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2: Invitation to a party

“How about this?”

“Well, that makes a lot of sense, but if it was me, this is what I would do!”

“You two look like you’re having a great time, I can see the excitement in your eyes!”

As Galatea and I walked towards the village, we heard some noisy voices. It was Bowman and Agni. Incidentally, this is the place where we found the aluminum cup. They are repairing the broken buildings to provide a place to live for the increasing number of residents.

Of course, the whole village was covered with the guardian chain to prevent monsters from entering.

“Hey, how are the repairs going? What are you guys doing?”

When I called out to them, they were being noisy while building some kind of statue. What are you really doing?

“Oh, Bozu! We’ve already finished repairing the buildings, so we decided to make a symbol of the city.”

“Yes, so we consulted with everyone else and decided to make a statue to show our gratitude for accepting us. So we’re working hard on it.”

“Oh, you’re done already? Aren’t you too fast?”

I looked at the buildings in the village with a suspicious look on my face and saw that the work I’d requested had been neatly repaired. I didn’t expect it to be done so quickly, even though it was with Bowman’s assistance. I wonder if Agni is more experienced than I expected?

“Because Bowman taught me so much, I was eager to try it out and I can stay up all night if I eat potatoes, it’s a wonderful environment here!”

“Hahahaha! Agni has a lot of potential. He can keep up with me working all day and he absorbs everything I teach him.”

“No, don’t stay up too late. I don’t want you to collapse.”

Did they stay up all night! I mean potatoes really do restore strength!? I’m growing them with monster fertilizer, so I’ll name them “monsters”.

I didn’t expect Bowman to compliment him this much, Agni seems to be better than I thought.

“So what are you two working on? You said it was a statue.” (Galatea)

“Oh yeah, that’s what I wanted to ask. Even if you say it’s a symbol of the village, there’s nothing special about it. Are you going to make a statue of a potato?”

“Of course not, it’s Grace-sama! You’re our lord. Our savior. We’ll make you a statue out of respect.”

“That’s wonderful. Good for you, Master! It’s a yuru-chara right?” {TN:Mascot Character}

“Eh? Are you serious?”

I couldn’t believe Agni’s words and asked him back. I’m speechless. I mean there’s a lot more to be done before we make a statue of me. I mean, I don’t even have up to 10 people in my territory. Isn’t this overly self-conscious?

When I looked at him like I didn’t know what to do, Bowman tapped me on the shoulder and said in an amused tone, 

“It’s not just a statue. It shoots arrows out of its nose and can be used as a weapon in an emergency.”

“You’ve got no respect! you’re making fun of me! When did I ever shoot arrows out of my nose? Destroy this thing!”

“You can’t Grace-sama! It’s a token of our gratitude! All the residents agreed on it!”

I tried to protest, but Agni, who was very enthusiastic, overwhelmed me. Well, if there’s respect attached to it, then why not?

While feeling uncomfortable, I and Galatea continued our walk, till I heard a pitiful scream this time.

“I’m going to die… Oh, but I’m starting to feel better.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t be able to say that if you’re really dying.”

“Uwaa, that’s harsh.”

“I sensed feelings of fear and slight pleasure in Neil-kun.”

It wasn’t a monster. When we went beyond the scream, we encountered a half-crying Neil who was rugged with a training wooden sword and Vigna who was looking down at him with cold eyes.

“No, no, no, take it easy on him, he’s crying.”

“I’m not crying! So don’t tell Noel. I just want to be strong enough to protect everyone.”

When I hurriedly called out to him, Neil stood up, trembling while using his sword as a cane. There’s power in his eyes, but it seems like the difference in ability can’t be bridged.

“Hey… Vigna. You’re going too far.”

“Don’t worry, He’s got a lot of guts. And he’s already stronger than you.”

“Of course, don’t underestimate my small fryness. It’s nothing to be proud of, even if he’s stronger than me.”

“You should be a little ashamed of yourself. I know what it’s like to want to have the power to protect someone. Here, eat this. It’ll cheer you up.”

That said, she gave him a slice of potato. It’s a food from the other world, called potato chips. Neil barely managed to chew it and his wounds began to heal.

Hey, isn’t this potato strange after all? Why does it have this effect? As usual, the World Library answers my question.


“Answer. The fire dragon that Galatea defeated is the dragon that governs the fire of life, so this effect was exerted. If you use a monster as fertilizer, it seems that the power of the monster will dwell in the crop as a nutrient.”


“That’s right, if you use Armored Armadillo as fertilizer, your defense will temporarily increase and the goblins… well, they just really grow crops faster.” 

I reply to the World Library. World library answered my question probably because I used various monsters as fertilizer to grow crops and improve my understanding.

It would be interesting to try using other monsters as fertilizer when I can afford it and see how it works.

“Well even if he recovers don’t overdo it. Vigna, I think you should adjust a little.”

“I know, I’m not going to kill him, don’t worry. It’s rude to go easy on someone who’s working so hard.”

“It’s okay, I can still go on and it’s not so bad being beaten up by a beautiful woman.”

For a moment, Neil had a creepy smile on his face, but I’ll pretend I didn’t see it.

After taking a look around the village, I came back to my house. I’m glad to see that the people have all adjusted to the situation.

“It’s getting lively here.”

“Yeah, everyone’s working hard, and I know this place is going to get bigger and bigger.”

“Yes, I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait to see what Master has in store for the city.”

Galatea and I look out the window of the mansion. I think I’m starting to feel a bit like a lord now. From now on, there’ll be an increasing number of immigrants and there will be many problems. But I’m beginning to think that’s not so bad.

And in order to develop in the future, it will not only need the power of me and Souzi’s relics, but also the power of the merchants and the people.

“Grace-sama, a letter has arrived, from Edward-san!”

“Oh, thank you, you must be tired, I have some cookies you can take if you want.”

“Thank you very much! Now I can work hard at night!”

“Eh… Master has a soft spot for Noel.”

While I was dwelling on this, Noel came running over to me. I thanked her and took the letter. You can’t help but love her as if she were your sister. I laugh at Galatea’s dumbfounded look and cover it up.

Then I read the letter and smile.

“What happened? Did you find a naughty picture in there?”

“No, of course not! It’s an invitation to come to Edward’s next party.”

I guess he’s going to introduce me to other merchants at this party like he said before. If I do well here, I’ll be able to increase the number of sales channels for my business and maybe even get some help. It was good timing.

“Now that it’s decided, let’s make some souvenirs! We’re going to be busy!”

And so I headed for Souzi’s workshop.

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