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Chapter 33: We prepared miscellaneous goods for living in the dormitory

After taking several breaks on the way, We arrived at the main gate of the royal capital.

It was 3 days for a horse-drawn carriage, but half a day for a flying dragon, even if we went slowly.

“Thank’s for your hard work! Three-seater was hard wasn’t it, thank you!”

“Gururu ~~ ?”

“Because you’re worth two people. It’s the same as having four people …”

“Ah … that’s right … Bals, here’s your favorite goblin! Eat!”

“Again, you spoil him right away …”

“It’s okay cause I can’t meet Bals for the time being.”

“That’s right …”

“What will you do after this?”

“The king will be returning tomorrow, so I’ll be staying overnight at the royal castle, having an audience with the king tomorrow, and then returning to the country the next day. So this is goodbye Luke.”

The King is in the post-processing of the Marquis case regarding Princess Mifa.

“That’s right … Can you tell Lulu and Chiruru that I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye brother Jail?”

“Okay … are you and Lulutier fine with this? You may be convinced that you’ll still like each other, but her feelings could change if you can’t meet each other?”

“That’s not like a king …”

“I’m going to be the next king, but before that, I’m your brother …. I don’t want to see my cute little brother sad.”

After all my brother is cool!

“I’m not happy, but I can’t do anything about it now …. It seems that discourse with the Marquis’s son is already underway …”

“I can stop that … If I make Lulu my fiancé, it will be forcible but the process will be stopped.”

My brother doesn’t have a fixed partner yet … Even though the proposals are mountainous, he never nods his head.

“Does brother like Lulu?”

“I think Lulu is cute, but I know she likes you, so I’ve never had that kind of feeling. I’ll tell you only, but I actually have a loved one … … but there’s a problem … “

“Eh ~~? Who do you like brother, Aunt Karina?”

Aunt Karina … My father’s youngest sister, a pretty weird person.

She looks young, but I think she’s in her early thirties …

When she was 20 years old, she was forcibly married to her husband, but one day she formed a history of half-killing her husband and came back, and since then has lived quietly away from the royal palace.

That’s right, she’s in a word a “Sword idiot”. When she sees Luke, “This fat! Get rid of it!” She’s always trying to teach me swordsmanship, so I wasn’t very good with her.

“That’s right… I don’t think grandfather will accept it, even besides father.”

Grandfather … This person is also one of Luke’s weak points.

The family of the Kingdom of Wolg is good at fire attributes, and those who inherit many of those genes are born with red hair. I have inherited a lot of my mother’s genes, so it’s silver blue.

The older brothers with the bright red royal hair color are found insanely cute, but they showed little interest in Luke … This may be the reason why my mother became too enthusiastic about education for me. In response to that, Luke stopped studying …

“Is there a relationship between you two going on?”

“Yeah, but right now I don’t have the track record to persuade grandfather, so I’ll have her wait a few more years. Are you against it?”

“No, I’m not good with Aunt Karina, but if you like each other, I’ll support you.”

“Thanks. So what about Lulu?”

I don’t want to be pulled by Luke’s emotions anymore …

“No, you don’t have to do anything. Just take care of yourself brother.”

“You’re not honest …won’t you regret it?”

“If I can’t forget Lulu, I’ll get her myself.”

After getting the approval of the gatekeeper, we enter the castle town of the royal capital.

A carriage picked us up from the royal castle, so I say goodbye to my brother here.

We hug each other for a while and say farewell …

* * *

“Iris, what do we do after this? Are we going to school as it is?”

“First of all, we’re buying daily necessities. You only have a bed and a study desk in the dormitory, so we need cooking utensils and ingredients right away. It’s okay at a later date, but we’ll need permission later.”

That’s why we went shopping as well as sightseeing in the royal capital.

Iris lived in the royal capital until recently, so she buys what we need without hesitation.

It seems that she wrote down what we would buy in advance, and marked the items bought with a circle …. Iris-chan is a better girl than I expected.

I put what was bought in my [subspace warehouse].

“Iris? Why are you buying such expensive regular items?”

Now, Iris is buying tableware at a high-end store, but she buys a fairly expensive one. As a commoner, I was surprised at the amount and called out on the way.

“Ordinary items are the tableware we usually use. High items are the ones we serve when guests come, so we need to prepare items that are not embarrassing for the royal family.”

“I see … Then, I’ll continue to leave the selection of items to Iris.”

I have 100 million Jenny…  Duke Guile handed me the money I gave to the Duke’s family as dowry. I was told that I could use it as I like because there are various needs, but it certainly seems to cost a lot of money. The one million I got from my father wasn’t enough …

“♪ The Duke wanted to see the master’s ability to manage money, so he gave you 100 million. If you use it without thinking, I don’t think you can touch the finances of the Duke’s family. “

“Was there such a reason … I don’t think I’m going to take over, but I am thinking of various things.”

We also bought a table set and a reception set for a high-class dining table with a profound feeling that seats 6 people.

“Hey Iris … Is there space for such a big piece of furniture?”

“The rooms in the royal dormitory are specially designed on the top floor. They’re quite large.”

I bought a lot at the market and stored it.

“Your Highness Luke, please refrain from buying raw foods … Even if you buy them, they won’t last for days. No matter how many ingredients you buy, Your Royal Highness will only be served the right amount of food!”

I’m thinking of talking about [inventory] someday, but I wonder if it’s too early now … After all, Iris is a maid attached by the Duke of Guile. If I talk now, everything will be reported.

That’s pretty bad.

Unlimited weight and time stop function, even if a war broke out, if I were alone, I wouldn’t need any personnel for supplies. When an army moves on a scale of tens of thousands, there are quite a few people who carry the ingredients, weapons, and armor that accompany it. If food doesn’t rot, you won’t lose in a siege battle, whether you’re offensive or defensive.

It would definitely be dangerous if it was revealed.

“Iris, let’s stop using Your Royal Highness.”

“Then I’ll call you Luke.”

I wanted to buy more ingredients, but Iris stopped me.

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