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Chapter 128: Urgent Quest

<<Sophie’s Point of View>>

“Thank you for gathering.”

After we went to the guild to confirm the situation, things developed quickly. First, a broadcast was made with a magic tool to inform all the people that dragons were heading for the royal capital. At that time, the general public was instructed not to leave their homes. At the same time, all adventurers of B rank or higher were ordered to immediately gather at the adventurer’s guild training grounds with their equipment. I went back to my house and adjusted my gear before heading back to the guild. Half an hour after the broadcast, the guild leader appeared and began to speak.

“In half an hour, the dragons and wyverns will arrive in the capital. The reason we’ve asked you to gather here is because we need you to deal with them.”

Even if we ignore the dragons, there is a possibility that they will not attack the capital. However, if we ignore them, the dragons might attack other cities, so we’re going to defeat them here. Incidentally, the dragon’s rank is S+ and the wyvern’s rank is A. Both look similar, with wings on their front legs. However, the dragon is red and the wyvern is green. Dragons are more than twice the size of wyverns and they use fire magic such as fireballs. There are also dragons that are higher ranked species.

“I want to work with the knights and leave it to you guys to take down the wyverns. The reward for participating is five gold coins and an additional three gold coins for each wyvern killed. The wyverns we kill will be distributed according to how well you perform.”

There was a slight buzz in the training hall at this unbelievable fee. Of course, this was not a forced quest. However, there are few adventurers who wouldn’t do it with this reward, even if their lives are in danger. This reward was personally prepared by the king.

“I’m going to have you work in multiple parties. I’ll decide the combination of the parties.”


Normally, it would be difficult for several B-rank adventurers to take on a wyvern, so this was a natural measure.

“The most important thing we need to worry about is how to attack a flying wyvern, but you don’t need to worry about that. I’ll knock all the wyverns down to the ground.”

I’m certain these words would have made anyone who was wondering whether to accept the quest choose to do so. The words had such an effect.

“I’m sorry you don’t have time to think about it, but you have to decide right now if you want to accept the quest or not. If you do, I want you to write your name and the name of your party on the paper in front of you.”

When the guild leader said this, everyone went to the front and wrote down their names at once. In the meantime, Shana and I discussed what to do.

“Do you want to accept the quest?”

“Nn. It will be a good souvenir for Zeros.”

“…I see.”

Shana seems to accept the quest. Certainly, under these conditions, everyone will want this quest fee as long as they don’t have money. But I have no motivation when my brother is not there. Even though the prophecy was averted, I’m still worried about my brother. So I don’t have time to deal with wyverns. I decided not to accept this quest and was about to leave the training grounds.


“What’s it?”


The guild leader grabbed me by the arm.

“We really need your help this time, Sophie.”

“Isn’t it one’s personal decision to join?”

The guild leader seemed to really want me to participate. But I always give top priority to my brother in any unusual situation.

“When this quest is over, you can take a little vacation too.”


“If you accept my quest, then I can teach Zeros spirit magic.”

I see… that’s how she’s playing it. How does she know me so well? She was sure I wouldn’t refuse if it was for my brother.

“There’re conditions.”

“What are they?”

“One, I’ll not use magic if my magic power drops below a certain level and two, I will disappear at 1pm, no matter how critical the situation is. If those two conditions are okay with you, I’ll accept.”

“No problem.”

The guild leader immediately agreed, although I think I made a condition that she didn’t like.

“I’ll give you MP potions when your magic is gone. And at 1:00 p.m., whether we win or lose, it’s already settled. Me and you will deal with the dragon, Sophie.”


That’s all I heard and I went to write down my name, as did the other people around me. Apparently, I was to be the one to deal with the dragon. The guild leader followed me to Shana’s side. I’m sure she has something she wants Shana to do.

“It’s nice of you all to accept. I’ve already decided on the combinations. I’ve instructed the combination leaders, so you’ll have to ask them for the specific strategy.”

It seemed that she had already instructed the leaders while we were writing down our names. This guild leader seems to be quite capable.

“Then everyone, make sure not to die.”

And with that, we all left the capital and headed towards the place where the dragons would be coming from.

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