shakes a little. So hold on firmly.”


Ifa pulls herself together and puts strength into her turned arm.

I kind of like that …… soft feeling against my back, but …… I try not to be aware of it.

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