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Chapter 25: Training End

“Ah … Mmm …”

“Good morning”

“How long have I been out?”

“It’s been about a dozen minutes.”

When I woke up, I saw Sophie’s face in front of me. It seems she’s giving me a knee pillow again. She probably cast a recovery spell on my body cause I don’t feel much pain.


“You’re moving slower than that kid!”


When I moved my head and looked at the knight captain, he was training with the knights who had been down earlier.

“Oh! You’re up!”

As I woke up, the knight captain seemed to notice and called out.

“If you’re awake, come join us!”


To get mixed in that scene of disaster? No … it’s tough no matter how you look at it.

“I can’t do it because I’m afraid of getting hurt again. You’re not going to say something weak like that, are you?


Does he think I’m a low brain who always rides when he’s stirred? Isn’t the fanning becoming more and more low level?

“Good one …”

I took my head off Sophie’s knees, on which I wished to sleep on forever, and headed for the knight captain,

“Fire Enchantment!”

“Good! Come on!”

Then I joined the knights and continued training for the whole day.

“Okay! That’s it for today! Good night!”

“Huh … huh …”

It was evening before I noticed. How many hours did we train?

“I’d like to come tomorrow, but I can’t cause there’ll be a social security meeting. sorry.”

“Tomorrow’s impossible”

Even a day was tough. The Knight’s Captain also made me do a mock battle against all the knights, saying how good my reflexes were.

“Then be careful on the way home!”

“Thank you very much”

Since I was trained, I gave a sincere thank you. I really admire the knights who do this kind of training almost every day …

“Zero ni-san … Zero ni-san!”

“Hm! What?”

“Are you sleepy?”


Even though I was already tired from traveling, I’ve become extremely sleepy after doing this kind of training.

“Shall I carry you like a princess?”


I and Sophie are still almost the same height. So I don’t think it’s impossible for her, but no way.

“Then how about a piggyback ride?”

“Uh, no”

“Shall I lend you a shoulder?”

“No need”

“You have three choices: princess carry, piggyback ride, or lent a shoulder. If you don’t choose in 10 seconds, you will be forced into a princess carry.”


“10, 9, 8, 76543”

“Fast! Fast! Lend me your shoulders!”

“Yes! I understand.”

Suddenly she counted the number of seconds quickly, so I answered in a hurry. But was my sister always this forceful? Even in my previous life, my sister was forceful …

“Zero ni-san”


I’m about to fall asleep in earnest. Maybe when I get home, I’ll sleep without eating.

“Thank you for your hard work today. You were really cool.”


My memory from there was a blur, and when I realized, it was already morning. When I asked what happened, Sophie took me back while lending her shoulder, and she said I was going to drown and die if I was alone, so it seems that we three brothers took a bath together and then slept on a futon. According to my brothers, it was hard for them cause I would sink into the bath if they took their eyes off for a moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

And until the day of the social party, I was training with my eldest brother, Andrei.

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  1. What a nice family….You got a good family Mc, though from the muttering of the goddess, I thought you would be hated in the family but glad this isn’t that kind of story. Thanks for the chapter.
    Also [Even a day was tough. The Knight’s captain also m
    ade me do a
    mock battle against all the knigts, saying how goo
    d my reflexes were. ] – in this segment the spacing is all messed up.
    [Even a day was tough.
    The Knight’s Captain also made me
    do a mock battle against all the Knights,
    saying how good my reflexes were.] – won’t this be better?

    1. Eternal perspective

      I think his sister is what the goddess was talking about, it isn’t harmful but it will annoy and trouble MC

  2. By now I’m quite sure that his sister, is his sister.

    The scared part of me though, is the part asking what caused her to be born………..

    (Is all of that indirect enough? I’m sure it is! No spoilers here. I’m a good reader!)

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