Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: That Act Will Be Told in Future Generations

A clear sound of footsteps echoes. Lute, the owner of the sound, was thinking while walking down the hallway.

──His eyes remain fixed on the majestic, exquisitely decorated door in front of him.

“The time of reckoning, huh?”

“Fate” refers to things beyond human comprehension. At the end of the twists and turns, a miracle that crosses even the barrier of probability and leads to a result. It’s like a story with a predetermined ending. ……No, perhaps, God is really writing a story for the ending that he seeks. It is just that humanity, the characters in the story, cannot grasp it.

“── Lute Land-sama, please enter!!”

The soldiers guarding the door raise their voices and open the majestic and massive door.

Beyond the door is the throne room. The Emperor who reigns at the top of one of the two great continental empires, the Empire of Froysel, awaits in the sanctuary of the human world.

──If fate is a story drawn and written by God, then this moment must be one of the endings God desired.

After all, the step that Lute took to the throne room was a clear step that changed the supremacy of the Froysel Empire into a rock solid one. If historians of the future were to tell the story, they would all say that this day, this moment, solidified the glory of the empire.

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