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Chapter 14: Bowman

<<Bowman’s Perspective>> 

When Grace asked me to make a gun for him, I felt that he was finally ready.

I had been shown the gun in detail once, so I had a general understanding of its structure. That’s why I was able to create a magical bayonet for Vigna using my knowledge and experience.

And when I saw that Vigna was now using my magic bayonet instead of the mithril sword that she had been using, I was relieved to see that she had also made up her mind.

Well, this is the only time I’ve ever felt a little disappointed with Grace…

I knew for a fact that Vigna was troubled. Her self-confidence was shattered by the presence of Galatea, who has overwhelming strength than the powers she had earned by almost training to death.

That’s why she was working hard for this village in ways that Galatea couldn’t, such as using magic to build an unfamiliar earthen wall and teaching other people how to fight.

I’m certain there were various emotions swirling around such as stubbornness and jealousy. She was too attached to the Mithril Sword, to the point where she refused to use the powerful weapon I had made for her, the Magic Bayonet….


“Hey, little girl. What about that weapon?”

“Yes, as expected of you Bowman. With this, ordinary enemies are no match for me.”

Saying that, I feel relieved to see her touching the “Magic Bayonet” with so much love. She seems to have realized that she wasn’t close to Grace because she was a guard knight, but because she was herself.

As a matter of fact, with me and Grace, it wouldn’t be too difficult to make the weapon called a gun. It would have been possible to make one within a week after we had taken Galatea into our territory and obtained the Souzi’s furnace.

However, Grace never instructed me to invent weapons or anything like that. Even when the mithril alloy was completed, he only instructed me to make daily necessities such as stags and guardian’s chains. I’m certain the boy would have known if he used it to make weapons and armor, he could make something more powerful….

I don’t blame him for that. Grace had little life experience and tended to unknowingly avoid making things that could kill people. That’s why…… we were going to suggest weapons to him if the situation arose where he needed them.

So when he said he was ready to make a weapon, I felt a mixture of surprise and joy at his growth.

“You know the basic structure for now, right? Now we just need to figure out how to fire it. In the other world, they use gunpowder and use the recoil to fire……”

“Yes, that’s true…. The challenge will be to create stable quality gunpowder….”

“Oh, that’s not a big deal. For the time being, let’s try since there’s the material used as an ignition agent when ancient fire dragons and wyverns spit fire. Also, Vighna, try to put some fire magic into this magic stone. I’ll see if I can use it on the gun. It takes a lot of magic, can you handle it?”

“Of course, who do you think I am? Leave it to me.”


Grace was giving more and more instructions. He’s a lot more mature and dependable than he was when he first came here. I was pleased with Grace’s growth. Then he looked at me and opened his mouth in an awkward manner.

“I’m sorry, Bowman…. for making you make that…. Weapon…. You don’t really like making stuff like that right?”

“What’re you talking about? I just don’t like being made to make only weapons. You need weapons to defend yourself and if I didn’t like it I would have said no and I wouldn’t be making weapons for that little girl over there.”

“Well, I’m glad… then we’ll definitely do this!! You never know when the enemy will strike.”

He apparently remembered me complaining about it when I was in the castle. It was true that we were at war all the time and I was sick and tired of making weapons for someone else and then seeing them die.

But now, it’s different. This weapon will be a force to protect them and I feel confident that….. Grace will not go out of control even if he is powerful.

“Hmm… I’d like to be able to use it with less training. There are also several types of guns, right? I’ll see what we can make, and the aluminum should be put to practical use, right?”

“If possible, I’d like to have a weapon that can be used by people who can’t use magic to fight wizards, such as a weapon that can be aimed from a range that magic can’t reach…… Also, aluminum is hard and light, so it can be used in a variety of ways… Can we do this at the same time?”

“Who do you think you’re talking to? You’ve got more to worry about than me.”

I responded to Grace’s cheeky concern with gusto. And so, I begin to work while thinking of the two little ones, realizing how much they’ve grown.

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