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Chapter 22: 10 years old

“Let’s stop here for today”


I’m now 10 years old and I’ve been hunting monsters at midnight for over two years, so I’m used to it.

Now my status is like this.

[Name] Zeros Adolfo

[Race] Human race

[Age] 10

[Level] 20 (15UP)

[HP] 230/230 (150UP)

[MP] 80/230 (150UP)

[Attack] 109 (75UP)

[Defense] 92 (62UP)

[Agility] 109 (75UP)

[Magic Attack] 109 (75UP)

[Magic Defense] 86 (58UP)

[Intelligence] 109 (75UP)


・ Arithmetic Lv.6 ・ Etiquette Lv.4 ・ Crisis detection Lv.3 (1UP)

・ Swordsmanship Lv.4 (1UP) ・ Martial arts Lv.4 (1UP) ・ Throwing Lv.3

・ Stealth Lv.3 (2UP) ・ Covert Lv.3 (2UP)

・ Fire magic Lv.4 (2UP) ・ Wind magic Lv.4 (2UP)

・ Water magic Lv.3 (2UP) ・ Magic operation Lv.5

・ Fire resistance Lv.2 (New) ・ Wind resistance Lv.2 (New)

・ Water resistance Lv.2 (New) ・ Earth resistance Lv.2 (New)

・ Lightning resistance Lv.1 ・ Telepathy Lv.2 (1UP)

[Unique skill]

・ Thunder magic Lv.4 (3UP) ・ High-speed reflection Lv.5

・ Disguised Lv.MAX ・ Enchantment

・ Magic Slash Lv.2 (New)

[Extra skills]

・ [Title] Collection


・ Reincarnated

・ Rare magic user

・ precocious

・ Child prodigy

・ Nine deaths

・ Ikki Tousen

・ Hundred battles and hundred wins

・ Ishin denshin

・ Gekokujo (New)

・ Dual wield (New)

・ Bugs natural enemy (New)

・ Goblin Killer (New)

・ Wolf Killer (New)

Gekokujo was acquired during training with an adventurer. The effect is that my status is 1.2 times higher when fighting a superior. I also acquired a lot of killer types, and bug killer turned into Bugs natural enemy. The killer only multiplied the attack, but the natural enemy multiplied defense as well.

“Then Sophie, see you tomorrow”

“Good night”

And I fell asleep today as well.

“Zero ni-san … please get up”

“Just 30 minutes…”


“I’m up! I’m up!”

She’s been waking me up every day since then, but when she wakes me up and I try to oversleep, she casts magic at me. As you can see now, Sophie has acquired the skill of chant omission.

“Thank you for the food.”

“Thanks for the food.”


“Well then let’s start~”


After breakfast, we start our usual routine

“Wind Spear!”

“Stone Spear!”


I wondered how to raise my magic defense. As a result, I asked Sophie to cast magic. However, I don’t want it to hit me, so I decided to raise the magic defense by slashing the magic with a sword and bearing the fragments.

However, at first I got hit a lot, but gradually I got used to it and almost no debris hits me now. At that time, I acquired magic slash. And Sophie did her best to learn the no chanting and multiple chanting in order to cast magic on me.

“Every time I see it … it’s a strange sight …”

My dad looked at us in the garden and said so.

He came to stop us when he first saw it but was stunned to see me slashing magic as a matter of course. It seems that no one can cut magic even if you look all over the world.

“Okay! Then brother, please!”


And now I’m up against Judson and Sophie, sandwiched in between.

At this time, I use dual wielding. The title of dual wield increases attack and agility by 1.3 times when you have two swords.

“Wind Spear!” “Stone Spear!”

“Blow! Wind Spear!”

“Huh! Hah!”

This is how the morning goes and the afternoon ends with studying for school exams.

“We’re going to the royal capital again?”(Sophie)


When Judson entered school, our parents accompanied him to the royal capital. That’s good. However, since there are two royals of the same age as me, a social party will be held this year as well. It shouldn’t matter if I didn’t go, but Shana sent me a letter asking me to come so I had to. And there was also a letter from the knight saying, “I’ll give you a lesson, so come on.” If I didn’t go, it would look like I had run away, so I decided to go.

“Then take care of the house.”

“Yes sir.”

Three days later, I was on my way. My father asked the head maid to take care of the house. By the way, Wallace and his party had moved their activities to the royal capital about three months ago. So it’s a different escort this time. I’m sure Sophie and I are stronger than most adventurers, but we have to have guards for appearances’ sake. After Wallace and the others left, there was no more training from adventurers, so we didn’t have to push ourselves too hard, and we were allowed to go into the forest when it was daytime so I go there when I’m free.

“We’re off then.”

“Have a safe journey!”

And so, for the second time, we headed for the royal capital.

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  1. ““Then take care of the house.”

    “Yes, MA’AM.”

    My FATHER asked the head maid to take care of the house”

    .Shouldn’t it be “Yes, Sir”?

  2. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    TL last chap or before the skill “covert” was translated as “stealth leg” (though ‘silent steps’ sounds better) and
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    and was she about to use waterboarding( a form of torture) on him to wake him up????

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