Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – Arrival at the Duke’s Estate

The four-point seat belts hold everyone securely in the bucket seats.

The reason for the four-point seat belts is to prevent everyone from falling out even if the flight is a little rough and extremely fast.

               〇 〇 〇

  〇 〇 〇 〇

       〇 〇 〇

      Iris Natalie

       ●● 〇

 I ● Mifa ● 〇 〇

       ●● 〇

      Erica Emilia


This is the seating order.

If something should happen, Mifa, who has poor eyesight, will be given the highest priority.

I asked Erica, who is the most skilled in terms of strength, to guard Emilia as well.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Departing from the royal capital, we are slowly making our way toward the duke’s territory, using the roads as a guide.

Diana seems to want to fly faster, but since we are also inspecting the saddle for any defects, we cannot do anything reckless until we are sure it is safe.

“It seems that the humans are having a fight with the goblins down there, my lord.”

Diana’s voice comes from a telepathic voice, suddenly slowing down.

I can’t see them yet because they are so far away.

“Try lowering your altitude and getting closer. My eyes aren’t as good as yours, Diana, so I can’t see it yet.”

I entered within 1km of them, and my [surrounding search] skill caught them and I could see them on the MAP.

I approached till we were 100 meters away and 100 meters up in the air at an angle that makes it easy for us to see them.

“Three wagons, a dozen adventurers escorting them and about 20 goblins. They’ve already killed a few of them.”

“Mm, they look okay….. It’s exciting to see something like this.”

Diana seems to be enjoying herself as if she were watching the game at a coliseum.

Mifa, who has poor eyesight, looks the other way, but she seems to be in the same mood as everyone else.

“♪ Mifa is using the video recording function on her status plate to watch just like everyone else.”

“If she uses the function well, can she watch it in real time?”

“♪ It seems so. However, what you see on the screen is still a two-dimensional world. No matter how realistic the image is, it lacks power when viewed on a flat surface. I can’t wait to raise the level of mastery and develop magic so that her eyes can be cured.”

No matter how powerful the image is in a movie theater with a high-image and expensive sound system, it will never be as powerful as what you see realistically in front of you.

“I know. I believe you can fix them. I think the goddess gave Mifa the Holy Beast to play an active role in my party in the future, so I’m sure her eyes will heal eventually.”(Luke)

“I think It’ll be okay, but I’m going to stay here and keep an eye on things until it’s all settled. We’ll be a little late, but is that okay with you guys?”(Luke)

“Yes. We shouldn’t turn a blind eye to it. I can see that Luke-sama is very kind and considerate, and I like you even more.”

“I’m embarrassed to hear you say that, but …… well, I’ll give Erica and Natalie a ring that has the same effect as the wedding rings I gave Mifa and Emilia. It’s not a wedding ring, so you can wear it on your right hand.”

“Eh? Are you sure?”

“Eh? Master Luke, how many rings do you have?”

“♪Master, Iris looks sad that she’s the only one who doesn’t get one.”

“Iris has [Clean],  [Poison Resistance (Small)] passive and intermediate level antidote magic.”

But if only one person is without anything, he or she will feel alienated.

“Iris has no need for either of these grants because she has learned them magically, so I’ll give her [increased speed of magic recovery] and [increased magic effect] super earings later on.”

As for Iris, I decided not to hesitate since I was using the goddess to keep her quiet. Erica and Natalie are a service. They will be together as the same party for at least three years, so I want them to be comfortable.

Erica asked me if she could not do [personal authentication], so I told her emphatically no and let her do it right in front of me.

Erica seemed to think that she could transfer it to someone else in the future, but without [personal authentication], it wouldn’t work in the first place.

The dungeon-made rare items often have 【Personal Authentication】.

“♪ Without 【Personal Authentication】, the world would be flooded with useful items and the value of even rare items would decrease year by year according to the number of items. I guess God doesn’t want that to happen.”

“Maintaining the rarity of an item is kind of like what MMO management does.”

I put [personal authentication] on for a slightly different reason. The reason for this is to make sure that your parents, siblings and bosses don’t extort you and rob you like King Zeno did earlier.

Ten minutes later, it seems that some people were injured, but they were successfully repulsed.

One of the adventurers noticed us in the sky and hurried to inform his friends.

It’s a big dragon….. and unlike a goblin attack, it’s scary.

I give them a big wave so they can see us from below.

The people below us waved back in relief when they saw that it was a mounted dragon.

