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Chapter 51: Pippi-chan, the director of the school?

In the morning, I was shaken and I wake up ---

"Good morning Iris …"
"Good morning Luke"

"Huh? Mifa?"
"Yes, your wife, Mifa."

We're not married yet!
But before I retort … why is she here?

"Luke, actually, I told Mifa last night that ' Luke and iris seem to be taking a walk every morning.'"
"What!? Erica, you didn't need to say it. Wasn't it a secret?"

"So, did Mifa come here early in the morning cause you want to take a walk with me?"
"Yes! If it doesn't bother you, I'd love to join you!"

"It's not a problem, but it's a walk for me to lose weight, so I'll walk for about 30 minutes you know?"
"I'm also lacking in exercise, so I'll walk with Luke to train my body. After all, is it a problem if I'm blind?"

"In yesterday's PE, you were faster than I was with your hands pulled, so I don't think it's a problem. Then I'll change my clothes so can you wait for a while?"


A walk with such a cute girl in the morning … What a luxurious situation.
If I didn't have this kind of body, "Such is the hero of a light novel!” I’d have thought.

"What will you do Iris? Will you stay and make breakfast?"
"But …"

"Maybe you’re still wondering if I'll run away?"
"It's not that I don't trust you, but there’s a chance …"

"Iris-san, it’s okay. I'll catch up within 100m If Luke escaped."

"Like I said, I won't run away!"

Erica you can catch up within 100m? I run 100m in the first half of 12 seconds! Even so, it will take about 20 seconds with Luke's body now …

"Then I'll leave it to Erica. I’ll prepare breakfast and wait for you "
"Leave it to me. I can't cook, so I'm grateful."

So Iris decided to cook breakfast while we went out for a walk.

"Mifa, when you go down the stairs, you should put your hand on my shoulder from behind me. If you trip, you wouldn't roll down if I were in front of you."

She was being guided by Erica, but I added a little improvement.

"Erica is helping you, it looks good because it's designed to look elegant as a princess, but it's a little inconvenient. Just put your hand on my shoulder as a test"

"Oh, it's easy to go down"
"Well, we'll be downstairs in the next three steps. Here we are. On the ground, It’s good to go shoulder to shoulder, but if there’s a height difference, you should hold the other person's arm slightly above the elbow."
"It's better to hold your arm …"
"If you hold it so entwined, it'll be difficult to walk. See, hold my elbow with one hand."
"It's true. It's very easy to walk."
"It's better not to pull the hand or push from behind cause it's a little scary for the blind."

"Luke has the knowledge of a doctor? That's amazing ?"

Actually, I have a qualification as a welfare worker.
The high school I attended was a prefectural high school for regular courses, but for the elective subjects you could choose either bookkeeping or long-term care. I chose long-term care, completed the two- and three-year curriculum, and passed the national examination to qualify.

So I know how to do this.

Speaking while we walk, we talk of today's "summoning ceremony".

"I think Group A will probably start in the afternoon, are you looking forward to it?"
"That's right. What kind of demon beast do you want, Mifa?"

"A demon beast that I can hug and sleep is good."
"I don't think Mifa needs a combat monster, It will be a complete pet."

"♪ Master, good morning"
"Good morning Navi"

"♪ This is the final confirmation. If you summon Navi, my shape will be fixed to the called entity. In the current state, I can work for 24 hours in the master's [inventory], but since I have no entity, I cannot directly help in battles. On the other hand, if I get an entity, I will be able to work outside and also participate in battles, but I will need sleep and rest my body, so it won’t be possible to support you 24 hours a day. "

There seem to be advantages and disadvantages, but I know Navi's feelings.


"Does Navi want to work with me? 』\
"♪ Yes …"

"If you can't go back to subspace, the manager of the workshop will be gone, so it's a problem, but if Navi can go to the workshop even if you get an entity, there's no problem."

