Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Younger Sister’s Perspective 2

“Onii-chan! See you later!”

“I’m off.”

My brother left home, but we can’t go to school together today because I have something to do. We usually do, but today I have a need to socially kill a person.

My brother thinks my attitude has changed because my rebellious phase is over. He’s not aware of what I’m doing for him. Of course, I can’t make a mistake and let him notice.

Zah … Zah …

“No audio problems”

There are many wiretapping devices in my brother’s uniform. I have no choice if I’m to identify the ones who say bad things about my brother. Yeah, I can’t help it …

“Watch out! !! 』\

“Hmm? Dangerous!?? 』\


When I heard the conversation, it seemed that a flowerpot had fallen from above my brother. It’s easy to avoid with my brother’s reflexes, but what should I do with the one who dropped it….

“Today’s been terrible.”

Certainly, today’s older brother is too unlucky. There are many dangerous scenes as if someone’s intentionally trying to kill him. No … it’s too much.

“It’s impossible …”


I hurried to the location of my brother indicated by the GPS.

“It can’t be …”

My brother died instantly. He’s already … dead …

” I absolutely … won’t forgive you”

I will never forgive the one who killed my brother. After calling the police and ambulance, I took pictures of the scene to find the person that killed him.


There was no driver in the truck. And the cause of her brother’s death was probably some kind of shock since there were no external injuries. There was nothing around that could be the cause.

I explained the situation to the police and went home.

“There was a collision of four trucks around 9 pm yesterday night, and as a result, four truck drivers and one high school student who was hit died due to a broken wire.”

The news reported about older brother. I felt like I was going to lose my mind with grief and anger over the loss of my brother. But if the truck driver was also dead, who should I direct my anger at?

I went back to my room and looked at the pictures I took yesterday.


There was a picture of a truck with nobody on it.

“Yes … no one was on the truck …”

Why was the news reporting that the truck driver died? And why did I believe it?

And I re-listened to the audio I tapped yesterday.

“It’s impossible …”

As expected…? There were no broken wires at the scene that my brother would’ve been hit. And even if there was a broken wire, would it be impossible for my brother to dodge the wire…? And did he see it hitting him visually? If he did, there’s no way my brother would’ve been hit. I’m sure my brother was always on the lookout because he was in danger all day long.


I heard some kind of sound before my brother said it was impossible, so I raised the volume.

Boom boom …


If it was a lightning strike, I can guess the cause of death. However, it was sunny all day yesterday. It would be impossible for lightning to strike.


At this point, it can only be thought that God intentionally killed my brother. If it’s a god, it will be possible to forge this time as an accident.

“Then …”

So I went to the place where my brother died in the middle of the night.


I called the police about a suicide and stabbed my heart in the same place where my brother died.

“Congratulations! You have been chosen as a reincarnator …

“You killed my brother!?”

The one who appeared in front of me I was intuitively convinced was the same one who killed my brother, and I strangled to kill her.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 48

  1. This was entirely and wholly deserved, to the goddess I mean
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. This was entirely and wholly deserved, to the goddess i mean
    thanks for the chapter

  3. Now we know who Sophie is. No even death will keep her from getting her older brother.

  4. Esa chica es genial, un poco acosadora pero demasiado genial, ese desarrollo no me lo esperaba

    1. Yo pensé que iba a ser la típica chica obsesionada con el prota, que raro que tengan un motivo en general para lo que hacen

  5. So what skill did she get?
    Brocon? Ability to know where your brother is at all times?

  6. The single most Yandere thing I’ve ever read. Also, I loved it!

  7. Yooooo she pull up to heaven tried to run gods fade

  8. Eternal perspective 23rd November 2021 — 12:11 pm

    thanks for chap
    whelp its a forced plot where killing yourself in the same place will send you to the same place………..uwaah rather TL PUT A WARNING THERE

    and why do ppl hate the goddess? ,ya it was sh*tty when you read first chap but after that you see she only did good things for him.A good family ,getting him out of his hellish past life.etc.

    and she strangled the goddess lmao

  9. I thought the worst yandere from all times was the villain from “Do You Think You Can Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san?”. However, there is actually another yandere who is trying to catch up with her. This love is becoming too heavy and terrifying.

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