Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Dragon Subjugation 1

<<Sophie’s perspective>>

“Hmm? Is your brother here?”

“No. He’s not here right now.”

When we arrived in the wilderness, a short distance from the royal capital and were setting up our formation, the Knight Commander spoke to me.

“It’s a shame. If he was here, we could’ve defeated the dragon more easily.”

That’s what I thought too. If he had known that the dragon was coming to the capital, he wouldn’t have thought of going to Adolfo’s territory.

“This is the chance to get the Dragon Slayer title.”

“Dragon Slayer?”

“That’s right. It’s a good title that increases all your stats by 1.2 and also increases your attack power against scaled demons like dragons.”

It’s certainly a useful title to have. I’ve earned quite a few titles, but Dragon Slayer is one of the top five most effective. I’d love for my brother to get it. But I wonder if scaled monsters include fish monsters.

“Oh, it looks like they’re coming out.”

When the knight commander said so, the surroundings began to rustle. When I turned my eyes to the direction where everyone was looking at, I could see that there were dozens of green wyverns flying in front of the red dragon.

“Advent of spirits!”

The guild leader deliberately walked past the center of the group, cloaked in darkness, as if to calm everyone’s anxiety. She walked slowly towards the dragons, alone.

“Shadow, are you ready?”

“Of course. I can’t say that the city collapsed when he wasn’t there.”

“Fufu… that’s right.”

The guild leader conversed with the spirit and pointed his hand straight ahead. Then, many black hands extended from the shadows of the dragon. The guild leader raised her arm straight and her black hands wrapped around the dragon and wyverns’ torsos.


At the same time, the guild leader swung her hand down with great force. Then the black hands went back into the shadows as well, pulling the wyverns down to the ground.

“The rest is as planned!”

“Let’s go! You guys!!!!”


And everyone shouted out and went towards the crashed wyverns. But I stayed where I was because the dragon was still flying freely in the sky.

“Dragons are troublesome after all…”

The guild leader muttered and all the black hands that had been wrapped around the wyverns went towards the dragon.

“Sir, may I?”


Even with all the black hands wrapped around the dragon, the dragon has just stopped moving and hasn’t fallen yet. As I was thinking of what to do, the guild leader spoke to the knight commander. Then a black hand also came out from the knight leader’s shadow and wrapped around his body.


He let out an involuntarily sound. But I don’t think this can be helped. Because the black hand that came out of the knight commander’s shadow threw the knight commander at the dragon. Even though the dragon was about 50 meters in the air.


And the dragon fell to the ground as a loud sound echoed through the air. I’m sure that the Knight Commander had struck the dragon, which was doing its best to fly so as not to be dropped in midair. The guild leader had guided the dragon to fall a little farther away from the wyverns. Then she caught the falling knight captain with her black hand.

“Phew…I won’t let the dragon do anything to you, so you three keep attacking.”



“Got it.”

The guild leader said this after drinking something. It must have been an MP potion. I looked to the side and saw an old man with white hair pulling a sword out of a wooden sheath. I don’t know why I didn’t notice him before, but he’s too powerful to be an old man. By the way, where did he get that sword? I want to ask him to tell me where he got it, so I can give it to my brother. Maybe I’ll ask him when we’re done slaying dragons.

The three of us then headed towards the dragon that was about to take off into the sky again.

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