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Chapter 60: Contract

“What? Two spirits??”

“Ah … by the way, why am I here too?” (Spirit girl)



We both looked at the spirit of thunder and tilted our heads. It seems we both don’t understand the situation. Only one spirit can be summoned in a lifetime.

“You… have you had two lifetimes or something?” (Spirit guy)


“Hahaha! How is that possible? (Spirit girl)

That’s it! Certainly, if only one spirit is summoned in a lifetime since it’s my second life? It’s no wonder there’s two of them. Huh? Isn’t it strange that two spirits appear just because I’m in my second life?

“That seems to be the case.”

“Huh! You really have!”

“Eh! Wait!” (Zeros)

As the spirit girl said this. I hurriedly turned around, but we were surrounded by a wall of lightning.

“Oh, rest assured! I won’t let anyone hear the conversation here!”

“That’s a relief.”

I was really relieved. It’s okay if the guild leader finds out, but I can’t let Sophie, who has the deepest connection with me, find out.

“By the way, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m the highest-ranking spirit of thunder and the caretaker of the spirit king!” (Spirit guy)

“I’m the Spirit King…”

“I’m Zeros Adolfo. You can call me Zeros or Zero as you like … Eh! Spirit King!? Caretaker!?”

“Then zero! Take care of us from now on!” (Spirit guy)

“Zero-kun … it’s nice to meet you.”

“What? From now on?”

“That’s because you summoned us.”


Well, I did summon them. Even so, there’s too much new information … won’t my brain get a flat tire?

“I’m sorry … I only just became the spirit king…”

“No! I’m not dissatisfied with the selection of people or the selection of spirits! … Eh? You just became the spirit king?”

From what I’ve just heard, I’m not complaining in the slightest because the Spirit King and the Spirit King’s caretaker, the rank one and rank two spirits, have appeared before me. I was more interested in the fact that she had just become the Spirit King.

“Well… the previous Spirit King is tired and it’s time for him to quit! They said they were going to replace him and I was suddenly chosen.”

“Oh, poor you…”

“No ~ I’m sorry for my younger brother!” (Spirit guy)

“Huh! Is the previous Spirit King, your younger brother!”

“By the way, I’m the daughter of the previous Spirit King.”

“And you’re the daughter!”

“I’m taking care of her in place of my younger brother who suddenly quit.”

“The spirit society seems difficult …”

It seems that the spirit society was more of a black company than I thought. And for the spirit king, is this person who’s the highest spirit of thunder an uncle? Or rather, do spirits also have a family. Does attribute not matter among siblings? But the spirit king can use all attributes, so does that count as sharing attributes?

“So I tried to sign a contract with someone once as a social study, but I couldn’t find anyone good, you were the first person I could find” (Spirit girl)


“Of course, we guarantee our strength! I’m a thunder spirit who can definitely win against my younger brother if we’re only using thunder, and this child is said to be even more talented than my younger brother, though not good enough yet! “

No…I don’t doubt it at all. I knew from the moment I summoned him that this thunder spirit, in particular, I was no match for, even if he was doing a handstand.

“Then let’s make a contract”

“What should I do to make it?”

I haven’t heard from the guild chief how to do that.

“Oh, just give us a name and that’s it.”


“That’s right! I ask for a cool name!”

” A name Is it?”

It’s difficult to think of one so suddenly, but I tried my best to think about it.

“Ziel for the Spirit of Thunder and Ygg for the Spirit King.”



When I said that, I felt that something like a connection was formed between me and them.

“Picon! 』\

“You acquired spirit magic Lv.1”

You have attained the rank of Highest Spiritual User.

You have reached the maximum number of titles.

You have failed to acquire the title “King of Spirits”.

You have failed to acquire the title ” The one loved by the spirits “.

You have failed to earn the title “Unprecedented”.

No! No! Wait, wait, wait! Don’t tell me I couldn’t get it! I have to get it! No! I earned it! If I don’t get the title, what’s the point of my [Title] collecting skill! Hey! That damn goddess! I knew I should’ve hit her at least once back then!

“Hey … Zero-kun”

“Hmm? What?”

I was very worried about the title, but now there are spirits who have just signed a contract with me. I’m really really worried about it, but let’s think about it later.

“I’m sorry to say this, but… the current Zero… cannot use Ygg’s power.” (Ygg)

I’m sorry. I’m so tired. My brain is still being bombarded with new information like never before, and I feel like it’s about to explode…

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  1. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    ………60 chaps in and the author is throwing away the summary and title of the novel
    next it’ll be called “isekai with good luck,a yandere harem and super reflexes”

    1. Internal contradictions are a downfall of any story. It saps my suspension of disbelief in record time. If it were the original story, not a translation, this would be the point when I downvote it or give it a low rating.

      1. One thing I can think of is maybe level restriction? I know with some games that unless you’re a higher level you can’t gain more levels in a skill so maybe the same with titles?

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