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Chapter 21: Midnight Monster Hunting

“Thunder Enchantment!”

Saying so, I headed to defeat the goblins.


“Gue …”

I used the two daggers the knight had given me to kill more and more goblins.

“Fu …”

“Thanks for your hard work” (Sophie)

“Thank you”

At that time, Sophie was illuminating the area by skillfully keeping a fireball in place. Sophie doesn’t particularly want to hunt monsters and get stronger but seems to follow just cause she wants to be with me.

“Can I go a little further?”

“I’m just going to follow you, so feel free.”


“No no”

And we went deeper.

“Buhoo !!”

“Don’t come Sophie, it’s dangerous.”


The orc that the three of us had defeated the other day finally appeared. But if since my level is up and I can freely use thunder magic, I won’t lose even by myself.

“Bumo bumo !!”


And I fought the orc one-on-one.

“Bumoooo !!”

“Fu …”

It’s a waste but I don’t feel like bringing back the meat when I kill the orc. I’ll only take the magic stone home. So, regardless of the means, even if It’s tattered, if I kill it, I win. It seems that adventurers, have to think about how to finish it cleanly.

Since the blade can’t reach the insides due to the fat, I cut off the fat that’s in the way.

“Roar, Thunderbolt”

“Bumoooooo !!”

Maybe cause it was slashed, it rushed, and the gap grew wider, so I cast a spell. As expected of thunder magic. When I threw it on the belly, which had run out of fat, it died with a single blow. To be sure I slashed its neck and stabbed it.

“Picon! 』\

“Your level has risen”


It seems my level has gone up. However, this way of fighting doesn’t improve defense and magic defense. I have to think a little …

“Then let’s take the magic stone and go home.”


I take the magic stone and finish for today. However, an orc appeared while taking it, so this time I cooperated with Sophie to defeat it.

“Brother … I’ll wash it since the blood is too much.”


“Wet, water wash”


“No problem”

Water magic has no specific means of attack, but is a useful magic for drinking water and cleaning the body, however, since water conducts electricity well, it seems to be compatible with thunder magic, so I’m wondering if I can do something.

“Let’s go home”


As the sun started to rise, we hurried home.

“…Good morning…”

“It’s been four days since we came back, so don’t oversleep.”


It’s impossible to wake up early after hunting demons in the middle of the night… I mean, Sophie went with me, so why is she up as usual?

“Sophie …”

“What? brother?”

“If you can get up early, wake me too …”

“I have a condition”

“What is it”

“Please be sure to take me with you next time.”

“Won’t you come anyway?”

“It’s a different thing to go with someone who asks you to go with them than to go with someone who’s forced to take you.”

She knew she was forcing me …

“Okay … I’ll definitely invite you so wake me up …”

If I sleep in every day, my mother will come check if I’m asleep in the middle of the night. I have to get up cause I’m afraid of what she might say.

“I understand.”

Sophie smiled and happily said that. And like this, sometimes going hunting for monsters in the middle of the night, training in the morning, in no time, two years had passed.

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  1. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    honestly i don’t get it ,why is mc training so hard at night without any purpose?he has no quest,no objective so its weird seeing him do so much

    1. Maybe just to be stronger and collect things.

      I know there are people upset if a game does not have an achievement system. For me, I don’t care either way if it has it or not if its fun.

      Also, in a world with magic and stuff, I’d probably train just to have the skills. Since I read lots of isekai’s and how crappy that goddess is, it’s probably better to train in case she neglected to mention that I would need to defeat a demon lord or something (it sounds like something she’d forget to tell the MC).

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