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Chapter 49: Dinner with King Zeno

It may be an emotion that comes from the memory of the host, Luke, but I also have some grievances and it’s not so easy to divide.

“♪ Master, the king was thinking of Luke. He thought you could only be a baron in his country, and that you as a baron could be a good outlet for the nobles who were dissatisfied with the royal family. “

“Ah, so that’s it. Certainly, the royal family also seemed to be a faction rather than a monolith, and if there was a former prince of the baron rank, I don’t know what kind of causes they would use to create disputes. “

“Your dad is a man who thinks much deeper than you think.”
“Looks like it……”

“Well, I won’t do anything wrong to you. If you take care of Mifa, I won’t force you or bind you, so you can live in this country as you like.”

“But is that on the premise of making children?”
“Hmm, it’s a lie if I say it’s different, but it’s your choice too. I decided to leave it to Mifa. Let’s believe in my daughter …”


“Huh? What’s the problem?”
“Nothing! Father’s an idiot!”

What are they talking about?

“♪ Mifa when negotiating with Zeno to go out with the master, she said, ” I’ll give birth to a lot of children! Erica and Emilia will also guide him well! “

“Seriously?? Does Erica know that? 』\
“♪ She does, and she doesn’t seem to hate it. They haven’t made it clear yet so don’t touch the topic. “

“What’s so good about Luke, are they crazy? To be honest, If It were me, I would definitely refuse, right? 』\

“♪ Is that so? It’s true that you’re fat to see, but from Erica’s point of view, you’re her lifesaver, and even though it was for treatment, She’s aware that you’ve seen her chest. And in the future, you’ll be a Marquis, and the first lady is Princess Mifa, who she knows. I think the conditions are good for her. “

“Is that what you think? I’ll leave it to you since I don’t really know … “

“The treatment is very good …”

“Because Luke, if you’re pressured, you’ll definitely run away from this country. If you’re that talented, you won’t have to worry about money no matter where you go. You can live as a healer or as a pharmacist. If you don’t cause problems, it’s okay if you live freely and benefit this country as much as you can. “

If I was just incompetent, I might have been slaughtered as a stallion without having any way to escape. Having a way to make money is a big advantage.

“Okay. If you accept me so much and let me be free, I’ll do my best in this country. Let me thank you with treatment … You’ve been infected by the epidemic. And it’s already developed. Mother-in-law seems to be okay. “

“… so this fever is because I’m sick?”
“Yes, the illness is characterized by a low-grade fever rather than a high fever. It’s not enough to immobilize you, so everyone is relaxed at this point. Over time, the cough gets worse and worse and when your cough starts to get bloody, it’s a terminal illness. “


“That’s why, [clean] [aquala heal], since this is just the initial symptoms, it was a complete cure. I think that there are many visits you have to accept since you’re king, but you should check in advance if guests have a strange cough or fever, If so, you should cancel it. “

“Thank you. Thank you!”
“Luke, thank you for healing Zeno.”
“Thank you, Luke ?”

“What did I say? it was a good purchase, Rumors aren’t everything …”

“Oh, but the rumors are mostly true, I used to play pranks in my own country.”
“Um. I’ve heard that it’s a backlash against your mother.”

“Chiruru’s maid was a spy?”
“? So is the deputy head chef and the old butler. Two people are also mixed in with the end servants. “
“Isn’t a deputy chef dangerous! If it comes to war, they’ll be poisoned from the inside. Is it because Chiruru’s maid would be taken hostage if something happens? ?\

“♪ Ah, you’re thinking too much Master. I can’t say absolutely, but Zeno doesn’t even think about that. In order to get the most accurate information as soon as possible, he has spies in all the neighboring countries. “

“You found out?”

“Or is it the deputy chef and the old butler? Are you willing to poison my family in the event of a war? I won’t forgive you if something happens to my sister”

” It’s a misunderstanding! I have no intention of doing that! Your father is aware of it and leaves it alone. No war can happen.”

“Luke, there was no lie in my father’s words.”
“Hmm? Oh yeah … Thank you Mifa, if you say so, that’s right.”

“It’s just a coincidence that your sister was with her. She said she was nominated by Miss Chiruru. But how did you know that she was a spy?”

“I’ve never seen her ridicule or scorn me in the royal castle. Not many people are at a distance to examine me in detail.”

Whenever Chiruru came to play, she was observing me from behind. She was looking at me with very cold eyes, but I was a little scared cause it was different from the usual despise eyes.

She is a super fair-skinned beauty around the age of 20, but her attitude is so cold that Luke nicknamed her “Snow Lady.” When I said, “You’re still hot today, aren’t you?”, She said, “Your Highness is still hot today as well.”

“For some reason, I heard that there was no sexual harassment against her, but I’m also curious about that … is there a reason?”

“I don’t want my sister to hate me, but first of all, my peeping and mischief were revenge for those who deserved it. I just did what they expected. “

“Oh! Luke, you can’t peep with such excuses. The girls who are peeked at will be hurt for the rest of their lives.”

Mifa got angry.

“For you, I’m not going to be playing pranks anymore.”
“It seems true, but you can’t peep anymore! If you want to see girls naked, Please be patient with me.”

I look at Mifa … gokuri {TN: gulp}.
Far from being patient, what a crazy body!
If I have Mifa, why would I need anyone else?

“No, rather, if Mifa’s there, I don’t need other girls …”
“Luke. Don’t say that, there are many good girls in our country, so please take a bunch and eat.”


Iris cooked additional food, and the king spent about two hours with us, eating together. At a point, the knights came to see what was going on and said, “Get the taster, please don’t put it in your mouth!”, But he was immediately kicked out of the room.

I think I can get along well with this king.

But please give up on treating me like a stallion.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 49”

    1. I agree completely that man is incompetent and doesn’t have a good bone on his body.Probably the same goes for his mother giving what we heard about her.

    2. The king is just doting in his own way. He knew Luke’s mom is hindering Luke’s growth that’s why he kept it hidden about Luke’s alchemy and why he never punished Luke’s pranks coz he knows its just a backlash against Luke’s mom. Also, by being King he can’t openly condemn Luke’s mom for her actions coz factions and whatnot.

      The reason why he sent Luke to a country that’s amicable and somewhat in the cusp of turmoil is because he hopes that Luke can be independent from his toxic mom and Luke can gain achievements in his own without being compared to his brothers.

    3. Agreed. There are better ways to address the factional infighting than to make your son self-destruct and feel utterly worthless and unloved. And then ship him off to another country as a scapegoat.

      Sorry, Navi’s wrong. That is NOT the way a “doting father” treats his son.

  1. [“Luke. Don’t say that, there are many good girls in our country, so please take a bunch and eat.”]

    lol… ah I was hoping for mc to just keep one but seems like is harem, not that I’m against it, but it was nice seeing him going for just 1

    1. If pressed too much, he might develop effective artificial insemination methods to get away from being treated as a breeding stallion.

      1. This is exactly the conclusion I came to!
        It also doubles as effective medical treatment for nobility who have anophobia.

        Doesn’t solve the “bearing children is a mandatory citizen tax issue” issue though.
        Aristocratic women need suffrage and working rights to solve that worldbuilding issue.

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