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Chapter 55: Just collecting ingredients rather than hunting?

King Zeno and I took to the skies on Diana.?

Naturally, the knights that accompanied him as his escort tried to stop us before we left, but Zeno-san brushed them off and got on Diana.

“Is it okay to leave the Guards behind? Won’t they get angry later?”

“Haha, sure they’ll get angry.”

As soon as she soars into the sky, Diana casts an [Air Shield] around herself, preventing us from being blown away by wind pressure.

“Thank you Diana”

“Mm. Then, Lord, which way should I go? 』\

” We’re going to a wetland, so northwest … please fly in this direction.”


“Understood! 』\

“Wow! Fast!” (Luke)

Compared to when it was a drake, it seems its speed is now three times faster.

“Diana, is this your full speed?”

“This mistress can fly faster! It’s no good now because I don’t have a saddle and you’ll fall off. “

“Wow … We’re already almost there! So fast ~ ?”

“Luke, I’m so envious.”

“King Zeno, I’m going to hunt a little. Diana, there’s a buffalo herd a little further ahead. Can you kill them by aiming at their heads so the meat and leather won’t be damaged?”

“Of course”

“The meat is Diana’s supper!”

“Really! Leave it to this mistress! How many cows? Do we hunt them all? 』\

“”Twenty-one. With four calves, did they miss the move? Let’s hunt them all.””

“Luke! Isn’t the Buffalo in the Wetlands the B rank monster Rush Noo ?”

“That’s it. The meat is delicious, the leather is soft, and I just want it in Diana’s saddle, so I thought I’d hunt it on the way.”

“It’s dangerous! It’s a herbivorous beast so it won’t attack you unprovoked, but once it recognizes you as an enemy, it will come after you with its whole pack! Even one of them is an opponent that an intermediate adventurer would hunt with a full team. This is not a challenge for just two people!

“It’s okay. I’ve hunted them several times on a Drake,, it’s not that hard.”

While saying that, I saw something as black as a bean grain from the sky.

“That’s it! Let’s go … Hold on tight “

The big difference between the way a dragon and a wyvern, like the school director’s, hunts is that bird species glide with their wings and hunt, so they descend at a tremendous speed. At that time, if you make a mistake in eye measurement or if you can’t slow down, you’ll crash.

On the other hand, dragon species such as Drake can float in the air, so they descend silently and grab their prey’s bodies firmly with their big limbs.

The dragon grasps it … Of course, most of the demon beasts are smashed and die instantly. This cow is as big as an elephant, but if it’s a huge ancient dragon, it can be taken away to the sky. There’s no way to be chased by persistent opponents.


The other [Rush Noo]’s whose friends have been killed shoot the water magic [Aquala Spear], but even the belly which is Diana’s weakest part has not been scratched.

“Can the defeated cow be stored as it is in Diana’s [Subspace Warehouse]?”

“Of course! The attribute of this mistress is darkness, so even if you hunt them all, I can still afford it! 』\

“This is so easy … you’re dealing with a B-rank demon beast …”

“King Zeno, if the ancient dragon becomes an enemy, the country will fall, right? Isn’t it natural to be able to do this?”

“That’s right. If she wants to kill it, she can easily do so with a breath! 』\

“You mean Diana’s breath!”

“There’ll be no meat left, but is that okay? 』\

“That’s no good … it’s a waste …”

“This mistress doesn’t like useless killing either. If I’m going to kill it, I have to eat everything that’s edible… “

If a dragon rampages, it is considered a disaster … If a god beast such as Fenrir rampages, it’s a natural disaster.

Naturally, we don’t get off Diana and join the fight I’m not that strong myself. I just watched the disaster class hunting from the top of her back while having fun with the king.

And in a blink of an eye, Diana’s one-sided hunt destroyed the flock.

We hunted 12 of them … 9 of them ran away.

“Lord … they’ve just run away … Should I give chase? 』\

“Twelve buffaloes, including two calves, were hunted, so it’s okay if they run away. Are you tired Diana.”

