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Chapter 50: Entrance Ceremony

“Zero ni-san … please get up”

“Hmm … Sophie?”

“Yeah, it’s Sophie.”

“Is it already morning?”

“You want to be late for the entrance ceremony?”

“I’ll wake up now …”

It’s been three days, the entrance ceremony’s already here. I changed into a brand new uniform that had just arrived. The uniform is similar to a blazer with a black base and white lines all over. Of course, this uniform is an ordinary uniform that’s never been magically processed. However, it seems that they’re made stronger than ordinary clothes.

“We’ll be late!”


“I’m ready!”

“Then let’s hurry!”

It’s no good to be late for the entrance ceremony. And Sophie’s kind of happy today, was she looking forward to enrolling?

“Please come here if you’re a new student!”

I moved to the venue according to the guidance of the teachers.


“Good morning Shana”

Shana was already there when I sat down in the designated seat. One of the seats is vacant on my left side, I’m followed by Sophie and Shana on the right side, so maybe it’s in order of grade.

“Well, uh … um …”

I didn’t want to get in trouble by making a fuss, so I kept quiet and the person to my left came over. The girl had short peach-colored hair, large breasts, large, clear eyes, a slightly frightened and cautious look, and large breasts.

“Hey.” (Zeros)


“Where are you looking?”


Sophie pinched my thigh. This can’t be helped … it’s like a man’s habit. It’s really unavoidable to look at something so big and bouncy.

“I am very honored to be enrolled in this school …”

And the girl was practicing her speech without looking at me.

“We will now hold the entrance ceremony “

And while I shrank being exposed to Sophie’s cold eyes, the entrance ceremony began.

“First, the new student representative’s speech, Claudia Aleora who broke five targets in the magic section of the new student representative practical test”

“Ha hahi!”

Then she went up to the stage while seeming a little awkward.  I, Sophie, and Shana looked at each other at the same time. Yup…. Let’s all go apologize later.

“I, I, I, I’m very honored to be able to enroll in this school ………………………

…………However, I would like to work hard with my classmates and grow even further in the future. “

At first, she stuttered, but at the end, she was able to read more firmly than at the beginning and finish the speech well.

“Thank you. Next, a greeting from the school director. Director, please.”


Then a large wild handsome man with a dandy beard went up on the stage.

“First of all, I would like to say. The most prominent part of this entrance examination is the young lady who broke five targets.”

I took a moment to see the reactions around me. The surroundings became a little noisy.

“Did you guys not notice one more thing? The second place score was also weird?”

At this point, I thought to myself, “Stop it, shut up,” but the voice of my heart did not reach him.

“He was the first to finish the written test with a perfect score and smashed the simple arena into pieces in the weapons section of the practical test. Did you see the arena that was shattered?”

Then the surroundings became even noisier. Like I said! I’m not the one who broke it! !!

“I’m happy that there are many excellent students this year. I am looking forward to further growth.”

After saying that, he went down the stage. What was this guy trying to do? After that, the ceremony finished without delay. There was an orientation for each class. It seems that our classes were posted just after leaving the venue. Since there were a lot of people, we decided to go after there were few people and stayed here for a while.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 50”

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  2. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    uwaaah now i see what author did there, from the start the entire design for claudia was based on breasts right? Even her surname is an anagram of areola.
    who else caught this?

    and wait if they actually broke the targets instead of playing around their score would be:
    MC 450(300+100+50)
    Yanderes 400(300 + 50 x2)

  3. Oof. Sophia could have asked for big boobs from the goddess I guess as a skill if she had the foresight for that? xD

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