Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Training

“Wind enchantment”

I went up to the knight captain after drawing a sword from my waist.

“This time! You’ll use your sword!”

“If I decide I don’t need it, I’ll put it away!”

“I’ll make sure you don’t!”

The knight captain is wielding a large sword that’s about 1.5 meters long. Or rather, it’s a practice sword, right? Won’t I get injured regardless?

“Ah … I’m sorry in advance!”


What are you saying? I thought, but suddenly the speed of the sword swing increased.

“If I’m against another knight, I’d either stop just short of hitting him or just enough not to break a bone … but it’s difficult to hit you so forgive me a bone or two.”

“Are you serious!”

“Zero ni-san! I’ll heal you even if you get injured, so please feel free to get injured.”

“That’s a relief!”

“What!” (Gordi)

As you can see from the current conversation, Sophie has acquired recovery magic. Recovery magic is not a unique skill, but It’s in the category of magic that’s difficult to acquire.

“What kind of reflexes do you have?”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not hitting at all”

I’m good with big swords and other big weapons. One hit and the damage is huge, but they can’t hit me.

“Hmm … then I’m really sorry.”


I was surprised and let out a voice. The reason is he was waving the sword with a beautiful shape earlier. But now, to put it badly, it’s messed up, and to put it better, it feels like it’s completely unreadable.

“It’s better to think of me as a monster, not a person.”

“At least let me treat you as a person!”

And he began to fight not only using the big sword but fists and legs as well.

“What the hell is that kid?

“Against the Knight Captain…”

“Wow, that’s amazing…” “

The fallen knights regain consciousness and are surprised to see us. And Sophie has a proud look.

“Heh … You can afford to look away …”


He started fighting even rougher and faster. At this point, I was so busy dodging the attacks that I couldn’t fight back. There’s no choice but to use magic.

“Burn, fireball!”


“Picon! 』\

“You learned parallel thinking Lv.1”

“You obtained the title pioneer”

What? I couldn’t use my hands, so I wondered if I could cast magic with just my mouth, so I did.

“Huh … you!”

“?” (Zeros)

I can finally rest because the knight captain stepped back to avoid the magic.

“Don’t you know what you just did?”

“Eh? I used magic.”

“During close combat?”


“Hmm …”

Then I was told that it’s unusual to use magic during close combat, in a state where you can’t afford to do it like before. There’s no one who uses both magic and sword like a magic swordsman.

“I’m tired of dealing with you.”(Gordi)

“Well, it’s good exercise right?”

“Not wrong at all”


When the knight captain said so, my crisis detection reacted from behind, so I avoided it immediately.

“Come on … you can avoid this too?”

“Ha, haha …”

Before I noticed, there was the knight captain standing behind me. I should have been looking at him. What kind of speed was that?

“The knights are getting better, so it’s about time we finish …”


And when he held the big sword again, a lot of crisis detections blared in my head. Wait a minute … this amount is …

“Your weakness is that your reflex speed is too fast, which makes it difficult for you to attack.”

“Oh crap…”

“I’ll make you understand that now. At least protect your vitals okay?”

I immediately knew it was dangerous, so drew my other sword.

“Guhaa !!?”

“Oh! You blocked three shots!”

He swung the big sword at a speed that you wouldn’t think it was a sword taller than me, and made so many attacks that I couldn’t defend even if I reacted. It’s three shots … I’ve taken three hits … But I was able to protect my vitals with one foot, my chest, and one armpit. I definitely broke some bones …

And with the last hit, I was blown away, I hit the wall and stopped, then my consciousness faded.

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