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Chapter 61: Mystery

“Oh! But don’t worry! You can use my power!” (Ziel)

“Well, okay … No, it’s not good at all!”

I’m happy to be able to use the power of Ziel, but it hurts not being able to use the power of Ygg who’s the spirit king.

“It seems like you’re misunderstanding, but the reason why you can’t use Ygg’s power is you Zero.”


“Yeah. I’m a veteran of the highest spirits, so I can weaken my power according to yours, but Ygg, who just became a spirit king, can’t do that.”

“In other words, at this point, Ziel can be used for the time being, but in the end, both Ziel and Ygg are wasted on me …”

“No! Of course not!” (Ygg)


“That’s right.”

“Hey Ziel! That’s true, but you don’t need to say it even if you’re thinking it!”

Um, Ygg-san … Your words hurt event more though.

“That’s why you should learn to master us quickly.”


“If you don’t do that, Ygg won’t grow up! Fortunately, I’m the second strongest spirit after my brother. I’ll teach you everything.”

“Ah! I’ll also do all I can!” (Ygg)

Ziel should have been deliberately trying to motivate me by being harsh. When he says this, I really want to live up to his expectations. Am I a little bit easy?

“Be careful not to make me so strong you guys can’t match up?”

“Ha! Big talk! Can’t wait to see you prove it!”

“I’ll be waiting for it, so do your best!” (Ygg)


Alright! I still need to get stronger! And in order to do that, I have to do something about my title upper limit.

“Then it’s about time we come out”

“It looks like it”

Ziel erased the lightning wall that surrounds us.

“Zero ni-san! Are you okay !!”


The moment he erased the wall, Sophie came to me with great momentum. Wasn’t she faster than me with thunder enchantment?

“The highest spirit of thunder … and the spirit king … It’s been a long time.”

“Oh! highest spirit of darkness! Hmm? It’s shadow now! It’s been a long time! How’ve you been?” (Ziel)

“Shadow-kun, it’s been a long time.”

Then Shadow, the spirit of the guild chief, bowed with one knee to Ziel and Ygg. From this, I reconfirm that they’re very amazing spirits.

“Zeros … you are …”

“Ahaha …”

The guild chief is looking up at the sky with her hands on her head.

“I’ll hear more about it another time … You’re tired today, go home. I’m tired too.” (Guild chief)

“Um … I’m sorry”

“I’m sorry too…” (Guild chief)

Then, In a bit of a daze, the guild chief left the training center. Certainly, I’m tired because I’ve almost run out of MP.

“What should I do with you two?”

Ziel will be particularly noticeable, always wearing lightning.

“Hmm? We can return, so there’s no problem.”


“It’s like this”

And when Ziel and Ygg jumped towards me, they disappeared into me.

“Eh! Eh !?”


“Zero-kun, calm down, we just returned to you.” (Ygg)

“Huh? Can we talk?”

“We can talk. You don’t even have to speak out loud. “

“Is that so? 』\

“That’s right. 』\

It seems that we can have a conversation just by thinking it in my mind.

“Don’t worry! Till we’re called, it’s like we’re sleeping, so no matter what you think, it won’t get to us! 』\ (Ziel)

“Thank you…”

It seems that my privacy will be protected. I’m not thinking about anything wrong, but I’m relieved.

“Then we’ll sleep”

“Zero-kun, good night”

“Good night”

“Zero ni-san? Did you ignore me from a while ago?”

“No! I’m sorry! I wasn’t ignoring you!”

I was surprised because Sophie was glaring at me from the side. I have to be careful when talking to Ygg and Ziel.

“Let’s go home”

“Oh! I’m sorry. I want to stop by the church before that.”

I have to tell that god to do something about the title. Can my thoughts reach her if I pray?

And the moment I told Sophie that, the atmosphere changed.


“Onii-chan … what are you going to church for? What happened?”

“No! There’s nothing wrong! I just thought I had to thank the gods because I was able to sign two good spirits!”

“Hmm … I see”

Sophie had a scary face like I had never seen before. Until now, I had seen an angry Sophie, but her scary face this time was incomparable to any other. The highlights of her eyes disappeared as if she was about to kill someone. And why call me onii-chan?

“Shall we go to the church then” (Sophie)

“Yeah. Let’s do that.”

She didn’t have the same face as before, she had the same cute face as usual. What was that just now? Is it possible that it was just my imagination? No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t come up with an answer, so I stopped thinking about it. Then Sofie took me by the hand and we headed for the church.

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