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Chapter 36: Iris seems to get along well

I'm eating with Iris, who's become my exclusive maid, but I'm a little nervous around her.

She seems to be capable in various aspects since she appealed herself as a maid.

Her housework skills including cooking are perfect. The supper I'm eating now has a rough taste, but it's very delicious. It's rough because there aren't many seasonings, so it can't be helped ... There's no soy sauce or soup stock in this world.

"Would you like to discuss what we want from each other in our school life?"

"You mean requests?"

"Yeah. For example, you said, you'd never leave me for the time being."

"Isn't the meaning a lot different? I should have said, 'you may run away, so I'll keep an eye on you for the time being.' "

"I just changed a few words and got damaged ... well ..."


The requests I made were ---

・ Diet food

・A bath in the bathtub every day

・ Training in the morning and evening

There are others, but only after I go to the temple.

"I intended to help the diet, but will you still take a bath during the summer?"

"Yeah. It's great for losing weight."

"A bath?"

"Yeah. The reason why a bath is effective for dieting is that excretion of toxins along with sweat increases metabolism and makes it easier to lose weight."

" Toxin, is it?"

"Since this toxin has the property of binding to fat, when the toxin accumulates, it becomes non-burning fat, and as a result, It becomes difficult to lose weight. It's important to change this. This will make fat burning easier and you can expect an effect on your diet. "

At first, she just listened halfway through the story, but when I explained it in theory, she was very interested and started taking notes.

This bathing diet may have been "wrong!" decades earlier. There is still a possibility, but I think it’s probably effective because it’s been scientifically and medically verified.

I feel that if I combine the modern knowledge of Japan with the magic of this world, I can do something amazing.

The problem is that I have too little knowledge ...

I don't even know more about the bath diet.

On TV, the lymphatic flow --- the liver ... I say that, but I don't remember.

"What kind of morning training?"

"♪ If you're training outside, she’ll have to get up quite early to prepare breakfast, so she’s worried about that. Also, it seems that the master alone is not allowed to run. "

"She’s wondering if I'll run away because of my brother, but can't admit it ..."

"I want to go for a walk ..."


"Okay, I'll be with you. We’ll leave at 6 o'clock and make it light for about 30 minutes. After that, breakfast will be prepared."

After all, she can't leave me alone ...

"Then, I won’t do it in the morning. I'll train in the room."

"You don't have to worry about me? It's the most important task for Luke to lose weight, so if you're interested, let's take a walk."

  And these were the requests from Iris?

I want you to do your best to lose weight

Never eat anything other than the food you’re provided

When you leave Iris, be sure to report first.

Do your best in your studies

Even a little is fine, so I would like you to teach me every day as a master.

"Okay ... but I'm not going to overdo it. If I overdo it, I won't last."

"I won’t ask you to overdo it. I've heard from His Royal Highness Jail that Luke is lazy, so I'd like you to make a little effort. I'll do my best to help you."

Before I knew it, my brother told Iris something extra ...

The lazy one is Luke, not me!

After that, Iris immediately prepared the bath.


"I really don't have to help, right?"

"You don't have to do that. What do I do with the hot water left in the bath? If you don't like using it after me, I'll pour it out?"

"Why? I’ll definitely use it."

"♪ Originally, it’s not something usual to take a bath. It’s used every day only by high-ranking aristocrats, millionaire merchants, and for the custom of taking a bath every day as a misogi at the temple. It seems that Iris' house took a bath about once every three days. There’s no one who thinks "I won't use hot water after my dad!" This school has magic tools that produce hot water, but they’re very expensive and can’t be bought by lower aristocrats. "

The analogy of the fairy is something real and vivid.

I want to send ale to the father of the world who works hard for his daughter!

Apparently, even students can pay for the replacement of the core magic stone, but the main body is a super-luxury item.

It’s said that the replacement magic stones are even used by some high-ranking aristocrats who go to the large communal bath where anyone can enter.

I had finished taking a bath, so I asked Iris to come in before the hot water cooled.

"♪ Fufufu, Master, what are you going to do? 』\

"What do you mean? 』\

"♪ Iris seems to be nervous and rushing to wash her body, thinking that if master is as rumored, you'll definitely come to peep."

"I won't look! 』\

"♪ She washes her body carefully while preparing for various things ..."

"Does she think she’ll seriously be attacked by me? 』\

" Master said, 'If a girl as cute as you is always by my side, I’ll definitely attack! ' ‘It's rude to have such a cute girl in front of me and not touch her!’"

"Come to think of it, I might have said that when I was trying to make her give up being my maid! 』\

However, since that happened, I'm worried about what Iris is thinking ...

The reason why she wanted to serve me and even resolved myself ---

"♪ The number one reason is that she really wanted to be your disciple. She has more respect for you than fear, and she doesn't seem to hate the appearance of master. "

"But would you think it's okay to be embraced for that reason? 』\

"♪ That's right. Until 11 years ago, her father was a viscount who served the duke's house. When Guile recognized his ability to use recovery magic, they were given a settlement territory, and achieved reclamation and development of the land in a short period of time, earning him the peerage of count. Then he was given a small town. However, it seems that a great amount of money was needed to develop it in a short period of time, and it seems that their financial situation is quite tight, investing even personal assets. It seems that her father wants his three daughters to get married to houses where they can get as much help as possible. "

"Well, Iris is cute and has a precious holy attribute."

"♪ Oh, it looks like she’s coming out ... I'll tell you more about it later."

"I want to know right now! 』\

"♪ I don't have to teach a master who doesn't want to hold Iris right now."

"Iris's purpose is my knowledge as a recovery teacher, right? I have no intention of approaching with that condition. Besides, Luke also had a partner and peeking was just playing a prank, right? 』\

The targets of peeping, mischief, and harassment were those who were openly dealing with him with contempt or disgust. However, more than 90% of them were like that, so they could only see him from their side as if he were peeping at them.

That doesn't mean it's okay to look into a girl's bath.

"That was pretty fast. You could take a bath more slowly."

"No, it's okay .... You warmed the hot water before you got out? Thank you for your consideration .......... I have to ask! Why didn't you come to peep? am I no good?"


I just let out a stupid voice ... cause I got hit by a fastball.

"Are you not attracted to me? Or I’m not your type? I was thrilled that you'd come in and take care of it ..."

"Huh ... do you like me? Is that it? I'm not that kind of person. It's just peeping .... I just peeked at the girls who came in nothing more"

This is Luke's feeling, and from my point of view, the kid's an idiot.

"Is that so? I was wondering if I wasn’t cute."

"Well, that's an excuse for a kid. Just because you're pretty isn't a good reason to look in. There's also the assignment from your parents ... Iris! Don't treat your body cheaply!"

"Hey, my body isn't cheap! It's very expensive! I've been proposed to by many lords, but it's so expensive that I refused all of them!"

I was cut back!

"Sorry, don't get so angry. Anyway, Iris doesn't have to worry about being attacked by me. It’s not gonna happen. "

"... I'm surprised! To be honest, my opinion of Luke is currently rising! But I don't want to invite you right now, so please wait a little longer."

"Wait, but you're saying I won't touch anything ..."

"Yes I confess, I don't want you to get your hands on me!"

"What an annoying woman ..."

"Yes. I'm a troublesome woman, but I'll do my best to serve you ?"

The next morning, I was shaken by Iris and woke up.

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