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Chapter 65: Prepared

"I thought my heart would stop!"


Sophie was insanely angry when I awakened in the morning. When I got up, I was on the bed, so it seems Sophie carried me.

"I won't forgive you if you do something like this again!"

"I'm sorry"

But I think Sophie, who was nearby but didn't see me at all, was also responsible, but I didn't want her to get angry by saying something extra, so I kept silent.

"Look! I'm going!" (Sophie)



Despite what happened yesterday, I had promised Shana that we would take some quests at the Adventurer's Guild today, so I headed there.

"It's time we start taking quests other than orcs.” (Zeros)



I've only received quests to kill orcs since I became an adventurer, so I want to receive other quests now.

"If so, you guys should take this request."

"Oh! Guild Chief !?"

She managed to appear right behind me as usual. Then I read the quest she presented to me.

"A quest to subdue thieves?"

"Well, you can call it a survey."

The quest offered was to kill bandits who appeared nearby.

"There was only one attempt this morning, so I'm assuming they're still around, and I want you to kill them if you can find them.”

"Are you two okay with this?"



They said it was okay, so we decided to accept this request. Criminals in this world are killed without mercy. The idea is that criminals are the same as monsters. But I've never killed anyone before. It would be Sophie's first time too. Shana...I don't know. I don't know about Shana, but it's a little hard for me, having values from my previous life

"I'm not going to ask you yet because I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, but I'll ask you about it next time.”

"Ahaha ..."

And while I was taking the quest to the reception, I heard that from the guild chief. Perhaps this was the main thing she had to say rather than proposing the quest?

"Let's go"




To be honest, I don't want to kill people, but I don't want to be so confused that I can't kill when someone I care about is going to get hurt if I don't. That's why I have to complete this request.

"Found them"

Then, after taking a walk around the damaged area and entering the nearby forest, Shana muttered.

"How many are they?"

"5 people"

"As requested"

According to the quest, five bandits attacked, but they were beaten back and two were seriously injured.

"Where are they."

"There ..."

One of them was standing in front of a small cave like a sentry. It matched the facial features we were given.

"I'll be back"

Then Shana used stealth to approach him unnoticed.

"Don't scream" (Shana)






"No please…"

Shana put a knife on the thief's neck and said something. However, I couldn't hear her voice from so far away. Shana slashed the thief who was saying something and gently placed him on the ground so that there was no noise.

"Still 4 people inside"

"Roger that"

And since there were still bandits inside, I braced myself and we approached so as not to be noticed.

"Wind Spear" (Sophie)

"Guh ..."


"What the hell ...”

Sophie cast a spell on one of the four in the back of the cave and killed him. With that as a signal, I also jumped out and stabbed a thief.

"The rest are these two."


And the other two were loosely bandaged and laid down. There’s a lot of blood on their bandages, so if they’re left as it is, they’ll die.

"Zero ni-san, please lend me a sword."

"Hmm? Here"

"Thank you"

And when I lent my sword, Sophie didn’t hesitate to stab one of the sleeping bandits. And when she pulled out the sword, she shook the blood off it.

"Thanks for lending me"


"What do you mean?"


Sophie wouldn’t need to kill him with a sword. For her, it would be easier to do with magic. My sister didn't hesitate, but I did which wasn't cool as an older brother, so I killed the last one with the sword returned by Sophie.


Then we collected five corpses and burned them. If a human corpse is left unattended, it may become an undead-type monster, so it must be burned. It seems that slimes appear out of nowhere in a monster corpse and digests it neatly. However, the smell of blood may cause other monsters to come along, so it’s also better to burn monsters when staying in a place for a long time.

"Let's go home"



The request was completed, so we went home. I can't say I'm used to murdering yet. But at least I won't be confused when killing to protect someone I care about.

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