Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Still Engaged but I Gave a Wedding Ring

King Zeno, officially announced my engagement at the closing ceremony of the “Summoning Ceremony”.

There are good reasons why he made the announcement in the school.

The most important reason is to announce my position at home and abroad as soon as possible.

It also serves to confirm my current affiliation as Prince Luke, who was given to the Kingdom of Forrell as a son-in-law, rather than Luke, the third prince of the Kingdom of Volg, and to express that I belong to the King’s faction.

This is a place where many of the children of the knight academy nobility gather.

It would take quite a few days to hold an engagement reception and rather than announcing it on a bulletin board or in writing via e-mail, he planned to have the information spread quickly by the mouths of the children who had gathered from all over the country, who would then pass it on to their parents on their own.

* * *

I am currently working on a giant saddle for Diana on the playground with the help of the knights. The material is light wood and cow hide that I hunted with the king the other day. The saddle was made at the Navi workshop, but it is different from ordinary saddles.

Because Diana is big, it is not meant to be straddled like a saddle.

It has three rows of seats horizontally and four rows vertically like a car……. Yes, I was referring to the bucket seat version with four-point seat belts that is used in road racing cars. However, the front row, the only seat I sit in, is a single seat designed for combat and has no seatbelt to not impede movement.

The seats can accommodate one, three, three and three people from the front, so the maximum number of passengers is ten.

“Hey Luke, can’t we leave tomorrow?”

It is King Zeno who is saying this. …… I can sort of understand why.

It seems that King Zeno is going to the Duke’s house tomorrow, but since  I’m leaving today, he can’t go with me because there is a meeting at the royal castle tonight. 

“Father! You just want to ride Diana-chan!”

Oh, Mifa got mad at him and shunned him……. Yes, King Zeno wants to ride Diana with us.

“Sasha’s fever seems to be rising again, and the sooner we get there the better.”

“I guess so……”

Ignoring the old man who was staring at me ruefully, I made the final adjustments.

“Diana, do you have any sore spots from rubbing?”

“The scales on my back are hard, so I won’t feel a thing even if they hit me a little funny. I’d rather not wear the saddle itself…..”

“You’ll have to be patient. If Mifa and the others fell off and died, wouldn’t you be sad too?”

“Yes…… I understand. I’ll be patient.”

After about ten minutes, I had it in place. It was a good job for a first time.

I have gravity magic, I can put it on and take it off by myself.

“But Luke, when did you make such a magnificent saddle for riding?”

Ah, I hadn’t thought of an excuse…… Mifa is beside me and I can’t lie.

I summoned Diana two days ago….. but I’ve already completed a magnificent Diana-specific saddle. And it’s a pretty big one.

I know she’s wondering why.


I couldn’t even answer her, so I just laughed and brushed it off!

Mifa and her friends have changed from their school uniforms into riding clothes. The wind would turn up their skirts and their panties could be seen by the knights below us as we ride in the air.

“Um, Luke-sama…… how many breaks do you plan to take along the way?”

Iris asked a little anxiously.

“It seems it will be a lot faster than with my brother’s Drake Barus, so one stop should be enough, right?”

“One time?”

Oh? she looked even more anxious …… last time it was nothing, so what’s the matter?

“♪ I see. It seems that Iris, Erica and Mifa are currently menstruating. I see that Erika asked her for advice earlier. Iris has [Clean], so she can purify and clean herself if she feels discomfort, but Erica and Mifa need to change their guest cloths regularly. On a busy day, they get stained after about 30 minutes, so she must be worried.”

“So that’s how it is. By the way, Navi, come on out of the workshop.”

“♪  No way!!”

Well, it’s a little crowded …… There’s no need for her to materialize.

“♪ Master, I’m sorry…….”

 “Well, that’s okay. I’m going to level up quickly and knock the socks off those who laughed at me! 』\

“♪ Yes! Those who laughed at Navi will never be forgiven! I’ve saved all their faces on video!”

No, I don’t want to do any harm, okay?

“Luke, actually I’m having a girl’s day. I’m sorry to bother you, but would you mind taking short breaks in the intervals?”

Mifa blushed slightly and told me shyly. Not letting Iris or Erica tell me that and being the first one to suffer the embarrassment is a turn-on in my book!

“Mifa, thank you for letting me know in advance. It’s nice that you didn’t let the squire tell me what was a little embarrassing and difficult for a girl of your age to say, but instead, you yourself said it.”

My nice remark made her even more red….. Mifa’s cute!

Well, girls are inconvenienced every month. …… Okay, I’ve got an idea.

I’m going to have a high purity mithril ring made at the Navi workshop.

“♪ What do you think Master? 』\

“Yes. It’s just the right size. I’ll adjust the rest on my end. 』\

I’ll adjust the shape with [Alchemy] and [Detailed appraisal] ……  due to the fact it’s so high purity, there are four sockets attached and open. Sockets are not something you can see. The sockets are the number of abilities that can be “granted” to an object. It is said that a good quality product has many openings.

The freshly made mithril ring’s empty sockets are filled with [Grant].

[Clean], [Poison Resistance Effect (Medium)], [Automatic Size Adjustment], [Personal Authentication].