"♪ Yes! So what should Navi's body be? Fairy types include brownies, silkies, and pixies, but the characteristics differ depending on the type you choose. "

"Do you have any hopes? 』\
"♪ I thought Silky would be good, but this fairy is a type that’s tied to the house, and in this world it’s treated like a ghost that brings good luck like Zashiki-warashi to the house. If I’m tied to a house, my range of activities will be narrowed, so it’ll be different from my original purpose. "

"There’s pixie, right? 』\
"♪ Yes. It looks exactly like the one used in the MMO that master played "

"I like it. It’s Cute”
"♪ Cute? Well, a pixie in this world is a mischievous fairy so people hate it. Even if it’s caught, the pixie just disappears, so it’s treated as a troublesome pest that can’t be captured. "

"That's right … Then what about brownies? 』\
"♪ I hate brownies in this world cause they aren't cute."

" It Isn't cute? 』\
"♪ Brownies in this world are generally less than a meter tall, dressed in brown rags, and have hair and beards that can stretch. It's skin tone is exactly the 'brownie' It’s being called. Brownies mainly settle in homes and are said to help humans by completing household chores and caring for livestock while they’re away. Brownies are close to silkies but not cute. The cute silky is better. "

"Then, what about Cait Sith? That's cute, isn't it? It can speak human language properly. "

"♪ Hmm, I don't like it cause master would treat me like a pet."
"… Then, isn't it okay to pick Pixie? 』\

"♪ That's right. I’ll go with that. "

I walked for exactly 30 minutes while chatting happily with Mifa and Navi. When I returned to the dormitory, Emilia and others came and we had breakfast together.

It’s kind of fulfilling … Is this good?

Surrounded by beautiful girls, if I enjoy every day like this, I might forget about getting rid of the evil god.

* * *


"Fuh, today is everyone's long-awaited" summoning ceremony ". It's a chance that comes once a year, but you should think about it properly and decide if you should contract servant? Even if the beast is a servant, there isn’t that much room in the school's beast house. And don't forget that maintenance costs are required? However, if the beast is B grade or higher, the government will subsidize it. , All maintenance fees while in school are exempted "

Now, the school director is giving the opening ceremony greetings on the podium, which is one step higher.

"I'm sure you've all been given an explanation in class yesterday, so I'll omit the details. I'll be demonstrating from now on, so watch carefully"

It seems he will demonstrate it right here.

"Pour your magic power into the crystal jewels on this pedestal! When the jewels start to shine, the summoning will begin. The demon beast senses the magic power poured at this time, and the one who likes it will respond. A magic contract can then be formed, but the drawback is you don’t know what will come … "

After the magic circle shined and subsided, there was a big bird demon beast.

"" Oh! It's a wyvern! ""

"Wyvern! Oh! Such good luck!"

The school director is delighted!

"Okay, it's a contract! It's the third contract, but you’re good! Since it's a female … That's right, your name is" Pippi "! Do you like it? "

"Pippi" is for a parakeet!

"♪ Fufufu, isn't it better than" Pee-chan "? 』\
"Kuh …"

When the summoned demon beast was named, Its body shone for a moment. Apparently, this Wyvern has signed a contract with the school director.

"" Pippi! Insanely cute! ""

Contrary to my opinion, the students' reception seems to be good.

"How about it? When such a good thing comes, the contract will be concluded with a name. After that, magic power will be consumed every day at a fixed time based on the contract, but I'm sure this girl will be useful for me … I didn't expect to get good legs at this age. "

The school director looks really happy …

"As you can see, the wings of the Wyvern are considerably larger than those of dragon species such as Drake. The reason is that there’s a difference in how they fly. Because Drakes have great magic power. They fly by magic, so they can stay in the air on the spot. On the other hand, A Wyvern also uses magic, but it flies with its own wings. The advantage is that it’s nearly twice as fast. However, since it flies with wings, it can’t fly with many people on it, and it may crash if it stalls, so there are more accidents than with a Drake. I think it's because of poor skill of the operator … "

That's me!

"That’s enough from me so I'll leave it to the vice-principal"

"You definitely want to ride Pippi!"
"That's … I'm just going on a test run …"
"You just want to get on Pippi sooner."

I definitely think so too!

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