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Chapter 66: Bokoboko (Beat up)

“Hey Sophie?”

“What is it?”

“Can’t we take a break from school for a while?”

“Can I ask why?”

“I want to be stronger”


“I feel like I’m really weak when Zeal beats me up.”

I told Sophie this at the midnight special training after we got home from the bandit subjugation. Before fighting Ziel, I thought I should be in the strong category. However, when I fight Ziel, the difference feels endless.


“Isn’t it enough on the days of light and dark?”

“Is it too much?”

When I asked Ziel how I could be as strong as he is, He said he didn’t know if I could be that strong, at least in my current state. However, he said that if I can master spirit magic perfectly, I just might be.

“If that’s the case, You could just wait another three months.”

“Why three months?”

“At that time, the park battle will start, so classes will stop.”

“Oh, that’s right!”

“Isn’t that what the teacher said?”


“Haah …”(Sophie)

At the beginning of the park battle, we will fight for a short time after school, but as the game progresses, the game will become open to all students to spectate, so there will be no lessons.

“Are you going to join the park battle?”

“I don’t think I have to” (Zeros)

I don’t see the merit of joining the park battle, regardless of whether I can win or lose.

“If you are chosen as the representative of the competition, you will be exempted from classes and will be able to graduate as long as you attend tests and get the scores.”

“Okay! I’m going to compete! By the way, how do I sign up?”

“I’ve already applied for Zero ni-san with me and Shana.”

“Thank you”

As usual, Sophie works fast.


“It’s about time! 』\



I was called by Ziel who had spare time and decided to give me special training. I wonder what to expect since he said he’ll train me in earnest from today.  I summoned Ziel and Ygg out of me and the special training started.


“Guha …”


“Buha …”



“Stand up quickly!”

“Yes …”

I know Ziel is the highest spirit of thunder, but he’s very strict about speed.

“Can you enchant two attributes at the same time?”

“I’ve tried it many times, but I can’t.”

“Try it again “


I knew I couldn’t do it, but I was told to so I tried it again.

“Lightning Enchantment”

Up to this point, it works normally.

“… Fire Enchantment”

Then, there was a feeling that something had popped in my body, and the thunder enchantment was canceled and the fire enchantment didn’t activate.

“Huh? So you can do it.”


“The reason you can’t do it is because your magic manipulation is terrible, your magic is terrible, your use of your body is terrible, and your status is poor.”

“Then I’m no good?”

“That’s right, for now.”

“Zero-kun, it’s okay! It’s so terrible that I can’t stand to see it, but do your best!”

“Ygg … Thank you”

“Ehehehe …”

Ygg-san … Thank you for finishing me off. I now understand I’m a frog in the well.

“I’ll train the first three and manage somehow! So you should improve your poor status on the days of light and dark!”


“Zero-kun! Fight!”


And so today’s training ended with me being beaten up by Ziel again. This time I managed to stay conscious and make it back to my room on my own. Three months went by in the blink of an eye as I was beaten up by Zeal almost every day.

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  1. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    yep Ygg falls under the condition of those heroines who are pure and innocently finish off ppl who are down with vicious words and a kind face

    wait is this the defeat that the goddess was speaking of?hope so

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