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Act 1: Kyle-Vermillion Between the Curtains

“Hahaha, I knew Grace was still alive!”

Kyle laughed unintentionally as he looked at the letter that the messenger from the Azure Chamber of Commerce had brought him. There was also Vigna, the strongest guard knight. It was within his realm of expectation.

That’s why he had instructed his networks to contact him when Grace entered the city.

 I’m honestly happy that he’s alive. Because I can crush him with my own hands. Kyle’s lips quirked up in a smile.

“Yes, they came to sell monster materials. Of course, the Azure Chamber of Commerce is only loyal to Kyle-sama, so I just brushed him off.”

“Hmmm. I heard that crops don’t grow well in Asgard, so they’ll just have to do what adventurers do. It’s disgusting to think he’s a member of the royal family. But I didn’t expect Vigna to go along with him.”

“Vigna was the strongest female guard knight?”

“The magic power peculiar to her sword skills surpasses even mine. Well, I don’t think I’ll lose if we had an open fight. I was behind until now. But that’s not the case anymore because now, I have the fastest magic in the kingdom, the Fire Arrow. I’ll burn her to the ground before she even has a sword in her hand.”

The messenger of the Azure Chamber of Commerce chuckled in his mind at Kyle’s words. As for the knight of the King’s guard, Vigna, he remembers her because he talks about her every time they meet.

And he also remembered the time he fought Vigna. He had witnessed it by accident. When Kyle insulted Grace, Vigna, who was nearby, lost her temper and beat him up.

Kyle says it was invalid because it was a surprise attack, but it was clearly too dominant to call it. And ever since then, Kyle has been obsessed with Vigna. Kyle has a high sense of pride. He thought Kyle might just want her to look back at him.

“And did you know that Grace-sama brought something strange to the market?”

“Oh, the potatoes that restore magic power and the mithril alloy?   Does it really restore magic power? Because I like potatoes a lot, but I don’t think they have such an effect.”

“Yes, it probably does. Although it’s only a small amount. It’s not uncommon for them to add some sort of value.”

The Azure Trading Company’s messenger answers Kyle’s question as he looks at the letter. As a matter of fact, he’s not lying. There are certain routes that can be taken to recover magic power from potatoes, and the one that his Azure Trading Company associate obtained was of particularly poor quality among the potatoes. And as a result of eating it, it was decided that there was no commercial value in them.

It was a ploy by Grace and Edward, but everyone believed it because they were skeptical that eating the crop would restore their magic power in the first place.

“Aside from the potatoes, I’m interested in the mithril alloy. I think we can make powerful materials for weapons and armor. So, if it looks useful, I’ll take it. Of course, make sure that my father and brother don’t get wind of this. And is it safe to ask you to do one more thing?”

“Yes, I will interfere if Grace-sama’s territory is likely to develop excessively.”

“Oh, then I’m counting on you, if anyone complains, just tell them that we won’t distribute magic recovery potions. It’s the main product of that town. You and the Azure Chamber of Commerce are the only ones who know how to make them and you have a monopoly on them. If you use that as a shield, no one will be able to resist you.”

“Yes, many thanks to Kyle-sama for taking the rights from Harrison Trading Company and giving them to us, the Azure Trading Company is in good hands.”

“That’s a bad way to put it. It wouldn’t have been possible for a small company to handle so I just introduced a big company like you to the manufacturer and raised it. It was a legitimate way for our country to develop, even if it was a little rough.”

“I see, thank you for your excellent judgment, Kyle-sama.”

The messenger bowed to Kyle and he smiled broadly in satisfaction.

“Hahahaha. I’m not like my father or brother. In the future, power alone won’t be enough. Power, brains, and money will rule the world. It’s not good enough to be a brother with only power. It’s not enough for Grace to be the only smart one. I’m the one who has both power and brains and I’m the one who deserves to be king! Yes, I will be the next king of this country!”

Kyle laughed with insane confidence and spread his arms as if the view of the royal capital seen from his room belonged to him.

“You know, I’m going to fight my brother for the throne, don’t you?”

“Of course, I will give you my full support, Kyle-sama. But after that…”

“I know. I’ll make Azure Trading Company the exclusive trading company of the country. That’s why I asked you to take care of Grace. There’s no one in that city who can disobey my orders as royalty, right?”

“Yes, of course, sir.”

“But if it comes to it, I may go and interfere with Grace myself. I wonder what kind of face he would have if I took the mithril alloy from him. Even if he says something, his village is probably only as strong as Vigna and with my private army, it’ll only take a moment.”

Kyle smiled again in satisfaction as he said this to the messenger. The messenger was forced to accompany him in his bragging until he was satisfied.

They don’t know that potatoes can fully restore magic power and that the village is developing more than he imagined with the help of Galatea, the World Library, and Souzi’s relics.

And that this will fatally distort Kyle’s plans. ……

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