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Chapter 49: Younger Sister’s Perspective 3

“Wait … your … …”

I don’t want to listen to her. I just know she’s the one who killed my brother. This is where she stops breathing.

“still alive……”


It seemed like she said something important, so I relaxed my grip.

“Hah … ha … ha … Reiji Sato is alive …”

“Then let me see him, quickly”

She said he was still alive. And is she smiling? Disgusting…

“Reiji Sato is reincarnated and alive”

“Then let me reincarnate to where my brother is as soon as possible.”

“I can’t do that! It’s against the rules!”

“Do it now!”

However, I realized this wasn’t going anywhere, and I didn’t have enough information, so I changed the subject.

“Why did you kill my brother?”

“Because a person’s lifespan is fixed and that day was the end of his lifespan.”

As I listened to that my head was spinning. First I thought about why I was called here. It’s too convenient to also call me just because I happened to want to reincarnate. And if the lifespan of a person is fixed … that means …

“You called me in a panic because I died today when I wasn’t supposed to.”

“What! No! No!?”

“… I’ll kill you?”

“Really … Thank you … Wait no! I’m sorry … That’s right.”

She told the truth when I tightened my hands again, which I’d loosened, because of the obvious lie. My guess was right after all. If my brother had died to the first flowerpot, I would have killed the woman who dropped it and sent a lot of souvenirs for my dead brother so that he would have plenty to talk about in the afterlife. And yet, my brother died by the unnatural power of a god. And because of that, I, who had never planned to kill myself in the first place, did. In other words, the plan of the goddess, which had become a little unstable during the time of my brother’s death, completely collapsed with me. That’s why she called me here, for fear of being discovered.

“Reincarnate me to my brother now”

“I can’t do it, It’s against the rules!”

“Wasn’t it a violation of the rules when you called me here?”


I was guessing, but it seems to be the case. It’s a good thing she’s so easy to read with her responses.

“It doesn’t change much if one of rule violation becomes two, right?”

“But …”

“It’s all good, do it quickly”

“Guh … yes!”

She should’ve said that from the beginning. That way she wouldn’t be strangled. Is she stupid? Or does she just want to get strangled?

“But … I can’t let you choose one skill like Reiji Sato …”

“If so, would I have no skills?”

I read all the novels of different worlds in my brother’s room when I visited without permission. I also know what kind of girl my brother likes. His preference was for girls who were younger sisters. It was worth the effort to introduce him to a large number of novels and manga that had a reputation for being particularly cute.

“You can’t have zero skills because what was done in life remains as a skill.”

“If so, there’s no problem at all.”

I have mastered everything for my brother. With this, even if I reincarnate, I can completely support him.

“Do you have any hope for when you reincarnate?”

“My brother’s sister … No, make me a twin sister”

An ordinary younger sister cannot support her brother for at least a year. Besides, if the school was in a different world, we would be separated by age. This time, I want to be able to do my best only for my brother without leaving his side at any time. And again, since a younger sister cannot marry her brother, I can atone without being confused by my love for brother.

“What else do you want …?”

“The rest is this”


With that said, I hit her face with all my might. I also learned martial arts such as karate, so I hit her hard.

“I’ll forgive you with letting me reincarnate this time. But… if you ever do anything to my brother again, no matter where you are, I’ll come after you and kill you.

“Wow, you’re serious…”

“Reincarnate me to my brother quickly.”


Thus I was reincarnated as my brother’s twin sister. If there’s one miscalculation, it was that even siblings by blood can get married if they met the right conditions. And I and my brother had met that condition.

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  1. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    oh the skills of last life remain, so that’s why she can use stealth………..rather doesn’t this mean she has disguise lv Max too? and it also means she has an absurd number of high level skills too

  2. This is complicated. This love is too heavy for me, so I can support this love from the bottom of my heart. Maybe, if she were a little less yandere, I might ot be so scared. And that goddess entered my top 3 of regrettable gods.

  3. fcking destroyed her. to quote sherlock holmes “this will register on an emotional level” and to quote another “EmOtIoNaL DaMaGe!”

  4. Okay, that was unexpected (not her being the actual sister). I could see it being the sister but thought the goddess was the one to kill her but guess the sister had the resolve instead to follow.

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