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Chapter 28: Mock Battle?

"Sophie ... is this what you planned?"

"Ufufu, what do you mean?"

"Hah ..."

I asked Sophie when we were heading to the training ground, but she laughed and dodged the question. Normally, there’s no way things would carry on so fast. What is she planning? While I was thinking about that, we arrived at the training ground.

"Not yet?."

And about 20 minutes have passed since we arrived at the training ground. Slow ... what is he doing?

"Huh! I’ve kept you waiting!"

"You ... Seriously ..."


The guy who finally arrived is wearing a robe with shiny decorations, and even some solid armor. Hey ... I didn't know this would happen, so I'm only wearing my outfit for the social party.

"I'm generous, so I'll give you time to hold your wand."


" You don't even know that?"

Even though I didn't want to hear It, He started talking. A wand seems to be a tool to make magic easier to use. It seems to improve the flow of magic. No, neither I nor Sophie have ever used it before? Could it be, this guy, by any chance, doesn't know how to manipulate magic?

"I don't need a wand."

"Want to make a reason for your loss... it's unsightly?"

" Referee, may we start early?"


It's no good. I'm irritated and I'm about to hit him. The referee is the knight captain.

"Are you ready?"



"Then start!"

"Burn! Fireball!"

The moment we started, he cast magic. I didn't because I had a feeling that if I won that way he would complain that it was cowardly and not fair.


I always create a fireball with a diameter of about 50 cm, but this one isn’t even 30 cm. And his control is bullshit. And the speed is slow.

"I'll hit next time? Are you ready?"

Well ... seems he decided to miss me on purpose ... In fact, it's easy to dodge a fireball of this speed, even if it was really intentional.

“As expected of Demond-sama."


"Wow ..."

"That's cool ..."

"I wish I could do that ..."

"Huh !?!" (Zeros)

I was surprised to hear the voices around me. Is this amazing!?? I can make a sphere with a maximum diameter of about 1 m. Sophie can make more than twice that size. By the way, so the third prince was named Demond. I was too uninterested and forgot.

"Burn! Fireball"

"Burn fireball"

""What !?""

"Huh ..." (Prince)

His fireball was canceled by my fireball and the momentum did not stop, the fireball landed in front of the prince's feet. Of course, I purposely aimed there.

"It's ridiculous to take you seriously ..."

I thought it would be a serious fight, but this was completely useless, so I decided to finish it.

"If you surrender, I’ll stop on the spot. If you don't I’ll hit you."

"What are you talking about!"

"Burn ... Fireball ..."

"Wha, surrender! I Surrender!"

"That’s it!" (Gordi)

I made a fireball with a diameter of 2m slowly on purpose. It’s only size-oriented so the insides are mostly empty. So even if it hits, it would only burn him a little. I can hold It for a while without releasing with magic operation. As soon as he surrendered, I canceled the magic.

"Winner! Zeros-kun!"

The knight captain seems to use honorifics properly in official settings.

"Ah … I …" (Prince)


The third prince is stunned while sitting on his butt.

"Zeros, are you tired?"

"No, not at all"

My father asked in a voice that was inaudible to everyone around us. No... there was nothing tiring about this.

"I'm glad"


And my father sent some signal to the knight captain.

"Then we’ll start preparing for the second match!"

"Who's fighting this time?"

"Zeros right?"


Don't proceed with the talks without the main person!

"And for the next fight, I think It'll be difficult dressed like that, so change into this over there."

"Ah, yeah ..."

I have to get changed? ... Next time I’m actually going to fight properly, right?

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