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Chapter 127: An Emergency

"Hmm? What's going on?"

We weren't going to take any quests today, but we were planning to gather in front of the Adventurer's Guild as a usual meeting place and then look for a good place to talk. When we arrived in front of the guild, Shana, whose emotions are always hard to read, was moving about busily.


When I called out to her, her face turned pale. Then she slowly pointed her finger to the guild. As Shana led the way, I took a look inside the guild and saw that it was very crowded today, because it wasn't the usual meeting time of 6 a.m. but late at 1 p.m. Hmm? It's not crowded, but rather somewhat hectic.

“Should we go in?”


I couldn't understand the situation as it was, so I decided to go inside with Sophie.

“What's going on?”


I spoke to the receptionist to find out what was going on.

“Thousands of Orcs have invaded Adolfo territory.”


Adolfo territory is my father's territory. In other words, it's my homeland. By the way, my second brother, Judson was missing this morning.

"The adventurers and knights of the city managed to stop them, but if things continue as they are, the city will fall to the orcs, so they want us to at least support their evacuation to another city.......”

There are no adventurers of that high a rank there. There are also knights, but the purpose is to combat humans such as bandits and they have not received training to subdue monsters. That's why when I was little, I used to ask adventurers to train me.

“Is it only ordinary orcs that invaded?”

Sophie asked the receptionist instead of me, who was not calm. It was certainly unthinkable that my father and brother Andre would be defeated by an orc.

“The ones that are attacking are all top-tier Orcs. And I heard that there were a few Orc Kings among them.”

The Orc King is a B+. The fact that such a monster comes with just multiple higher-ranking orcs means that there are higher-ranked monsters behind them. This is why the guild is in such a panic.

“When is the backup scheduled to arrive in Adolfo territory?”

“It takes 2 days to decide to gather the support members at the earliest and 5 days to move quickly… so it takes about 8 days for the support to arrive.

"...Is that so."

After hearing that, I started to walk out of the guild.

"Zero Nii-sama! Where are you going?”

“I just wanted to get out of their way.”

Sophie grabbed my hand as I tried to leave the guild. I tried to shake her off, but she grabbed my hand so tightly that I couldn't do it easily.

“No! Zero Nii-sama is planning to go to Adolfo territory!"


I was intending to. If I enchanted myself and ran as fast as I could, I'd be in Adolfo territory in less than three days.

"What are you going to do, Zero Nii-sama?”


“I can handle an Orc King.”

Besides, if there are thousands of opponents, my status will be doubled due to the effect of the title "One against One Thousand ". If that's the case, I won’t lose to an orc king.

"If Zero Nii-sama is going, so am I..."

"Can Sophie move at the same speed as me?"


It would be impossible for Sophie to keep moving at the same speed as me when enchanted.

"...... got it."

From there, Sophie held my hand down for a few minutes, thought about something and looked up.

“Please follow me.”

Then she pulled me by the hand and walked out of the guild. We were still in the guild. I'm sorry for talking so loudly.



The guild leader spoke to me from behind. I was surprised because I hadn't been paying attention to the guild leader this time. She didn't seem to be using any cloaking technique this time and everyone in the guild was looking at the guild leader.

"Give me your guild card."



I didn't know what it was for, but she seemed to have an idea, so I gave her my guild card.

"Thank you, .......... Yes."


And after a bit of fiddling with the guild card, she immediately returned it to me.

“I've accepted your quest as an advance party for the Adolfo territory support team. You'll be able to keep track of the number of monsters you've defeated. Go as wild as you like."

"Thank you very much!"

I thanked the guild leader and moved into the alleyway with Sophie once again pulling me by the hand. Thanks to the guild leader, the monsters I defeated would now affect my guild rank. So it was no longer a waste of time and effort.

Shana also tried to follow Sophie and I to the back of the alley, but when Sophie looked at her as if to say not to follow with her eyes, she did not come.

“I will transfer Zero Nii-sama to Adolfo territory.”


Listening to the details, it seems that Sophie can transfer me to Adolfo territory with spatial magic.

“But... only one person can be transferred per day.”

Regardless of the distance the transfer travels, you can only transfer once a day.

“Please don't do anything rash until I get there."


I'm sure Sophie knows that, but I may not be able to keep this promise.

“I'll give you all the HP potions, MP potions and elixirs I have.”

“That's a lot.”



You can't say no when someone says that with a face that looks like it's about to cry. I got all the potions that I couldn’t use because they were so expensive and put them in the magic ring. I had already bought a magic ring with the same capacity as the one Shana had.

"Distort Space: ......"

Then Sophie began to chant for the transfer. The chanting time was longer than usual. It seemed to be a magic that she had to concentrate on.

"......don't leave me alone and die anymore..."

"Eh... what’s that?”

"Spatial transfer."

What does she mean by "anymore" now? ...... this shouldn’t be possible, but sometimes my sister from my previous life and Sophie overlap. I tell myself that this is just a complication because she is my sister, but sometimes the resemblance is so great that I think it is the same person.

“I've got to go.”

I found myself in front of the gates of Adolfo territory. I ran towards my house to quickly understand the situation in detail.

<<Sophie’s POV>>


After I transferred my brother, I just told Shana to disperse and came back home.

I didn't know why I had let my brother transfer. If I only thought about my brother, I could have sent him running and transferred myself to the city just as he was arriving, or I could have lied to him and told him that if he ran, he would reach the city in one more day and that was the limit of how far I could transfer and then I could transfer to the city because my skill level had increased. If I had told him that, I would’ve been able to reach the city at the same time as my brother. There were many ways to get to the city at the same time as him. But if you ask me why I didn't do it, I can only say that I had a bad feeling about it. I don't have any skills in predicting the future. But I knew I couldn't let my brother run alone.

"......Six hours left."

It was already past seven in the morning. But I hadn't slept a wink. I kept looking at the clock and hoping that I would be able to transfer to my brother as soon as possible.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!


Suddenly, something that sounded like a loud bell rang out from outside. This is something that happens during emergencies. It might have something to do with my brother, so I hurriedly got ready and headed for the adventurer's guild.

“What's going on!"

I walked into the guild, which was many times more hectic than it had been this morning and headed straight for the reception desk to confirm the situation.

“Well… a flock of Wyverns and Dragons are heading straight to the royal capital.”

"...... Is that so."

Then I heard the details of the situation and I felt relieved. It seems that the dragons did not pass over the Adolfo territory. But if I had let my brother run to the city, or if I had sent him to a place where he could reach in a day, there was a good chance that he would’ve run into the dragons. I was able to avoid that by learning spatial magic. I was so relieved that the goddess’ prophecy had come true.

At that time, I had underestimated the prophecy of the goddess.

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