“It seems to be all right, so we’re going to leave.”


In this world where entertainment is scarce, such unusual events are probably enjoyable. If we were dealing with bandits, we would see a murderous act that would cause a bit of psychological damage, but the inhabitants of this world, who consider goblins and orcs to be enemies of mankind, would probably feel that even a somewhat gruesome scene was just a case of “an adventurer killing vermin”.

 “♪ Master, would you mind if we take a little detour off the road?』\

“Hmm? Is there a problem?』\

Apparently, Navi wants some clay.

“But we’re a little behind schedule, maybe next time? 』\

“♪ If you collect it today, I’ll serve you fluffy bread for breakfast tomorrow. I will develop a good baker’s yeast with apples and other fruits.”

Fluffy bread!

“♪ How about pizza for lunch?”


“Damn it, all right! Stop it already! I’m on a diet and I’m eating less! 』\

My stomach is growling just thinking about it.

I heard that the smelting furnace in the weapons workshop can only melt down mithril.

And they want a proper baking oven in the kitchen of the cooking studio.

For that purpose, they want clay to make firebricks.

We get off at the riverside, a short distance from the road.

“We’re going to rest here for a while.”


Leaving Hati with Iris, I head upstream and keep my distance from everyone. I’m also taking a restroom break. The women can’t do their business if I’m around.

I’m going to collect clay.

It’s a simple job of specifying an area with spatial magic and throwing a lot of it straight into the [inventory].

I roughly surround the area Navi told me to, and store it as I go.

“How is it?

“♪ It’s good clay! Thank you, Master.”

After about 15 minutes, we were back at the place where everyone was and they had all taken off their shoes and put their feet in the river to cackle and play together. With Diana by their side, there was no need to be alarmed.

There was a scary dragon, so no magical beast would come close to us.

“Ah, Luke, welcome back.”

“I’m back. Everyone seems to be having a good time.”

“Luke, this is my first time playing in the river.”

Mifa seems to be smiling and enjoying herself, but to me it looks like she’s just barefoot and splashing around in the river. That’s not what a real river trip is about.

“We’re going to leave soon because we don’t have much time today, but when it gets a little hotter, we’ll buy swimsuits and come back for a real river trip.”

“A real river trip?”

“We can go upstream to the canyon and swim, fish, catch prawns and have fun.”

“Fishing! Sounds fun! Please take me with you!”

After a short break, we set off again and after confirming that the saddle was safe, I asked Diana to fly as fast as she could.


“Wow, we’re already there…..”

“How’s it, Aruji! Aren’t I great? Was that fast enough?”

“Yes, It was so fast!”

It took only 40 minutes from the riverside to arrive…

Diana seems to be in a good mood seeing me so happy.

Diana has a [windshield] hanging on us, so I have no problem being stable in the saddle.

If I can fly this fast, there are so many places I want to go. I’m looking forward to my day off after I finish my errands.

 “Hmmm… It’s no good to be naked every time you turn from a dragon to a human form. It’s not good to be naked.”

“But since we dragons don’t wear clothes, it can’t be helped that we’re naked when humanized. The reverse is also true. If I turn into a dragon with clothes on, my clothes will be torn every time.”

Diana was humanized in front of the Duke’s territory’s initiation and in front of the large crowd waiting for the initiation check, she was completely naked in the form of a beautiful girl, which caused the crowd to cheer.

In a panic, I covered Diana with a blanket and dressed her in the gate guard’s stuffing room.

“Navi, do you have anything in existing magic?”

“♪ Although not part of the existing magic, there are some accessories that drop in dungeons that can store two to five items of equipment and when you put magic power into the accessory, it can instantly and automatically attach the stored items. You can also attach, detach, and instantly re-stow them.” 

“That’s it! Where can I get it? Do you know of any stores that sell it? 』\

“♪Unfortunately, this item is also extremely rare and was not found for sale in this country or even in neighboring countries.

It seems that this item is even rarer than the poison resistance effect (large).

“I really want one of those.”

“♪ Since it is an existing item, can’t you make something like it with your [Grant] magic?”

“I should make it? Can you do it? 』\

“♪ Magic is all about image, so you can’t do it when you think negative. However, I feel that a master with an otherworldly soul from a higher world could create something quite special.”

You image it huh……. I’ll give it a try later.

The duke’s family had prepared a carriage for us inside the gate, but it’s now just before six in the evening.

I think I’ll take a little stroll in the commercial capital.

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