An ordinary mithril ring is transformed into an expensive one with the grant.

“Mifa, Emilia, come here for a moment.”

I take Mifa’s left hand in mine and fit the [Poison-resistant Mithril Ring] on her ring finger.

“It’s meant to be a wedding ring, in case you were wondering. Unlike an engagement ring, this ring is to be worn every day, so it’s not decorated with jewelry and the design is very simple. But this ring has [poison resistance effect (medium)] and [clean]. If you put magic power into the ring, [Clean] will be activated, so I think it will be useful in various ways.”

“Wait a minute! You said [effect (medium)]!”

King Zeno, who was listening on the side, broke in.

“The poison resistance is a constant activation type, so it consumes magic power when you put it on and after that, unless you take it off, it will automatically use magic power except you run out of magic power.”

“It means that you can just wear it and never take it off, right? That’s a national treasure! Mifa, will you give it to me?”

“I told you it’s a wedding ring! What are you doing pestering her for her wedding ring?”

“I always wear a piece of equipment with poison resistance when I eat or go out.”

It was a magnificent, solid gold bracelet.

“This is also a piece of equipment that grants [poison resistance effect (Medium)], but it’s heavy! Try wearing it when you eat!”

An ordinary bracelet made by a craftsman would weigh less than 50 grams. However, King Zeno’s dungeon-made bracelet is said to weigh 1 kg. …… That’s heavy, isn’t it?

“♪  The only things that are more effective than that are dungeon items. Items with higher effects are made in dungeons, but the drop rate is so low that they are rarely offered for sale.”

“Does that mean there is no such thing as a large effect? 』\

“♪ It will drop from the poisonous dungeon boss of a 100th floor class with a very low probability, but even if it is dropped, it will not be put up for sale.”

“Why? The adventurers who get the drops will get rich, won’t they? 』\

“♪If you are an adventurer who can kill level 100 dungeon bosses, you don’t have to worry about money and S-level adventurers don’t sell them, they wear them among themselves for their own safety. The only things that might be offered for sale occasionally are stray items from those who have aged and decided to retire, or stolen items.”

I guess I was a little careless. …… My [grant] magic is going to be worse than the healing. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to level up if I’m asked to do this and that.

I’ll keep quiet about the fact that it’s something I’ve granted myself.

“King Zeno, I’ll give you a necklace-type thing next time, so you can’t have this.”

“Really? Oh, but isn’t this the item that King Julius prepared for you, who was going abroad to be a son-in-law?”

“It belongs to me.”

“Oh, maybe it was given to you by the Great Sage….. It’s a necessity for a healer since it deals with poisonous herbs and such.”

King  Zeno misunderstood me in a good way on his own, so I’ll leave it as it is.

By the way, the master didn’t give me such a good thing. Rather, he laughed at me as I twitched and twitched with poison, saying, ‘Get poisoned’. …… Thanks to that, [Poison Resistance (Medium)] has been acquired as my passive.

I cut Mifa’s right thumb a little to make it bleed and then drip blood on the ring to activate the [personal authentication] function. Now only Mifa can activate the effect.

Of course, I recovered the cut finger immediately.

“Next up is Emilia.”

“You’ve got another one!”

King Zeno is looking at me like he wants the other one.

“I’m fine, please give that one to Uncle Zeno.”

See~~, Emilia is so reserved!

“I told you it’s a wedding ring. I don’t want to give a ring to an old man!”

I quickly pull Emilia’s left hand and puts it on her ring finger. Emilia has a phobia of men, but it happened so fast that I didn’t even give her time to be surprised by my touch.

“Natalie, just drip some of Emilia’s blood on the ring to complete the personal identification.”

“Yes, sir!”

Natalie completed Emilia’s personal identification.

“The magic effect of [clean] will be activated within a radius of about one meter from the ring when the ring is filled with magic power. The amount of magic power consumed is about 3 to 5 points. Since it’s life magic, it does not consume that much magic power. The effect will be affected by the image you have when it is activated, so try to imagine what kind of effect you want and put some magic power into it.”


“Yes. If you want to purify the whole body, you should imagine that your body will be cleaned. If you want to purify only the hair, you can imagine that only the hair will be cleaned, and in this case, you can imagine that the blood on the cloth and the surrounding area will be cleaned and dried.”

“I’ll give it a try. Ah! That’s great, Master Luke! The sticky discomfort of that patch is gone!”

Mifa and Emilia were extremely pleased with the wedding rings.

“Diana, please take care of me.”

“Diana-sama, please take good care of me.”

The wedding rings made Mifa and Natalie extremely happy.

Yes, I have forbidden them to call Diana ‘Ancient Dragon-sama’. I felt that it was a bit strange to use that among peers, even though she has a name.

I want Diana and everyone else to get to know each other better.

“Diana-sama, in return I will cook you a delicious meat dish later, please put me on your back.”

“Iris, you said it! It’ll be good meat right! I hope it’ll be properly cooked and seasoned.”

“Yes, I’ll take care of it.”

She seems to be very motivated. ……Diana’s been completely baited by Iris.

Now we’re off at last!

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