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Episode 1: I was suddenly banished

"Oh, brave yo, you're finally here!"

"... Hmm?"

When I woke up, I was standing in the center of a luxurious room like that of a royal palace in medieval Europe.

It was a white-bearded old man who spoke.

What the hell is with this situation.

"I don't follow, what's going on."

"I'll explain that"

I was only paying attention to the old man, but when I looked around, there were also seven men and women in the back.


Everyone had a strong looking weapon that give off a tense atmosphere.

A Golden sword, Silver shield, Jet-black spear, Dark green bow, Azure magic sword, crimson twin swords and a pure white cane.

The man who came out to explain is the owner of the golden sword.

He seems to be about 180 cm tall, but has slim muscles. It's kind of disappointing, but he's still a handsome guy.

"You have been summoned in addition to us to be the eighth and final hero. Your mission is to slay the Chaos Demon King and bring back peace to the world."


What are these cliche settings? Could it be I've been tricked into taking part in a TV show, It is a pain to silently participate in the event as it is.

Alright, let's bully them a little.

"Then, show me proof. Oh, is it a setting where the Demon King can only be killed by a hero, then prove to me that we're heroes."

"That's easy. Wait a minute."

The man with the golden sword stretches out his right hand.

"Status open!"


I feel sorry, but I almost laughed.

A man who looks a little older than me is saying that with a serious face.

Let's play along.

"Wow, you can really see ...huh? You can really see it!?"


Name: Fabrice Joughin Lv.15

Class: Sword Hero

Skill: Private


HP: Private

MP: Private


This , game like window was displayed like an AR image.

It is says he’s a sword hero.

It's not confirmed yet, but such a thing shouldn't be possible with magic tricks.

"What is Private?"

"Important information is hidden from others, even among heroes."

"So that's it"

"You should try it too. You can do it the same way I did."

"OK, status open!"

Oh! It really came out!


Names: Yuki Matsuzaki Lv.1

Class: Sage


Skills: "System operation" "God's blessing"

HP: 97795/97795

MP: 216987/216987


Hmmm, am I a sage? Speaking of sage, that’s the character I used in SMO.

If so, It’s probably strong.

But was the sage a brave man?

"This-This is……"

Fabrice is confused and looks towards the King ossan.

The surroundings began to restless.

"I thought it was strange since I don’t have a brave weapon ...”

The king glared at me with a terrible expression and clicked his tongue.

Somehow, it's no longer the festive mood of earlier. It feels kind of sinister.

"Am I a hero called sage?"

"You are neither a hero nor anything"

"What!? Then what’s a sage?"

"Sage? I don't know. If you're not a hero, leave immediately! Get out of my sight!"

"What?  That’s too sudden. Hey, what’s going on!"

I look to Fabrics in desperation.

"There is no reason to help the weak. Why not throw him out and let him die in the wild?"

"What ... were you lying before?"

"Since you're not a brave man, don't get involved with me anymore, small fry! I'm not the only one who thinks that way”


I was stunned.

I was treated normally just a while ago, but I was told this just because I wasn't a brave man.

"Other heroes ... what ..."

Don't look at me with such eyes, eyes full of disdain, both the men and women, everyone looked down on me from the bottom of their hearts and made me a target of contempt.

It was as if I was a liar.

"Take him away"


The guards gather and drag me out of the royal palace, I could have resisted but I don't think it would help the situation.?

What is this ... why is it like this ...!

What crime did I commit!

Why am I being kicked out!

"Okay, get lost kid"

Kicked out by the guard, I was abandoned outside the royal castle.

I wish this was a dream ... but I certainly feel pain.

By the way, they were talking about summoning a brave man. Then is this the different world?

What was written as the reward of the last boss. ——I don't get how it’s possible, but is it really so?

Did I really reincarnate in a different world?

Without anything? Not a hero nor anything, as a Sage (probably weak).

No, what can you even do here?

This is such a murige.

TN: “murige” is an abbreviation of “muri na geimu”.
“muri” means impossible.
“geimu” means game.

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  1. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    last chap: Sage is broken op , soloed last boss alone
    this chap:Not a hero nor anything, as a Sage (probably weak).

    me: MC do you have short term amnesia?

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