“I didn’t get any exercise. This mistress doesn’t like futile killing, but she likes hunting. Will you bring me out again? 』\

It’s cute how she’s begging for her next hunt.

“Of course. I heard that there are big snakes and crocodiles around here, so Diana might enjoy it too.”

“I’m looking forward to it  』\

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a [Rush Noo], whose friend was attacked, escape. This is no longer a hunt, it’s just collecting. It’s like picking mushrooms from above, just picking up cows “

“True. If the attack isn’t an attack, it’s not much different from picking mushrooms even against monsters. Now that we’re done, let’s go home.”

My level has gone up and I’m in a good mood!

I went back and forth over a distance of 30km to hunt, but only about an hour has passed.

It’s nice to be back at the school, but there’s no animal house Diana’s size.

“I don’t need a cramped place such as a beast house! This mistress is going back to her nest to organize her luggage. “

“Oh, yeah. That’s okay. But the people of the capital will be surprised when they see you, so try not to startle them, okay?

“I know that. The Lord is quite a worrier … “

Diana passed me the hunted prey and quickly flew towards the northern sky. Is Diana’s nest in the north?

“♪ Oh … that ancient dragon is storing various treasures in its nest.”

“Seriously?? The dragon’s habit …”

The dragon species loves gold and silver treasures of light and has a habit of storing them in their nests.

Navi, I wish you would get out of the [inventory].

* * *

After that, as a matter of course, the king came to my room —

“I’m sorry to have dinner here two days in a row …”

Today, even the First Queen is here, along with the Second Queen, Mifa’s mother.

“No, it’s okay. Is my father still calling?”

“Oh, I’ve hung up many times.”

“That … Luke, I heard that the knighthood student who summoned a Drake has decided to transfer to the Dragoon School. You were originally aspiring to be a Dragon Knight, so will you transfer?”

Mifa asked with great anxiety.

Iris also looks uneasy … Even in this country, it seems that there are no valets at the Dragoon School. If I transfer to another school, Iris will inevitably be dismissed because I won’t need her.

“Oh, I didn’t originally want to be a dragoon. The royal family’s boys are forced to raise an egg as a kid, and in the future, we had no choice but to be a dragoon.”

“It’s the same in this country. …… Do you dislike being a dragoon, Luke?” (King)

“It’s not that I don’t like it. I understand that dragoons will become a tremendous force in the event of a war, and the fact that the royal family takes the initiative in raising dragons is appealing to the people. I know, but I want to be a magic knight. “

I’m changing jobs in the temple …

I’ll change my 1st job from [Dragoon] to [Brave], and the 2nd job to [Magic Swordsman]. The job of [Brave] will be concealed and the appearance, superficially written as [Healer].

“Hmm, You have a dragon, and I want you to be a dragoon, but I’ll respect your will.”

“Thank you. But in any case, Diana doesn’t like the classes at the Dragoon School. I don’t think that an ancient dragon will join Drakes in formation. In fact, I don’t think she’ll lend her back to anyone but me. This time, she was reluctant, but she let you ride her because you’re the king, and some lessons involve lending the reins to other dragoons, but she’s definitely not going to like it.”

“Sure … even a Drake doesn’t like to lend its back to others. If you’re a prideful old dragon, you might get angry … I don’t want to provoke her. Okay then. Let’s move on from staying in school. The problem is Luke’s father … “

My father called just as he said this.

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  1. The king is kinda dumb. They’re riding on the back of an ancient dragon, the ancient dragon is about to go hunt, the main rider also has experience easily hunting the same creatures on a previously more inferior mount, and the king still insists that hunting said prey is dangerous and not a good idea. The king is kinda dumb.

    I had to say it twice for emphasis.

    Thanks for the update

  2. “Hey, I’mma let you finish your first ride of your long-lost friend who died saving your life. But I just wanna say I’m the best Dragoon rider of all time!”

    I really wish (new) Luke said “no” here. At least for the first symbolic ride with his long-lost friend.

    I’m not a part of this worldbuilding. And even I could tell how incredibly rude and pushy that request was.

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