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Chapter 50: Massage after taking a bath!

I take a bath after everyone returns.
As a Japanese who has the habit of taking a bath every day, it’s appreciated that the private room in the dormitory has a bath. In this world, unless you’re a high-ranking aristocrat or a big merchant, you don’t take a bath every day.

“Does Luke really like baths?”
“Yeah. Even in the summer, I want to fill the bathtub with hot water instead of showering.”

“Well. There are magic tools in this dormitory, so it’s not too much trouble, so it’s okay.”
“Go in Iris before it cools down.”
“Yes. Thank you for your concern.”

Iris gave me cold lemon water before heading to the bath.
She doesn’t take a long bath, probably caring for me.

I call out to Iris who came out in about 30 minutes.

“Iris, can I have a minute?”
“Yes! What is it?”

It seems that she’s a little cautious cause I called out after taking her bath.
She’s trying to escape my line of sight while hiding her chest with both hands.

“I won’t make a naughty request!”
“Oh, is that so … what do you need?”

“Yeah. Actually, I walked around town shopping with Iris the other day, right? Plus running in today’s class, my legs hurt a lot. I applied recovery magic so it’s a bit better. “

“Ah, mine hurt a little too. Should I give a massage?”
“Yeah. That’s right, but I’m wondering if Iris could learn the massage that’s from my master, not a normal one.”

“Luke’s master, the great sage, Edward!”

In fact, the reason why the King tried to expel Iris was because the story of the recovery potion and my master was included. This is the reaction of Iris who heard it …

“Yeah. That’s right …”
“Really … That legendary Edward!”

“From my point of view, it’s just Gee-chan, a gardener with a strong nature. I was taught massage treatment techniques to improve my teacher’s back pain.”

“Is it different from a normal massage?”
“Yeah. Master’s massage is a skill-based massage”

If I combine the skills of my master with acupressure treatment, lymphatic massage, chiropractic, and other manipulative treatments that Navi has examined, it will be a great thing.

“Teach me! If you teach me, I’ll give you one every day!”
“You don’t have to do it every day, but if I get tired, I’d like to ask you. But this procedure can’t be done through clothes, so I’m sorry, but could you change into something like shorts or gym clothes?”

“Do you mean It has to be direct?”
“Yeah. It doesn’t work unless you touch the affected area directly.”

“I understand”

Wow, her legs are so thin and beautiful.
I see … There’s no wasted hair in this world, so many have smooth and delicate skin.

“Don’t look too much … it’s embarrassing …”
“No, I think it’s a beautiful leg. Then, I’ll explain the technique first. All you need for this procedure is water or holy attribute beginner recovery magic and [magic manipulation] level 3 or higher.”

“Level 3? It sounds pretty difficult.”
“I have an original magic called [Detailed Appraisal], so I can quickly investigate the affected area. I’ll use it this time, but usually I press or touch it to identify the affected area. Iris It looks like your calf is lightly inflamed due to muscle fatigue. See here. “

“Usually, you should press it like this to check. So what to do from here is to have a strong image of healing by activating recovery magic from the fingertips that are pressing when you apply acupressure. Can you feel it … “

“Yeah … it feels good! What’s this! The pain seems to disappear! Ah ~ it feels good ?”

“With a normal heal, if you activate it once, the effect is only one time, but here I use a little amount, poured into the heal little by little? I form an image of slowly pinpointing and healing the tired components… do you understand? Feel it with [magic power detection].

“I understand it somehow, but it looks difficult to actually do it.”

The soles of her feet and her calves were also treated.

“There are many places on the soles of the feet called acupoints that improve the condition of the body. For example, this is the place where the liver is connected.”

“Oh, it feels good ?”
“It seems that you feel a lot of pain when your liver is bad. How is it? It feels a lot easier right?”

“Really! All the pain in my leg has healed! This is great!”
“It works on the waist and shoulders in the same way, so I wonder if you can do it.”

“Yes, I’ll try my best!”

“Hmm, it feels good, but the heal isn’t kneaded in. With this, the heal is only activated in the part that was touched first. You’re not releasing the heal slowly “

“Yes, it’s difficult …”
“You’re used to the one that cures in one go, so it’s difficult to imagine releasing it in small quantities …”

“Will a single heal not cure muscle pain?”
“The muscle pain is temporarily healed, but the fatigue is still accumulated, so it’s not completely healed. Yes, you dry your hair with [air] right? It’s the same as that. [Air] Instead of blowing all the wind in a moment, you can keep the wind for about 10 minutes with a small amount of magic power, isn’t it? It’s the same feeling. You don’t blow a strong wind, but sustain a weak wind? You do the same with [Aqua Heal] “

“I see! I somehow understood it from the explanation now!”

However, she couldn’t learn it today after all.

“I’m sorry. You taught me so much, but it didn’t help …”
“You can’t do it right away. It took me a while to get the hang of it. But this is also a practice of [magic manipulation], so let’s do our best and continue tomorrow. Remember this and improve your skill level. If you do, you’ll be able to treat at the cellular level, and then you’ll be able to cure torn arms and legs by sticking them together with this procedure. “

“Is that true? I’ll do my best!”
“Yeah, let’s do our best “

“By the way, Luke, let’s do some muscle training. Push-ups and sit-ups 30 reps each! Let’s do our best to lose weight!”

“Didn’t we just take a bath?”
“If you sweat, you can go in again?”

“I can’t do sit-ups even once …”

“No, really … see …”

When I lie down and try to raise my upper body, my legs rise … My upper body is too heavy to get up.

“What if I hold your feet?”

Iris took my ankle and put my weight on it.

“Oh! I’ve done it! I think I can do it if you hold my legs.”

But Iris! Every time I get up, your chest comes close to my face … and maybe it’s a no bra with light clothes after the bath, it sways and sways … It’s a little too stimulating!

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