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Chapter 13: The Power to Protect 

After seeing Galatea off, I was walking with Vigna through the village, checking on things, when we came across Neil on patrol.

“I’m glad… there wasn’t much damage.”

“Yes, Vigna-san was amazing. She killed the wyverns with magic repeatedly, giving me time to help everyone evacuate and we also sustained only minor injuries.”

I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the slightly burned building and Neil speaking in a state of excitement. I’m pretty certain it was amazing as he reported Vigna’s success to me with gestures.

As I watched him, Vigna said with a composed face.

“I just did what I had to do, and I heard that you did a great job guiding everyone to the evacuation site. Thank you.”

“Hey, did Vigna-san just praise me? Maybe she’s a fake…..”

“What does that mean…?”


When Vigna glared at him, Neil ran away in a panic. But why did his face look a little happy?

When I smiled at the interaction between the two, she glared at me with scary eyes. I’m scared of this woman! More than that… there’s something I have to do. I clutched the gun to my chest.

“Vigna, I may have to resort to force like my father and brothers in the future and I’m going to make a weapon… a gun. As a result, if I get carried away with power and go out of control, will you stop me?”

“What are you saying? Taking up a weapon to protect something isn’t the same as wielding a weapon to take something away. I know Bowman would agree with me. But yes, if you’re about to go down the wrong path, don’t worry, I’ll …… no, we’ll stop you.”

“Thank you, Vigna…”

When I thanked her, her face turned bright red and for some reason she stuck her head out at me. What does she  mean by this? I know if I touch her head, I’ll probably get killed.

“… I also tried my best to protect the village, so could you stroke my head like Galatea and Noel?”

“Eh… that…”

“I told you, I’m going to change…. so I’m going to be honest with you….”

I stroked her head while shaking a little. Maybe it’s because she fought the wyverns, she was a little dirty with dust, but her hair is so beautiful and comfortable to the touch that I didn’t mind that.

“Hey, I heard the story. It looks like everyone is okay? What’s the matter with you? you look weird.”

“No, it’s nothing. Right Vigna.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Grace has always been a little weird.”

It seems Vigna wasn’t exposed because she moved away from me instantly. Maybe because she noticed Bowman’s presence. But suddenly, it seemed like I was stroking nothing and he has a very suspicious expression on his face.

Anyway… it was just as well that Bowman came back. I have to make up my mind and ask him for a favor. He used to say he didn’t want to make weapons…

“Hey, Bowman, I need a favor.”

“What, again? Is it about mining? I think you can make aluminum with a few experiments.”

“No, it’s not like that… Our territory has been attacked by someone and it’s probably not a coincidence. It was attacked by someone with bad intentions… So we need power. So….”

“You want me to make a weapon…. But do you understand? The otherworldly knowledge is powerful, but dangerous. There may be a large number of dead people due to the weapon I make at your command. You know that, don’t you?”

“Hey! You don’t have to say that much…”

“It’s okay. Vigna.”


Bowman has a point. He slammed into me with a harsh look, saying what had crossed my mind, but I didn’t dare to say.

I know…. it might be as Bowman says, but I…..

“I know that, but…. I still want to protect this village ….and my people.”

“That’s fine. We don’t have much time, so let’s get to the workshop. Vigna, tell Noel to make us some dinner since we’ll probably be up all night. Also, if you’re going to flirt, you might as well do it where no one will be around.”

“What! You were peeking….?”

Vigna blushed at Bowman’s words. When she stares at me with gentle eyes, I hurriedly chased after him to the workshop.

“Is it okay for you to decide so easily? Didn’t you not want to make weapons….”

“I didn’t say that. I said I don’t want to make only weapons…. It’s important to make weapons to protect someone.”

Bowman replied with a wry smile, wondering what I was talking about. Looking at him, I was relieved to see that he really didn’t mind.

And so we began to make our weapons.

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