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Chapter 27: Second Social Party


“Zero ni-san, you should fix your habit of sighing when you have something you don’t like.”

“But sighs come out when there’s something you don’t like?”

I’m now in a carriage heading for the social party, but I still don’t want to go, I wish I could turn back.

“We’ve arrived”

The coachman informed us that we’d arrived, it was the same venue as last time.

“Please switch”

“I know”


Right now I’m looking like I really hate it, but I don’t want to have such a face at the party and stand out, so I switch my mind up and look sharp.

“Sophia-sama …”

“After all she’s cute …”

“But she has a fiance …”

When I entered the venue, people around me were curious about the rumored Sophia. I was listening, wondering if there were any rumors about me, but I didn’t hear my name at all.

“It’s the second social party for this generation, thank you for coming. I’ll be attending this time too. Cheers!”


The king said his greetings and the party began. And it seems that the king will also participate this time. And like last time, the mysterious greeting time has started, so we’re waiting for our turn.

“Your majesty, thank you for inviting me this time.”

“If I don’t invite you, who would I invite.”

Huh? My father seems to be on good terms with the King.


No … but more importantly, isn’t the third prince too overweight? He’s much fatter than last time right? Is he exercising? definitely not.

Shana’s still expressionless, but I can tell that she’s happy to see me and Sophie for the first time in a while.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, Sofia. I’m surprised, you’re becoming more and more beautiful.

“Long time no see”

What’s with this fat guy. What is he saying with a belly so big he can’t see his feet while standing? His wording has improved somewhat, but he’s still looking down on us.

“So, of course, you broke your engagement right?”


“I see …you want to get rid of it, but the other person doesn’t respond … sorry …”

What’s with this guy …He started misinterpreting things on his own. Why is he so confident.

“It can’t be helped, It’s for my Sophia. Just tell me, Who’s the fiancée?”

“This is my fiancée.”

Saying that Sophie grabbed my arm.

” Are you the one binding my Sophia? Don’t act pitifully cause you’re not popular? You’ve been dumped, face reality.”

No, what are you talking about? You’re the one who should face reality. I mean, Sophie … you’ve really put me in trouble. When I glance at Sophie, she smiles at me. Damn …she’s cute …

” Margrave Adolfo. Wouldn’t it be nice if I, who is better than this guy, became her fiancé?”

“No Third Prince. Zeros is very good.”

“Appearance? Intelligence? Magic? Martial Arts? Isn’t he less than me?”

“No no. He’s as good as the Third Prince.”

No, wait a minute. I may not know until we compare intelligence and magic, but how can I lose to this toad in appearance and physique.

“Hmm … this guy …”

Obviously looking down at me. As expected, it’s getting more and more frustrating.

“Why don’t you compare magic and martial arts in the training ground?”

“As expected of Father! That’s a good idea!”

“Are you fine with it, Zeros?”

“Oh, yes”


“Everyone! Listen! I’d like to hold a mock battle between my son Demond and Margrave’s Adolfo son Zeros at the training ground! Please have a look!”

“” Oh! “”

Everyone was happy to see a mock battle, maybe cause they thought the social circle was boring.

“Then guide our guests!”

“Ha! Everyone this way please.”

The king ordered the knights to guide us and we began to move.

“Well, I’m really sorry for this! Please help me.”

The king muttered as he passed by. I mean, didn’t the prince hear me being introduced as Margrave Adolfo’s son earlier? Does he really think I’m her fiancé? I don’t think this guy has the intelligence to win.

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  2. I just have a few things to say about this novel 1. WTF 2. There are too many time skips that i have a hard time understanding whats happening 3. You need someone to proof read your translations 4. Thanks for the work you’ve been doing.

      1. One example would be how the main heroine’s name changes multiple times throughout the chapter from Sophia, Sophie, to Sofia.

      2. Sofia must’ve been a mistake, Sophie is the name her friends and family call her, Sophia is her given name and what everyone else calls her. Hope this clarifies things.

      3. Eternal perspective

        ehhh? so sophie wasn’t a mistake on TL part? i thought it was till now.Btw its never mentioned so far that sophie is a nickname, see if you can include that

      4. Eternal perspective

        and same for shana , it had all kinds of versions like shaina , shina etc

        The time skips are sometimes in between chaps or abruptly at the start.You’ll need to read through the chap to realize oh XX years have passed..SO if it can be mentioned inside << >> on a newline it’ll help
        So instead can you make it like

        << XX time(months/years) later>>
        story line

  3. “Does he really think I’m her fiancé?” Who’s gonna tell him he has no input in this as it’s been decided by his yandere sister.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Where you’ve got [Margrave’s Adolfo] it should read [Margrave Adolfo’s], like it does further down.

    This prince is… interesting. He doesn’t sneer and posture, he just sorta… goes at his own pace.

    Also, quite amusing to see the King using Zeros to whip the prince into line. I suspect that the King (have we seen his name anywhere yet?) is also intending to use it to advertise Zeros’s strength.

  5. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    umm mc didn’t your sis tell you siblings can marry and is used to preserve unique skills in bloodline?

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