Chapter 2

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Chapter 2. The Seventh Prince defeats monsters

 I was banished from the royal family safely, and I was riding in a carriage to the Carter territory.

“Noah-sama, are you fine with this? 』\

 There is a [white cat] on my shoulder.

“What, [Laurie]?”

 This white cat is called Laurie.

 It’s like my squire…

I lay down on the sofa in the back of the carriage and had time to spare.

“Because, Noah isn’t really incompetent at all, right? 』\

 The next instant, Laurie jumped from my shoulder to the ground.

 Paa……! And it turned into a woman with big breasts and white hair.

 This person wearing a maid outfit is a figure that the cat had just transformed into.

“Hey Laurie, did you forget my splendid retirement plan?”

“No, I remember it…but I can’t understand it properly.”

“Well, I can’t help it. I’ll explain it again. Sit down.”

 Laurie sits next to me.

 I get up and explain.

“Sure, I’m not as incompetent as you say.”

“That’s right. You’re the strongest sage who reincarnated twice, right? I know you very well, yes, very well.”

 This woman named Laurie is actually a demon goddess who was sealed in the forbidden library.

 When I was bored in the castle, I found a forbidden book, and while I was reading it, this demon attacked me.

 So I defeated it and made it my disciple.

“Magic power enough to defeat a demon. And….the sword skills that overwhelm your brother Dava, who has the skills of a Sword Saint….you got them by experiencing two lives…So to speak, you’re a reincarnated sage. ”

 I’ve died twice and have been reincarnated twice.

The reason is unknown.

But for some reason I was talented.

 Due to my magical talent, I served the royal palace as a sage.

 Due to my talent for swords, I went to the battlefield as a Sword Saint.

“Why did such a hero end up like this for the third time?”

“That’s so rude of you. Well, of course? Because….”

 I take a deep breath and say.

“It’s because labor is shit!”

 Laurie’s eyes turn black and white. {TN: Here it means she was surprised}

“Because! Whether you’re a sage or a sword saint, when you’re powerful, you’re going to get into a lot of trouble! You’ll get grudges you don’t want to buy, and you’ll be forced to kill monsters you don’t want to kill. I’ve been a hero twice, and I know now! Labor is shit!”

“You’ve been through a lot….there there.”

 Laurie hugs me and caresses my head.

“Thank you, Laurie. You have good boobs. Keep up the good work as a healing maid.”

“Uh…I can’t believe the demon of the forbidden library is being a servant to a child…”

“What, you don’t like it? Then I’ll turn it off?”*

“I’m sorry! I don’t want you to erase it!”

 This demon is Zako (a weakling) from my point of view, but she’s been released! If that’s the case, it’s natural that my surroundings will become chaotic.

 When someone unravels the seal, the search for the culprit will begin, and the search for a hero will also begin, to find someone who can defeat the culprit.

“Well, I won’t erase it. If I do, they’ll be able to tell that I’m capable.”

“Ah, um…”

 Fearfully, Laurie held up her hand.

“what is it?”

“Does Noah-sama [think] that he really isn’t competent?”

“Hmm, what a fool…you’ve seen how incompetent I’ve been in this lifetime, right?”

 I was 1 year old when I defeated the demon Laurie.

 For the next 14 years, this Laurie had been watching me.

 What does she think?

“I’ve tried to pretend to be incompetent all day, every day. I can’t use magic, I can’t use my sword. My head is bad. And, in the skill appraisal ceremony, I twisted the result with magic and made the judgement come out as [incompetence]. Yes, it’s perfect.”

“Oh, you know, Noah-sama. I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while, you’re actually…”

 That was the time.

“Hey, Laurie. Stop the carriage.”

“What? Why?”

“Unless you want to die”

 I use floating magic to jump out of the window.

 Something falls from the sky while making a noise.

 Dogaan! The ground explodes with a loud noise.


 Laurie is inevitably hit by [it].

“Lava…? Was there a volcanic eruption…?”

 A huge mass of lava hit my carriage.

“Did she die?”

“Noah-samaaaaaaaaaa! 』\

 Laurie, a white cat, crawls out of the lava and comes to me.

 Oh, by the way, the carriage was driven by magic, so there was no coachman.

“I almost died! 』\

“Don’t be stupid, you’re alive.”

“Please say something before the attack comes.”

“I told you didn’t I? You’re quite funny.”

“No, it’s still strange because you dodged an attack that fast with float magic, an advanced magic, before anyone else could! 』\

“Ha, that’s funny. In the days when I was living as a sage, even a child could use float magic you know?”

“No no no no! That was a long time ago…. Noah-sama! The enemy! 』\

 Laurie says in panic.

“I know.”

 I look back.

 There was a giant turtle.


 It was so huge that I had to look up.

 He carries a mountain on his back.

“Is it a volcanic turtle?”

“Eh, it’s an S-rank monster! Why is this here! ?? 』\

 Laurie trembles as she hugs my neck and sways.

“What are you scared of? Even though you’re a demon.”

“You have a power seal on me! 』\

“Oh, that’s right.”

 It would have been troublesome if she got noticed, so I had to seal the demon.

“It’s strange to seal a demon, but…..that’s not the point right now! What are you going to do, Noah-sama? The opponent is S-ranked…..a monster of the highest rank! 』\

“Huh? S rank?”

 What is she talking about, this snake woman?

“This is….”

 Hururuuuuu! While making a noise, the volcanic turtle drops a fountain of lava at us.

 I create a silver sword with [Creation Magic].

 Shukon, and I swing my sword down.

 Then, the fountain of lava disappeared….

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ?? huh? It’s gone, it’s goneee! ?? 』\

“Of course it’s gone. I cut it.”

“No, no, no! How is it possible to erase a fountain with a single swing of the sword??? 』\

“Well, that magic, you can erase with a single swing, right?”

“I can’t do it! Please don’t think of me as a Sword Saint! 』\

“No, but in the days I lived as a sword saint, this turtle was C rank. It’s a level that even a mid-level adventurer could defeat it?”

“Like I said! That’s because that’s the time you when were alive! This is a different place from the time you lived in….a future world! 』\

 I wonder if that’s the case, but….well, I guess the noisy turtle should be erased for the time being.


 The turtle rains down a huge fountain of lava.

 I put my right hand forward and activate my magic.


 A huge fireball is released from my hand.

 It wiped out the surrounding trees, the fountain of lava shot down, and the entire turtle.

“What did you just do…? No way…maximum magic…? 』\

“What? What are you talking about? You think I used top-level magic?”

 I say with a sigh.

“It’s just a [fireball].”

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  1. This feels a lot like one of the manga that I read quite some time ago. Exceptional skill with sword & magic, demon of the forbidden library that became a servant, and deliberately hiding capabilities. The manga I’m thinking of, though, spent a lot of time on the protagonist’s life at the palace. Hmm…

    Well, new chew toy.. I mean.. story. Looks okay so far (promising even, considering the blatant lack of horrible problems). Seems you have a knack for picking up good stuff, Kay.

    Thanks for the chapters (and now I’ll move forward to consume what remains).

    1. Do u know the title of that manga?

      1. It took a while to find it, however I think (could easily be wrong – that comment of mine is a bit old) that it might have been “Tensei Shitara dai Nana Ouji datta node, Kimama ni Majutsu o Kiwamemasu”. Having said that, though… the description doesn’t fully match it, possibly.

        Also, thanks. Seems this one had slipped through the cracks at some point – so I now have about 60 new chapters to read.

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