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Chapter 67: 3 months later

“It’s slow!”


Three months have passed, I’ve become accustomed to Ziel’s special training. And in the three months since I came to the royal capital, my status became like this.

[Name] Zeros Adolfo

[Race] Human race

[Age] 12

[Level] 45 (5UP)

[HP] 480/480 (50UP)


[MP] 480/480 (50UP)

[Attack] 234 (25UP)

[Defense] 207 (25UP)

[Agility] 257 (27UP)

[Magic Attack] 234 (25UP)

[Magical Defense] 193 (25UP)

[Intelligence] 234 (25UP)


・ Arithmetic Lv.7 ・ Etiquette Lv.6 ・ Riding Lv.3

・ Dismantling Lv.6 ・ Crisis detection Lv.7 (1UP)

・ Swordsmanship Lv.8 (1UP) ・ Martial arts Lv.7 (1UP) ・ Throwing Lv.3


・ Covert Lv.6 (1UP) ・ Stealth Lv.6 (1UP)

・ Night eye Lv.4 (1UP) ・ Provocation Lv.5 (1UP)

・ Fire magic Lv.7 (1UP) ・ Wind magic Lv.7 (1UP)

・ Water magic Lv.7 (1UP) ・ Earth magic Lv.3 (1UP)

・ Recovery magic Lv.2 (New) ・ Magic operation Lv.9 (2UP) ・ Chant omission Lv.5 (1UP) ・Fire resistance Lv.4

・ Wind resistance Lv.4 ・ Water resistance Lv.4 ・ Soil resistance Lv.4

・ Lightning resistance Lv.3 (2UP) ・ Ice resistance Lv.3

・ Strike resistance Lv.2 (New) ・ Telepathy Lv.4 (2UP)

[Unique skill]

・ Thunder magic Lv.8 (1UP) ・ Ice magic Lv.5 (1UP)

・ Spirit magic Lv.1 (New) ・ High-speed reflex Lv.8

・ Disguised Lv.MAX ・ Enchantment

・ Magic Slash Lv.6 (1UP) ・ Shukuchi Lv.4 ・ Parallel Thinking Lv.4

[Extra skills]

・ [Title] Collection


・ Reincarnated

・ Rare magic user


・ Late maturity

・ Former child prodigy

・ Nine deaths

・ Ikki Tousen

・ Hundred battles

・ Unprecedented (New)


・ Ishin denshin

・ Insomnia

・ Lightning flash

・ Bird’s eye (New)

・ Gekokujo

・ Dual wield

・ Bug’s natural enemy

・ Top Elementalist (New)

・ Spirit King user(New)

・ The one who is loved by spirits (New)

・ Siscon (New)

・ Goblin killer

・ Wolf killer

・ Orc killer

What surprised me most was the Siscon title. Seriously, I have no idea when I got it. It’s also annoying that the effect is a little practical, making you less susceptible to charm attacks. And the effect of ‘Spirit king user’ is to multiply the power of spirit magic by 1.1 times, and ‘The one loved by spirits’ can increase the skill level of spirit magic by 1.2 times, and it’s easy to increase your favorability with spirits. And the effect of ‘Unprecedented’ is that it would be easier to do things no one has done before.

“Your movement has improved a lot!”

“I can half bear to see it now!”(Ygg)

“Oh, thank you …”

It should have been better considering that she previously said she couldn’t bear to see it, but I still don’t feel complimented by Ygg’s words.

“Zero ni-san! Let’s call it a day”

“Oh! Understood”

“Then later!” (Ziel)

“See you!”

“Thank you for today”

Today’s midnight special training is over with a call from Sophie. Recently, it’s becoming less likely for me to go to bed tattered. However, when Ziel is having fun and raises the gear even a little, I immediately get wrecked. However, since Claudia taught me recovery magic, I often enchant recovery magic. Enchanting recovery magic is convenient because it will recover automatically even if I get injured or tired.

“Good night”

“Good night”

Then I separated from Sophie and entered my room and lay down on the bed.

“How strong do you want to make me in the end? 』\ (Zeros)

“Well … Ideally, I want you to be able to hit me when I’m serious.” (Ziel)


“Am I still human at that time? 』\

“It’s impossible for humans to be that strong! 』\

“Do you mean I should stop being human …”

And after the training is over, while on the bed, I try to talk to Ziel and Ygg. It’s not that talking to them will improve my spirit magic, but I think communication is important.

“But you’re not saying that I should fight Ygg.”

“That’s impossible. If Ygg takes it seriously, you’ll lose without being allowed to do anything. “

“Huh! Is that so!?? 』\

“Zero-kun, Ygg is strong, okay? 』\ (Ygg)

“Because Ygg is the spirit king, she can use all the magic that exists in this world.”

“By the way, it’s easy to create new magic! 』\(Ygg)

“Well… I can’t win …”

“Assuming that you and Ygg fight to kill each other, no matter how many of your attacks hit, If you’re even scratched by Ygg’s magic, you’ll lose.”

“Huh? why? 』\

“At that point, she can take away all your HP and MP.”



“By the way, even if you touch Ygg indirectly, it’s over.”

“In other words, I have to defeat her in a single blow …”

“By the way, all magic is absorbed and physical attacks don’t work.”

“Ygg-san … Let’s get along well in the future? 』\

“? 』\

It seems that you can’t beat Ygg by any means. I’m glad I wasn’t told to be as strong as Ygg.

“Do I have to work hard enough to quit being human to be as strong as Ziel?”

” it’s impossible unless you quit being human.”

“Is that so? 』\

“Yeah, because we’re on different dimensions as living things.”

“Huh? Then what should I do? 』\

It may not be impossible to become strong to the non-human level, but it’s impossible to quit being a human being.

“So you should just stop being human.”

“I can’t do that.”

“I think you’ve been misunderstanding for a while now! 』\

“misunderstanding? 』\

“that’s right! You can quit being human. “

“Do you mean to become an elf or a beastman? 』\

Should I have sharp ears or animal ears? I’m a man, it’s not in demand. Sophie is cute so it’s definitely in demand … Did I gain the Siscon title cause I thought like this? Or did I come to think about this kind of thing because I got it?

“No? Even with elves, the dimensions are the same. “

“Then what will I be? 』\

“I wonder! You’ll have to wait and see! 』\


What am I going to be! I want to keep my humanoid shape at least. I don’t want to walk on four legs.

“Well, human graduation’s a long way off, so don’t worry! 』\


I wondered if I should keep getting stronger. But no matter what I look like, I feel Sophie will always come with me, so it’s okay. She’ll come with me, right?

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