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Chapter 23: Arrival

“Fah ~~”

“Zero ni-san, that’s sloppy.”

“It’s cause I’m free”

It’s now been five days since we left for the royal capital. To be honest, I wish at least three or four Orcs would come out.

“Hmm … I’m going to sleep, wake me up when we get to the city, …”

“Shall I lend you a knee?”

“It’s all right”

“Shall I lend you a knee?”

“I’m fine”

“Knees …”

“Please …”


Then I got on Sophie’s knee pillow and fell asleep. Or rather, it’s too scary to hear the exact same words with exactly the same intonation while gradually turning from laughing to a serious face.


“We finally arrived …”

The remaining five days ended peacefully without anything happening. I haven’t defeated a single demon in the last ten days. I’m stressed…

You can only register as an adventurer when you’re 12 years old. So while attending school, when I’m free, I plan to register as an adventurer and hunt monsters.

“A letter has arrived for you Zeros-sama.”

“Thank you”

When I arrived at the mansion, a maid said so and gave me a letter. The letter was from that knight. I checked the contents immediately.

“Aren’t you free anyway? It’s okay to join our knight’s training? Ah … it might be tough for a little kid like you … You don’t have to come if you’re scared! “

“Hah …”

It even comes with a map of the place and an invitation. It’s quite lousy. And it’s obvious that he’s deliberately trying to provoke me. I’m not so easy that I’m willing to be called out by this.

“I’m going to see that knight for a bit.”

“Oh! I’ll go with you “

However, just being licked doesn’t suit my tastes. I’ll hit that knight’s face in one shot. Excuse me, I’m the son of a noble, but is this tone okay?

“What can I do for you, sir?


“Yes. I’ve confirmed. It’s an invitation from Gordi Joel-sama. I’ll show you in.”


I didn’t speak out, but I was surprised. In this country, having a surname is like proof of being a noble. I didn’t know that knight was an aristocrat. Guided by the receptionist, I came to the training ground where the knights trained.

“You guys! Is that it!”

“Guh..” “Ku…”

“Stand up!”

“”Yes …!””

That knight is training the knights around him. What? Was his rank so high?

“Hmm? Oh! You’re here!”

“Are you a noble, sir?”

“You don’t have to use honorifics, it feels weird.”

“All right”

I’m the son of a noble, but that doesn’t mean I’m a nobleman with a title. I used honorifics but was told I didn’t have to, so I stopped doing so.

“So, who are you?”

“Ah … come to think of it I never said it.”

That said, the knight began to introduce himself again.

“I’m Gordi Joel, Knight Captain of the Kingdom of Lingalia. Nice to meet you.”

“Knight Captain!?”

The Kingdom of Lingalia is the name of the country in which I live. But I didn’t think he was a knight captain.

“If you count in order of strength, I’m one of the top five in this country, except for adventurers.”

“Seriously…” …”

Did I have such a person take the trouble to escort me and help defeat orcs… too impudent.

“So, do you still want me to train you after seeing this?”

Looking around about 20 knights who are his subordinates had kissed the ground and lost consciousness. And four or five of them managed to put their hands on their knees and tried hard to resist falling.

“Sure … I can make the knight captain show an unsightly appearance in front of his men … why wouldn’t I?”

I don’t think I can win actually. If I was taken seriously, I would be kissing the ground in less than five minutes. However, I want to be a little cheeky cause I’m agitated. Did he understand my feelings? The knight captain has a nice smile on his face.

“Pick a weapon from there! I’ll train you right away!”

He said that with that nice smile.

“Then I’ll watch ni-san’s brave figure from the side.”


Sophie is a perfect magic type. It would be hopeless for her to fight against the large knight captain who specializes in close-range battles. I wear two one-handed practice swords on my waist.

“OK! I’m ready!”


And training with the knight captain Gordi began.

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