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Volume 2: The War

1: A New Normal

"Hmm, five more minutes."

"Master, please wake up!”

I'm shaken when sleeping in my bed. I was doing a lot of experiments with Bowman yesterday, so I'm not getting enough sleep. While in bed, I could see Noel's face with a troubled look.

If this was Vigna, I would’ve been tossed out of bed. She’s so kind.

“Master please wake up. The breakfast I’ve made will get cold. I worked so hard to make it and I want it to be delicious."

“Eh? Did Noel make it today by any chance?”

“Yes, Galatea-sama gave me permission and we made it together. Would you like to try it?"

When I asked, she shyly nodded with a red face. It’s so cute. I feel like I'm about to wake up to a new fetish. No way! I'm not a lolicon.


"Of course, it's the first breakfast my lovely maid has made me. I'll be right there, just wait for me in the dining room.”

“I understand. I’ll be waiting for you master.”

It’s been a week since I accepted the refugees and like Noel, they all seemed to be doing their jobs well.

"Good morning."

"Good morning."

When I got to the dining, I greeted Galatea and Noel, who were waiting for me and they bowed in unison. I feel like I'm a really big person. 

Then I sit down and put my hands on the omelet with potatoes. But It's hard to eat when Noel is staring at me like she's scared. 

However, it would be a shame if it got cold, so I decided to take a bite. Oh, wow. When I put my knife into it, the soft-boiled egg overflowed, and it was so appetizing.

“Oh, it's so good, you've improved.”

When I ate an omelet and stroked her head she chuckled. Still I did it just like I did with Galatea but is this okay?

“Thank you, Master, I'll keep working hard!”

She replied with a big smile. Thank God, she doesn't seem to hate me. As I sighed in relief, someone poked me on the back.

For some reason, there was Galatea with her cheeks puffed up.

“Master, I'm the one who taught her how to cook. I would like a reward as well.”

“Eh? Oh, I don't mind"

I continued to stroke Galatea's head. It's not the same as Noel's, but it feels good too. What is this situation?

Well it looks like she liked it. So after I ate Noel's homemade food, I decided to go around the village with Galatea.

“Noel seems to be doing well.”

“Yes, it seems that she had been doing household chores in her previous village, so she has a good foundation and above all, she works very hard. She's also very smart, she learns quickly what I teach her and she's good at math. In the future, she might be able to support you master.”

"Wow, if you’re saying so much, I'm looking forward to the future.”

Galatea praised her in such a way which is unlike her usual self which is ridiculously strict when teaching something. The fact that she would go so far as to say that means Noel’s a really solid kid.


And that's not the only thing I'm looking forward to in the future, because she has a skill......




Age: 14 years-old

Strengths: Housework, especially cooking. Quick-witted.

Skills: Cooking skills (unawakened)

Information: In the pioneer village, she was a domestic helper. She is especially good at cooking, and she wants to go into that field. She is reclusive, but serious and kind-hearted.


Skills are awakened by doing relevant work. In this case, a lot of cooking. That's why nobles pay a lot of money to the church to have their skills appraised and act accordingly. Just like I awakened "World Library" by reading books incessantly. 

I thought it would be a good idea to have everyone appraised, but then I was taught by my tutor that skills were generally reserved for the nobility and that it was very rare for commoners to have them, but that was a mistake.

But this is a great discovery. In the future, when the number of residents increases, there might be some potential skill holders mixed in. The more powerful the skills, the more development will be possible.

"Oh, how are you two doing?”

“Oh, my lord, it's going well, this hoe you gave us is wonderful, the efficiency of our work is incredible.”

“This fertilizer is amazing, the crops are growing so fast, it's unbelievable! And this stuff tastes so good.”

I called out to Johnny and Alfred who were in the field. They stopped their work and said to me excitedly.

"Hahahaha, it seems someone finally understands the merits of my hoe.”

“Even so, I was surprised that a dead monster could be so useful.”

"Yeah, this could change the world if it spreads, but please keep it a secret. It's still in the research stage. You never know what might happen.”

"Of course, and can I really use this hoe? A metal hoe can be used as a weapon if you're not careful.”

“It's okay, right? You can use it to protect yourself in case of emergency.”

When I replied, Alfred looked puzzled for a moment, but then he immediately smiled. Oh, maybe he wanted to say that it would be a weapon in case they rebelled?

Well, what will happen will happen and if they bothered to ask such a question, they probably didn't have any intention of doing so.

“Rather than that, give me some tips on how to plow. After all, my main job is different. You should be doing the same things that I did, but the efficiency is completely different.”

“If so, shall we plow the Lord’s field as well? Thanks to the hoe and fertilizer, our efficiency has increased leaving us with plenty of time.”

“Thank you, but I'd like to do this myself while I can, so I can see how hard it is.”

“Lord-sama sure is different, but I really like that about you. Ah, it seems that Agni and Bowman are working on something in the square.”

“All right, good work.”

As we walked into the hall, we heard some noisy voices.

"How about this?"

"Well, that makes a lot of sense, but if it was me, I’d do this instead!”

What's the cause of all this excitement?

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