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Chapter 85: F-Rank Turn Around.

While teaching her how to collect herbs, Tauro asked Aeris why she had come to this village.

The answer that came back was surprisingly well thought out.

It seems that she thought about the importance of items in order to master the job of a rear guard.

There’s a time lag between the use of healing magic as a priest, offensive magic as a wizard and defensive magic as a barrier master and the answer was that items such as herbs and potions could make up for these weaknesses.

She’d heard that the village of Dansas was rich in medicinal herbs and had many quests like that, so she came here to learn more about it while she was still at F rank.

Indeed, there are many kinds of medicinal herbs in this village.

Tauro also learned about new medicinal herbs in this village and was able to make several kinds of potions.

Tauro’s basic stats are those of a child, so he tries to make up for it by using such things


I understood from experience that the use of potions was important in this situation.

So, I sympathize with Aeris in many ways.

I thought she was overbearing and crazy, but she was thinking clearly, so I decided to teach her well.

Aeris was impressed with the boy’s knowledge of medicinal herbs.

She had read books and studied, but this boy went above and beyond.

The basics of how to find them, what to look for, where they grow in clusters, and how long they will grow again would be useful in the quest.

Apart from that, he also has knowledge that only a seasoned pharmacist would have, such as the types of herbs to mix, the effects that change depending on the preparation, the method of preparation, tips and the herbs whose effect change depending on the order in which they are added.

He says that he’s self-taught, learning from books and applying the rest.

If you’re to believe that the only skill he has is garbled skills, it’s amazing that he’s been able to learn so much on his own.

The fact that he was willing to share what he had gained through his own efforts with others made me feel like I was losing, as if I had been shown the difference in his capacity.

Now I have no choice but to show my worth in the Kobold extermination after this!


Aeris was very enthusiastic.

“Rumeya-san, use ‘provoke’ to draw the target’s attention!”

“Copy that! Come on kobold!”.

Shin cuts into the Kobold from the side because it’s attention was on Rumeya because of his skill “Provoke”.

Tauro throws an endurance potion at Rumeya who uses a shield to prevent the kobold from attacking, a potion that increases strength to Shin. Then he shot an arrow using “Precision” from between the two to kill the Kobold.

The coordination of the three of them was superb.

The three of them had been doing special training for the enemy on a daily basis, so it was smooth.

On the other hand, Aeris didn’t have time to use her attack magic as she entered the battle, and when it came to close combat, she couldn’t use her attack magic, which was still inaccurate, as it might hit her allies.

So she was going to use support magic, but Tauro beat her to it with potions.

Aeris was unable to do anything and the Kobold extermination ended in a short time.

“I’m sorry. I wanted to try out the three of us this time.”

Tauro apologized to Aeris.

He knew Aeris was going to use magic, but what would she use, when would she use it and how would it work? There was no way he could wait and check those things, so he prioritized the three of them this round.

”…You guys must team up together to fight monsters on a daily basis. That was splendid coordinated play.”

Aeris praised him honestly, the room to enter was not there for her.

“Huh? Today’s the first time we’ve fought together. It’s a tactic I learned from Tauro.”

“That’s right. It was my first time, so I was nervous, but it went well.”

Rumeya and Shin high-five each other.

It’s the first time they’ve collaborated? Aeris was surprised.

I’m an F-rank, but I’ve been placed on a higher-ranked team and have a lot of combat experience.

She was proud of her ability to adapt and she had been recognized for it, but these three were doing better than her own team for the first time.

And they had learned it from Tauro, so who the hell was this boy?

Aeris had a strong curiosity about this boy.

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