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Chapter 37: Morning Market Date?

I was shaken by Iris early in the morning!

"Hmm ... what is it?"

"Good morning Luke! Let's go for a walk as promised!"

I'm really fine with mornings but ...

"What time is it?"

"It's 5:30. If you prepare now, we can make 6 o'clock, the promised time."

"Wait, we don't have to go to class, so we don't have to get up so early today, right?"

"♪ Iris got up at 4:30 and woke the master after preparing breakfast. I'm full of energy to go for a walk, so why don't you get up? "


"is that so. But no matter how much I want to diet to get up at 4:30 ... Iris' burden is too great. "

"♪ Not really. In this world, they use lighting magic tools with the life magic [light] added to the light. It's not very expensive, but some people can't buy it. The more rural the area, the more they keep to early hours. They sleep early, so they have enough sleep time. "

They wake up at sunrise and go to bed early after dark.

It used to be the same in Japan.

"Well, what time did you plan to wake up today?"

"I was wondering if I should go to the temple this morning, but I didn't think about it cause I had no other plans."

"Then, do you want to sleep a little longer?"

If you show me such a disappointed face ...

"No, I'm awake now, so I'll get up. Why don't we finish breakfast and head straight to the temple?"

"It's a little early to go to the temple. That's right! Would you like to see the morning market?"

"Morning market? That's good!"

The morning market sounds fun!

We ate breakfast together and went out for a walk to see the morning market.

"Hey, there are stalls on the road behind the main street."

"Yes. This is a place where merchants who can't set up stores are working hard. So there are many items that are a little lower in quality, but you can get them cheaper. You see, that fruit, on the main street. It's about 30% more expensive. "

"If the item is bad, it's natural that it's cheap ..."

"Even though it's bad, it's just a little badly shaped, or a little damaged during harvesting, and the taste itself is exactly the same."

Something like a B-class product sold at a supermarket ...

"Iris, if the taste is the same, this one is fine."

"Is that so? But you’re a prince, so we'll buy the  genuine product."

"For the time being ..."


"Oh! Excuse me! It's different! I didn't mean to be so rude!"

"Ah, I know."

"Luke talks like a common person, so I just talked normally ..."

That's right. Because, apart from Luke, I'm a very common person.

I used to behave like that in front of my brother, but now I don't want to spend that much energy.

"Even though you’re a Countess, you sometimes speak like a commoner. saying ‘me’ or ‘me’" {TN: Watashi or Atashi, more humble versions of saying I for girls in Japan}

"Even though the count is the lord of a rural development village ... 70% of the territory are farmers. At the school, there were even local aristocrats and peasant aristocrats who were made a fool of."

"You can leave those guys alone. They're the type who’ll make a fool of you, even if you're the prince of a great power."

"I agree……"

"Oh, it smells good. Are those skewers?"

"It's over there. It's like grilled orc with salt. But it's no good!"

Hmmm, even though I'm on a diet, I'm interested in different world food!

"I know……"

"It can't be helped ... Then, if you’ll only have one, I'll allow it. Let's walk as much as we ate, alright?"

"♪ Iris is getting sweet for some reason ... I'm a little worried. I want the master to be strict enough to say I won’t eat any while showing off. "


"That's bullying! Fairy’s getting more brutal by the day. Are you learning strangely with the AI function 』\

"♪ What strange learning!? 』\

"Oh! This is delicious ?"

"I wonder if it was soaked in sake even though it was just baked with salt and pepper. It's delicious with soft meat that doesn't smell."

"Oh, nee-san's correct! I soaked it in sake with herbs overnight and added in some effort. It’s delicious right?"

"Yes, it's delicious."

?After that, we looked around at various things. Milk that I didn't see yesterday was on sale at the morning market.

"You bought so many again ... and milk and eggs are dangerous things that have to be eaten quickly, you know that right?"

"Of course I know, but you know, I have a good appraisal magic."

"You can tell not only illness but also that kind of thing ... it's amazing."

I bought a lot of eggs because they were fresh.

I have appraisal magic, so when I find a good one, I just buy it.

"It's quite prosperous and there are various stalls out there, isn’t it?"

"It's a royal capital, so it's natural that it's prosperous. Many of them put up their store in the morning. You can see different items in the afternoon. Many miscellaneous goods are lined up in the afternoon. On Sundays, a Sunday market is held on the main street in front of the temple, which is also busy and fun. "

"Sunday market ..."

"The Sunday market has a lot of suspicious items such as antiques, weapons, and magic tools from the dungeon. It seems that there are some bargains, but it’s better not to buy strange ones."

" That isn't too worrisome ..."

"Oh, can you judge that too? It's a very useful skill!"

I noticed that a good amount of time had passed ---

"Is this something like a date?"

In addition, this girl makes a bomb statement!

"That's right ... Thank you for your guidance. It was fun."

I was surprised at the smile of Iris who smiled.

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