Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Spirit Magic

“Spirit magic?”

When it comes to spirit magic, the first thing that comes to mind is the magic that elves are likely to use.

“Yes. But don’t expect too much because you can’t usually get it.”

“Oh, yes”

But if she’s teaching me, does she think I can get it? Or is it just a gamble?

“First, I’ll show you spirit magic. Come, Shadow.”


Then, from the shadow of the guild chief, a humanoid black shadow appeared.

“This is shadow, my spirit”


“This child is silent, but some spirits are talkative.”

“Wow …”

Just by looking at it, you can tell that the guild chief’s spirit is strong.

“By the way, this child is a spirit of darkness.”

Well, that’s right. I won’t believe it’s a spirit of light with that color.

“You can only call one spirit by spirit magic in your lifetime.”

“Oh really…”

I thought it would be fun to call spirits of all attributes and attack at the same time, but it seems that I can’t do that.

“And we can’t choose the spirit we call, but the spirit chooses.”

“I see…”

When I asked in more detail, it seems that the one with the highest rank among the spirits who were called will respond and appear. In other words, if you’re not popular, only weak spirits with low ranks will respond, and if you’re popular, a strong spirit with the highest rank will appear from among many.

“The only trouble is, even if they do respond, they may not obediently listen to you, so be careful. “


No, what should I be careful about even if I’m told to…

“Let’s try it for now”


After all, it’s a luck game like a gacha, so I have to try it.

“Then come here”

“Yes …”

I was guided to a place where something like a magic circle was drawn.

“Put your hands here”


There was a space where I could put my hand on the magic circle, so I put my hand there.

“If you pour magic power into it and the magic circle begins to shine, you can summon spirits by chanting ‘summon spirits’.”

“Got it”

That said, the guild chief went away.

“Huu… OK!”

I immediately poured in magical power. Then, the part where I put my hand became hot little by little. And the magic circle began to shine. Although she didn’t say so, I feel that the stronger the magic power you pour in the stronger the spirits summoned, so I poured in as much magic power as I could.

“Summon spirits!”

Then thunder rose from the magic circle and came at me.


I took my hand off the magic circle and avoided it. Ah … was it okay to let go? Or rather, I seem to be able to avoid lightning.

“Aren’t you a pretty enthusiastic guy to avoid my thunder?”

When the lightning disappeared, a man with upswept yellow hair and a body covered in electricity appeared.

Oh man… he’s definitely strong, but I don’t think he’ll obey me…

“Let’s me ask you. What do you want to do with my strength?”

“Um … I want to use it well.”

“Your goal is weak! What do you want to do by mastering it?”

“I want to subdue monsters.”

“Why do you want to subdue monsters?”

“Well, it’s fun.”

“… Will you use the power of spirits against people?”

“I think I will in some cases.”

“Like what?”

“Like when I absolutely don’t want to lose”


I spoke honestly without telling lies. Rather, I don’t have the courage to lie in front of this obviously strong spirit of thunder. And after asking these questions, we stared at each other for a while. It was a little awkward, but I somehow knew I shouldn’t take my eyes off here.

“Hmm. Alright! I think you’ll do.”

“Fuh …”

It seems that I managed to make him acknowledge me. I was so nervous that I thought my heart would stop for real.

“Look, don’t be shy, come out.”

“Eh? I’m not ready yet, my heart…!”

A pretty girl about 120cm tall with beautiful long white hair was pushed out from behind him.

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