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Prologue: I got fired from the company

One day, I was suddenly told, “You’re fired”

“Hey, that’s not right? …!” I remember being indignant at my boss.?

It was good so far, I graduated from a reasonably good university and joined a major company.

I’m not particularly proud, but I was able to work and was seriously aiming for the president’s chair.

However, I wasn’t blessed with my boss.

He made a deficit of 10 billion that suddenly went missing. In addition, He was known for problems of sexual and power harassment.

Of course— I wasn’t involved at all, yet I was being laid off from work.

“What kind of work did you do every day?”


No way, I could say that I opened an empty mailbox every day, kept Excel running, and when I got tired of it, played solitaire.

“We won’t lose anything if you’re gone. Our company’s business performance is getting worse. There’s a difference between going to work and working. Do you understand?”


I couldn’t say anything back.

I’m not bad at all, I was just out of luck.

One month passed since then.

It seems that Gaido, who dismissed me, was forced to retire due to the sexual harassment issue.

 Serves you right! I thought, but it didn’t really change my life.

Since I had unemployment insurance, I spent my days in a studio apartment in Tokyo.

While I was employed, since I was able to leave the office on time, I became addicted to playing online games.

After I got fired from the company, I got more absorbed in it, trying to escape from reality.

Sword & Magic Fantasy Online.

The character I used in this game was “Playboy”, it seemed to be a trash job in the game.

“It’s not bad”

It’s a character that can use swords and magic in a well-balanced manner and has access to various occupations.

However, since It’s not specialized in any ability, it was despised as a “general purpose garbage”.

Gachi players hate these types of characters, I’m probably the only user who used playboy.

But it wasn’t a problem for me. Rather, I found it suitable.

Because I had been playing solo for a long time and I have a communication disorder.

——But I later realized It was a big mistake to say that playboy was “general purpose garbage”.

“What’s this …! Isn’t this broken!”

Playboy seemed to have a special event when you reach the level limit of 99.

Yes, it’s a job change.

A playboy could change jobs to the secret job “Sage”.

In SMO, it is said that only a NEET can reach the level limit because the experience value required is quite masochistic.

That’s why only I noticed it, the Sage was too dangerous.

Ability to surpass all specialized jobs, all parameters are in the upper limits, unlimited use of all skills.

It completely destroys the game balance.

“Won’t this be fixed in the next update?”

I wonder if some of the developers designed it with mischief.

As expected, if there is such a character, the game balance will be broken.

It probably won’t last long.

“If so, why not try it before it is fixed?”

The game has been running for over a year, but the last boss hasn’t been defeated.

It is said that not only the last boss but also the strong characters called raid bosses, can only be subdued by a party of thousands.

It seems that 2000 people gathered and challenged one the other day, but they lost the fight.

However, this character may be able to defeat them solo, there are a large number of recovery and other useful items, It’s worth a shot.

And the result of the challenge ——

[The Silver White Dragon has been defeated. You have won the loot.]

“I won … I can’t believe it!”

I was excited.

The current strongest raid boss reward is probably a ridiculous item.

I Check the loot with excitement.

A rustling sound came from the speaker.

And what was displayed —

[? ? ? ? ? “? ? ? KU ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?]

[? ? / ?.> ?]


I can’t read it at all.

It looks like I can select between two options, maybe it’s the same pop-up that usually appears when you defeat a normal boss.

If so, the bottom [? ? / ?.> ?] would mean “yes / no”.

They probably didn’t expect the last boss to be defeated and left some weird bugs, I will report it to the management later.

I click the icon on the left.

Then, the system message at the bottom left of the screen conveyed the contents of the loot without garbled characters.

[You have won the “Different World Reincarnation Benefit”. ]

[You used “Different World Reincarnation Benefit”. ]


What is this?

“I mean, my head is … hot …”

I had a sudden headache and my vision went black.

TN: The garbled text is the same as in the original

More chapters coming soon!

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      3. ‘Gachi’ means serious as in Serious Player if u still need it

  2. Interesting start…
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    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. For those who wonder, playboy change into sage is reference to dragon quest 3 where Jester(might be more correct translation than playboy) is the only class that can change job into sage

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