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Chapter 29: Mock Battle

"Fu ..."

I finished changing clothes by myself. When I returned to the original place, the other party had not appeared yet. Is the other person of the same age? To be honest, I'm aware that Sophie and I are by far the best in our age group. So at the same age, few people can be our opponents. Well, even if you look for a 10-year-old who goes to defeat monsters in the middle of the night, it's only us.

According to the reactions of the people around us, the magic of the third prince must be amazing. However, the Adolfo family made use of enchantments to achieve success in wars and other battles. and became Margraves. I thought he was stronger because my father, the head of the Adolfo family, sold me a fight and even said he was very good. I also thought that there was some kind of royal gifted education.

"Oh, it looks like your opponent has come."

"Hmm? Shana-sama?"

When I looked, I saw it was Shana. I have eyes around me, so I think I might be overthinking it, but I feel like I'm being glared at.

"... Do you remember what I said?"



"I see…"

I think the last thing she said was to make me say I need her next time.

"Zeros, some advice"


"If you take it easy, you’ll lose in an instant?"


Can the referee give advice? I thought, but I was more concerned about the content of the advice.

"Are you both ready?"



"Then start!"

It started, but I was going to wait and see what Shana would do.


"Huh !!!"

I was watching Shana, but I lost sight of her. Then, when my crisis detection reacted and I hurriedly jumped back, a practice sword passed where I was.

"Wind Ench... !!"

When I tried to enchant myself while jumping back, a chain was wrapped around my leg and I was pulled down. Or rather, where did the chain come from!??




I hurriedly grabbed the chain around my leg and tried to throw Shana, but the chains were longer than I thought, and I couldn't throw her off, now she was trying to wrap the chains around my body, so I hurriedly escaped.


"Burn! Fire b ..."

"Stone lock"

I tried to burn the chain with a fireball. I thought it would burn cause the chain was made of wood since it’s for mock combat, but I wasn’t allowed to, and my feet were sewn to the ground with earth magic. This shifts my priority to the Stone lock rather than the Chain. No! Rather than that, it's a chain made of wood! There’s no such thing unless it’s custom-made!!



It’s really difficult to avoid attacks with my lower body almost fixed. I tried to cut Stone Rock with a magic slash, but I couldn't. Am I lacking in skill level?

"Fire Enchantment!"

I hurriedly removed the stone lock and broke the chain with force, and this time I took distance.

"Haahh ... Wind enchantment"

Let's withdraw the previous statement. There are few people of the same age who can deal with me. One’s right in front of me. Apparently, I was conceited just like the third prince. To be honest, I feel that Shana is too good, I haven't even been able to swing my sword properly since this began. I never thought it would be so hard to not fight the way I’m used to. It’s just like the knight captain said. I could have lost any time earlier, especially if it was a real chain. How much has Shana grown? I want to hit myself for being so stuck up before the battle began. I'll keep my head straight from here on out.


I pulled myself together and ran towards Shana. I decided that a magic battle would be disadvantageous against Shana, who can skip chanting.


I knew Shana had her hand in her pocket, but she threw something at me. It wasn’t difficult to avoid, but when I took my eyes off for a moment, I lost her.



I swung my sword the moment crisis sense reacted. Then I hit the dagger Shana had. And she disappeared again.





This continued many times. Unless crisis sense responds, Shana's whereabouts will not be known. We may be in a state of Sennichi-tte right now. I'm alert, so she can't use magic or chains. I don't know if Shana still has a card to play. I also want to attack. What should I do...

{TN: Sennichi-tte or repetition draw, a situation in shogi similar to a draw in chess}

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  1. Looks like “Stone lock” is missing a capital “L”, and later becomes “Stone Rock”.

    Hmm… So the question is, will he beat Shana or will she have too many tricks up her sleeve?

    I wonder of Sophia will challenge Shana after this? Hmm…

  2. Eternal perspective

    Thanks for chap
    Mc went out at night and leveled like crazy for 2 yrs. So unless shana has a broken skill that make up for it then this whole stuff is just gorced exaggeration made for plot by author

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