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Chapter 32: To the Royal Capital of the Forel Kingdom

Sasha said she would like to participate in supper that day.

Of course, I applied recovery magic and covered her body surface with [Air Shield] to prevent bacteria from spreading in the cafeteria.

“I wonder if I have to eat in the room while Luke is away?”

“That’s right. If you don’t want Anna or Lara to get sick, please eat in your room.”

“Well, since you say that, I’ll definitely eat there ~”

She’s a babe …

“By the way, what happened to the bandits?”

“Hmm, cross-examination revealed that the bandit’s base was in our commercial city. I immediately sent the gendarmerie, but unfortunately, they had already escaped.”

“That’s right … It’s been a while, so it can’t be helped.”

“Umu. However, since the images of their friends were stored in the [Crystal Plates] of those who caught them, all the identities of the remnants were inferred from there. It was worth it. I’m really grateful to you two. “

“It was no problem”

“And I’ve been informed that the Marquis who sent the Assassin to Mifa was judged by my brother …”

He was judged … He chose his words because He was in front of his daughters, but he was angry …

“Jail-kun? Are you feeling sick?”

The Duke cared about my less energetic brother … Of course I’m also aware, but I know the reason, so decided to keep silent.

“No, that’s not the case … Luke, were you okay last night? You look like usual …”

“What do you mean?”

Duke Guile, who doesn’t understand the meaning, is dissatisfied and wants an explanation.

Well, from my brother’s point of view, even though he’s my brother, he can’t show his weakness in other countries.

“I slept with Lara in my arms last night.”

“Is that so? huh?”

What’s with that face …

“I also changed my pillow and couldn’t sleep at first, but Lara seems to have a [sleep promotion effect] and a [relaxation effect] as her [individual incense]. I slept soundly. Unlike brother, I had enough sleep. “

My brother couldn’t sleep because he had killed for the first time, same as me. Until Lara came, closing my eyes reminded me of the last painful and distorted face of the person I killed.

In addition to lack of sleep, he was watching over my swordsmanship training from noon, so I think he became drowsy at once.

“Is that so … I envy you.”

My brother also talked well about what I said on purpose.

“Luke, Lara slept soundly! Can I sleep with you today?”

“Only if you’re dad’s okay with it.”

“Isn’t that sloppy … If I say no, I’m likely to be hated by Lara … Does Lara want to sleep with Luke?”

“Yes, dad! It’s very sound until morning!”

“Well … then it’s fine.”

“I won’t forgive you if something strange happens to Lara!”

“Hey, Anna-chan … what’s strange?”

?When I said something extra, I was glared at!

“Anna, A word such as ‘you’ is not a word used by a Duke’s daughter,. He’s a person who will become your brother in the future. Call him ‘brother-in-law’.”

“Mother-in-law, it’s okay. My reputation in the world is like this.”

“Still I’m embarrassed because she’s not disciplined …”

My mother-in-law, who was in good physical condition, ate the same food as everyone else and had a fun supper.

It will take a little longer to get to know Anna.

* * *

The next morning, my brother Iris and I depart for the royal capital.

“Bals, it’s three people, but do your best? Brother, thank you for taking us to the royal capital.”

{TN: Changed Barus (the drake’s name) to Bals}

“Thank you, Your Highness Jail.”

“Oh, no problem”

“Jail, do you really not need an escort?”

“Yes. There aren’t many beasts to challenge a Drake, and no bandits would have Drakes. Similarly, assassination is impossible unless a country is involved.”

“That’s right, even in this country, the owners of flying dragons are controlled by the country. It would be impossible to hide and keep such a huge body. If you were attacked by flying dragon troops in the sky, There is no doubt that some country was involved. “

“And unlike the highway, there is no pathway to go to the royal capital, so we can only be ambushed near the gate of the royal capital.”

“Hmm. Luke, I’m trusting you with Emilia …”

“Well, it’s three years, so I’ll take a look at it for a while.”

“Thank you for saying that! Just don’t force yourself to get rid of the androphobia? Also, as for my wife…”

I’m going to see my mother-in-law properly, but I don’t feel like being a stallion at the Duke’s house!

Some people may be pleased with Harem making in a different world when reincarnating, but it’s just a hassle for me … If you find a girl you really like, you only need to have one.

I want to live leisurely with my girl in some town in the future … It would be good to have a store by making use of modern knowledge.

The first priority for me is to get rid of the evil god! For that purpose, if I  don’t lose weight, I can’t even stand at the starting point.

The Duke of Forest and the king of this country are likely to assign various women, but I’ll just pretend to be obedient till I know this world to some extent and escape when I get stronger.

I don’t know the land and I’m not familiar with the world. Now that I can lose to an orc of similar shape, it’s pretty bad to run away now. I have to change this situation in the three years that I’m in school.

“I know. I’ll be back on Saturday the week after finishing the ‘Summoning Ceremony’ and will be officially attending after mothers-in-law’s been completely cured.”

“Sorry to trouble you…”

“Luke, please come back soon!”

“Yeah. Lara-chan, see you ~”

Anna is waving her hand, but she’s a tsun girl.

We slowly soar to the sky under brother’s control.

“By the way, Iris …”

“Yes. What is it?”

“Because we’re riding a dragon, leather trousers are good, why are you wearing metal plate mail? It hurts a little on my back …”

We put a saddle for 3 people on Barus, my brother steered in front, then I and Iris at the back, but for some reason, a hard metal plate hit my back even though a boobs event was scheduled to occur.

“Sorry … but please forgive me as it’s standard equipment for riding.”

She absolutely knew and did that!

I was expecting boobs to hit my back and be like, “Hey, lucky! It was supposed to be!

I don’t like romance, but I’m very open to interaction with girls!

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    Stumbled across this novel today and boy am I enjoying it. I’ve read your about page and I have yet to find any mistakes im your english. It reads very fluently, impressive! Thank you for translating this ~~

  2. Thank you for the chapters(S because I just binged it all 1 to 32)

    I wonder if there is gonna be a Jail pov, where he had to explain what happens to his father , including how he got the bad end of the stick with his deal. 10 people for MC.

    Mc’s skills in archery, and how he could escape anytime he wanted. His piano, cooking and healing skills.

    Though I don’t know how skilled he was before. But I like to think that he always has been dexterous. Considering he has his own bow and costume arrows.

  3. It will really help if you’d specify in dialogues whose narrative it is.Sometimes it becomes hard to follow dialogues.
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  4. If that little crap Anna doesn’t change her attitude she’s gonna end up pissing off someone she really shouldn’t and she’ll have no one but herself to blame for the ensuing fallout.

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