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Episode 21: I can now use the water attribute

The date has changed once again, today is a day to take a quest.

Even though I've become an adventurer I still need to earn my living expenses.

"For my first subjugation request, let's see, Subjugation of a Red Wolf --- How difficult is this?"

"Red wolves don't act in packs, so it's probably easier to beat."

"It's perfect for us who just reached D rank."

"I think Yuki would be okay with stronger monsters, though"

Aleria seems to be quite overconfident in my power.

"Adventurers get tripped up when they're proud. It's always good to face new situations carefully and calmly, cause you only get one life."


I'm not sure since i reincarnated , but it should be the case even in this world.

Manga and anime characters are generally caught off guard and fall into bad predicaments. How many times have you thought that he could avoid that if he was just less cocky?

I should be able to do better.

About this quest, instead of receiving one with high difficulty, we'll take things little by little, one step at a time. This gives us the highest chances of survival.

"Didn't Yuki say yesterday to be cool and confident?"

"Being proud is different from being confident. Even if it's slow, going gradually in a certain direction and building up successes is what leads to confidence. Well, I can't trade adventure for my life. It might be dangerous, but I have to earn my living expenses. "

Aleria nods.

"Yuki's an adventurer who seems least likely face a demon …"

So, this time I decided to take the Red Wolf subjugation quest..

The quest will be cleared by subduing 10.

However, this request is irregular, and it seems that you'll be paid for as many as you defeat.

In other words, if you defeat 100 wolves, you'd clear the quest 10 times.


The Red Wolf, as it's name suggests, looks like a normal wolf.. But unlike a wolf, it seems to act alone.

We arrived at Mt. Carlon, It's a place you get to after the Carlon forest which stops at the foot of the mountain.

"Oh, There! It's a red wolf!"

"Yeah. First of all, let's check it's status."

I check it's status with evil eye.


Name: Red Wolf Lv.3

Class: Demon


Skill: Flame Fang

HP: 1025/1025

MP: 641/641

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Attack power: D

Defense: E

Attack speed: E

Movement speed: E

Magic attack power: E

Magic resistance: E

Mental strength: E

Vitality: D

Magical power: E


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There doesn't seem to be a problem.

I hold the magic sword Berserk in my hand and slowly sneak up on it.

The Red Wolf which notices me turns rabid. It jumps and attacks with flaming fangs."Haah"

I evaded and slash at the Red Wolf's torso. I just grazed it slightly--

Jujuju …….

The Red Wolf died while rapidly dehydrating.

"Danna, was that your attribute attack?"

Sui, who was floating near me, asked.

"Attribute attack?"

"The Red Wolf dried up right?"

"Yeah, it felt strange when I cut it."

"Well, Sui is now under the control of danna, so you can use my water attribute also!"

"I see. But is there anything good about using the water attribute?"

"It will double the attack power against fire-type monsters!"

"That's amazing. so that's what killed the Red Wolf earlier?"

"Yeah, but with master's power, you would be able to defeat it with just your strength, without using your sword or attributes."

Is a Red Wolf too weak to test my strength? Well, if you go by status, it was a small fry.

"Hey Sui, is there a magic that can gather the wolves in one place?"

"Hmm, Not that i know off, but it may be possible to lure them in with my magic power."

"That's enough. Please do it."

Red Wolves don't move in a pack, It may be favorable for beginner adventurers, but if you can defeat them with a single blow, it's more efficient to deal with multiple opponents at once.

I ask Sui to gather the Red Wolves together. I can earn more for a higher number of subjugations and it'll be easier to rank up.

The D rank request turned out to be a bit unsatisfying.I want to move up to C rank as soon as possible.

"I brought them!"

"Thanks Sui"

The number of red wolves Sui brought is about a 100.

I swing the magic sword Berserk lightly with one hand.

I didn't cut the Wolves directly, but they get slashed.


The slash cut through the air and buried most of the Red Wolves.

We dispose of the bodies and take a break. If we keep going like this, it seems that the achievement of 100 quests, required for promotion to C rank, can be achieved immediately.

"Yuki's amazing. I really want to do something useful …"

Aleria praised me as usual, but she seemed down. Did she hate how I dealt with the monsters?

I'm a little worried. After defeating a 1000 Red Wolfs, we went back to the guild.

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